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    Gibson out for season.

    From Mike Sando

    Gary Gibson will miss the remainder of the season after suffering what Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo described as a broken foot/ankle.

    This is a tough one for the Rams' defense. Adam Carriker is already on injured reserve.

    The Rams do like to rotate their defensive linemen, though, and that could help them cover for Gibson's absence. Still, this one hurts. Gibson has generally played well.

    Shame. Sounded like he was doing pretty good for the team.

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    Yep, confirmed on Twitter: "DT Gary Gibson suffers broken ankle. Per Spagnuolo he will have surgery and miss the season." Losing someone else at a position we're already rather thin at is hardly good news. Gibson could have had the whole season to audition for next year's team.

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    its a blow..hopefully Darell Scott ,LeJuan Ramsey & Victor Adeyanju will step up now...although he hasnt played at exactly a Pro Bowl level..ive been pleasantly surpised with Gibson and think he`s earned atleast a spot on the roster during the next pre-season until the final cuts,as he has atleast been a good contributer to our improved Run D this season. can see a scenario where its between him & AC battling for the same roster spot.

    Darell Scott i believe run a sub 4.90 40 time so maybe he could offer more of a pass rush up the middle with the extra oppurtunities now...

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    What's galling about this is that it was a cheap shot. The play had moved downfield and there was no reason for contact by a lineman.

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    This really stinks for us...

    We just keep ending up on the wrong side of the coin this year don't we.

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    That really sucks he was a good player and did pretty well when he played. I just hope he can make a good recovery and can have a chance to earn a spot on next years team.

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    Ugh / grrr! :frown:

    Feel bad for GG; he was really trying hard to make a comeback in an already intermittent career.

    Once again, time for the rest of the available DTs to bite the bullet and step up!

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    Re: Gibson out for season.

    Gibson really did a good job holding his own this year and I think that he'll be back strong next year. He had a great tackle early in this game and almost tipped a pass. He has good film from the season so far so I think he'll earn the starting spot again next year.

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