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    Boylanca Guest

    Getting Tickets

    Hello Rams fans,

    I'm a Colts fan looking to make my first trip to the Edward Jones Dome to see the Colts vs. the Rams. Before you disregard this as trolling, I'm a diehard STL Cardinals fan. I go to a series once a year in Busch, as well as a road series (this year in Cleveland) to watch the Cards. I consider STL my home away from home, love it there, and love the people. Have had Colts season tix since day one in indy, so they've always been my allegiance, but rooted for the rams during their glory days in the early 2000's... Anyways, I'm looking for tickets to the game Sunday. What is the best way to buy them? I know in STL (atleast for baseball) scalping is illegal, and tough to come by. Is it dumb to leave Indy without a ticket? If online, where is the best place to get tickets? Not looking for anything way expensive, just wanna be there. Thanks!!

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    Boylanca Guest

    Re: Getting Tickets

    Any help? If I go to STL and scalp is that a bad idea?

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