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    Getting "Sacked" is a drag

    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    Torry Holt from an ABC video of "You've been sacked." There will be eight episodes on various "Monday Night Football" games this season.
    (Courtesy ABC)

    The No. 1 topic of conversation Wednesday at Rams Park wasn't the team's 1-2 record. Or its defensive struggles. League-leading penalty total. Or lack of a running game the past two Sundays.

    No, the subject of the day was Torry Holt getting "Sacked" at halftime of ABC's "Monday Night Football."

    "I heard the buzz when I came in this morning," offensive tackle Grant Williams said. "I didn't know they were going to play it (Monday) night; I missed it. There's got to be a tape that pops up somewhere around here."

    You can count on that.

    The "Sacked" segment is a spinoff of the popular cable television "Punk'd" show, in which actor Ashton Kutcherplays pranks on unwitting celebrities.

    In the "Sacked" segment, Holt is informed that he has been named the NFL's best-dressed man by the fictitious "Sporting Man" magazine, and asked if he can show up at Rams Park on Tuesday - an off day for players - for a photo shoot to model clothes.

    The ever-amiable Holt agrees. The photo shoot starts out innocently enough, but quickly turns, uh, a little different. Holt models a leather mask, grudgingly agrees to wear makeup, has a male photo shoot assistant flirt with him - and in the topper - poses in a pink tutu.

    Unbeknownst to Holt, the Donut Bros. - offensive linemen Adam Timmerman and Andy McCollum - are watching from another meeting room, and are shown laughing and teasing at various points of the proceedings. The segment ends with Timmerman and McCollum walking into the team auditorium and "accidentally" catching Holt in the tutu.

    "Don't tell anybody about this," Holt asks them.

    The segment was taped a couple of weeks ago, but when it aired at halftime Monday night, millions were watching.

    All in all, it may have been the strangest bit of modeling by an NFL player since running back Ricky Williams posed in a wedding dress with Mike Ditka on a magazine cover after being drafted by New Orleans in 1999.

    "They had talked to us a couple months ago, and we were coming up with ideas about who to get and what to get," McCollum said Wednesday. "It wasn't our idea, but we thought Torry might be a good target. Because he likes to dress real nice. He's such a good sport, you know. We kind of took advantage of that. So I think we feel kind of bad."

    But not too bad.

    "When we first got in there and they showed us what they were going to try to do, I didn't think there was any chance that they could get Torry to wear that stuff," McCollum said. "I thought he looked pretty good in the tutu, I really do. It'll probably impress the ladies.

    "I couldn't believe he let them put all that makeup on him, either. They didn't show it (on TV), but he protested a little bit when they asked him to put that tutu on. But it didn't take long and they convinced him to go with it."

    All in good fun, right?

    "I don't know," McCollum said. "I'm trying to stay away from him."

    Wednesday was the first day back at work for the players after the Monday night "Sacked" episode. A few players missed the segment. Many didn't.

    Among those who didn't was defensive lineman Tyoka Jackson.

    Your thoughts, Tyoka?

    "I'm speechless," the normally verbose Jackson said. "I'm speechless."

    "I saw a part of it," said linebacker Tony Newson, laughing. "I don't even want to talk about that. I know he's upset about that. I'm pretty sure he would be."

    Actually, Holt wasn't. Or didn't seem to be.

    "Yeah, I've been teased since I walked in this morning," Holt said Wednesday.

    And long before that, he was swamped by phone calls.

    "Calls from home," Holt said. "People that I know. A couple guys from around the league, calling, (teasing) me a little bit. But you know, you've just got to take it on the chin and keep rolling."

    Holt said his sister was laughing so hard when she called, that she couldn't even talk. As of mid-day Wednesday, he had yet to hear from his brother Terrence Holt - a safety for the Detroit Lions.

    "So I don't know if I have embarrassed him or what," Holt said.

    Even the sporting public is getting its two cents in.

    "I was somewhere (Tuesday), and somebody told me, 'You look pretty good in pink,' " Holt said.

    Eventually, the teasing will die down. But there was no sign of a letup Wednesday at Rams Park.

    "I think he's getting it pretty hard," Grant Williams said. "But if one guy can deflect it, just by personality, it would be Torry. Torry is so laid-back and light-hearted, he'll be able to get through it OK."

    And just in case you're wondering, Holt adds one final thought: "I AM the best-dressed man in the league."

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    Re: Getting "Sacked" is a drag

    Getting "Sacked" is a drag.........
    ......literally! :redface:
    Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster

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    Re: Getting "Sacked" is a drag

    I thought it was hysterical, I had tears in my eyes and Torry is a really good sport, which doesn't surprise me. I love comedy like that (as long as it's not happening to me I suppose) :tongue:

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    Getting Punked is Stupid. Why weren't you looking out for him Mike?

    Another juvenile prank foisted on the public by the media in diapers. More disturbingly, at what point did Holt forget the meaning of the word no?


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