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Thread: Gibson

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    Re: Gibson

    Quote Originally Posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
    One game does not make a player, but Gibson was stellar in every way against the Saints. Great hands, the abilty to get seperation, nice route running, RAC, and the strength to break tackles. Billy Devaney strikes again.

    If he continues to impress like he did today, we may have just found our #1.
    You cannot teach WR's the types of inherent skills that Gibson displayed today, PERIOD. What a fine talent, and incredibly physical receiver ...

    I cannot EVER remember the Rams having a wideout that pushed people around like Gibson did today ...

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    Re: Gibson

    One thing he definately has to do is stay healthy, because it seems like every time one of our young receivers really gets going they get bitten by the injury bug.

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    Re: Gibson

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16 View Post
    I loved what I seen from Gibson today. Great size, good speed and agility, good routes and great hands.

    But the most impressive play today from Gibson wasn't where he broke the CBs ankles, made an insane grab, but it was the play on 3rd Down when he caught the ball turned, had a guy wrapped on his legs, and made an ABSOLUTELY GREAT SECOND EFFORT for the First Down.

    Keep on ballin' Gibson!
    I agree with you 16....that extra effort to make it a first down was great to see. He knew what was needed and he made the catch and made it happen.

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    Re: Gibson

    I liked seeing him fight for the necessary yardage, but even more so I liked not having to worry about whether there would be a catch in the first place when the ball went his way.

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    Re: Gibson

    Very physical guy...

    Was throwing Saints CB's around like an angry 4yr old kid who'd fallen out with his teddy bear having just been told by his less than impressed mummy, that he's not allowed to go to the zoo tommorrow with his friends!!

    Big, strong, and YAC consciencious...

    More of the same please...
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