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    Gone are the old days with FA

    I love this time of year with FA and it is just brill that we are the elite team in the NFL, Gone are those day's in the 90's where we had to run around after FA, we were all waiting to see what FA we would sign as all the high profile FA's seem to bypass us by!

    How times have changed I'm just so excited about our FA we have already signed!!! Little has seen the light and signed a 5year pack, I'm sorry I questioned his loyalty, Duncan will replace Fletch( this guy will be missed, a fan legend) where do you think he will sign HOUSTON maybe???

    I think Duncan might be better in coverage and he knows the cover2 system very well!!! but he has big shoes to fill and now we have we have a MR CARTER beating down the door to play for us!!! WHOS NEXT!!!! what DT GLOVER!!

    It seems that ever time I log on somebody wants to play for us, these are truely great times for our team!!!!!! roll on new season

    Any thoughts!


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    I was never around to experience the NFL before free agency, when one powerhouse ruled a decade. I love the free agency system and the salary cap, as it keeps the athletes in check as far as money goes, and it can cause a lot of interesting scenarios on different teams. I doubt you'll ever see a football player receive $20 million a year, as opposed to baseball players. This makes every year all the more interesting, and it lets teams down in the dumps a chance to soar to the top. As far as all the players wanting to sign with the Rams, we have to be careful about who we sign. Talent is nothing when a player has a bad work habit and personality.


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    It makes football a 12 month sport. Pretty cool in my book.

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