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    Re: goes to show that jackson is our team...

    Also, IF we are successful in running the ball, it begins to wear down the opposition. That is always good.

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    Re: goes to show that jackson is our team...

    S. Jackson is no doubt a good EB...he is no M. Faulk but still on the edge of the elite RB. Still when you get S. Jackson out in space or into the second level of the D he is a monster. Yes the Rams do need to keep him. He adds a serious dimension, a ground game--and hopefully in time to use more in a M. Faulk role.

    Still if S. Jackson is the TEAM. Its a sad situation. The Rams already gone that rout with E. Dickerson, and history points to the future. Offense is built around pass and run. Even in the hay days of the 90's with Faulk in the back field, the Rams didn't have a clubbing o-line to support a Steelers style ground game. Certain now even with a heathly line a power run game isn't in the cards. Simply I see the Rams offense has having for the time being more pass then rush. I recall a time when 3rd and 15+ meant much the same as 3rd and 1 with Warner/Bulger behind the helm under Martz.

    Yet if the Rams can't live without S. Jackson, he will become a salary cap weighty player. Detroit's B. Sanders was both their teams offense and heavies drain in terms of the cap. Its better if the Rams can win with and without S. Jackson

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