Alright guys, we are off to a 1-0 start in 2001. If you guys don't mind, I'd like to give my thought on the game. Just my opinion of course!

First off, let me say that the refs in Philly will live to see another day. That's the good news. The bad news is, I'm not sure if that was a touchdown? When going to the replay, you have to have indisputable proof to reverse the call. I did not see that from the replay. My initial thought before the replay was TD. After looking again, I still doubt it was. Hometown call.

The offense performed well most of the time. We should have had more than 17 points going into OT. I think the difference in the game, was actually the int at the goalline, not the overturned replay.

Offensive Line 6/10

Servicable but not spectacular. They let Warner get sacked too many times. Sometimes there is nothing you can do when the numbers don't favor you. Other times guys just broke free and made the sack. These guys need to get out of Faulk's way. There were too many times in which he ran into one of them and could not pick up yardage. I realize that Faulk is alusive and makes his own cuts sometimes, so he does that to himself too.

Receivers 9/10

Many times they reached back and made great catches on the quick hitters. I was amazed at some of the catches. These guys are the best receiving corps in the league hands down. They need the ball even more! The only mental mistake I saw was when Holt ran out of bounds on the long throw. It had 6 written all over it. He needs to be more aware of the sideline. Easy for me to say! He's got more talnet in his shoe than I will ever have. Just honest critisism.

Tight Ends 9/10

Nice to see Conwell and Robinson involved. This could potentially open up even more for Faulk and the receivers.

RB 9/10

Faulk is simply the best. He blocks, he runs, he catches, and plays hurt when he has to. He just makes people look stupid sometimes. Hodgins needs to be taken out of the passing game. Big mistake putting him into the pattern.

QB 8/10

Warner is still great. Makes the best throws in the world, but there were times when I thought he was a little tentative, and other times I thought he was pressing. Give the guy time, and you are dead! Bottom line!

DLINE 7/10

Nothing real bad today, yet nothing real great. They held up well, but need to get more push. Pass rush was non-existant sometimes. Yet I can't help but wonder, did the coaching staff really want a big rush? Hey, let McNabb stand back and throw. Better than running around everywhere right?

LB 8/10

Pretty good coverage all game, and along with the line, made some really nice stops on the backs. I knew the running game would be a non-factor today. I'm glad I called it right. If they had not shut down Staley, we would have had more than enough to handle on D.


Some nice hitting, and some nice coverage most of the time. In the second half though, too many receivers were allowed to roam free. The Eagles made way too many 3rd and half an acre plays. Secondary can stand some improvement, yet still far better than last season. We will get a real test against a better throwing team though.


Punting was real nice. There were some bombs out there! The coverage was pretty good as well. NOTE: Hakim needs to quit returning kick! Is Martz the only guy that thinks Hakim does not have a fumble problem? Just wait! Mark my words, Hakim will cost the Rams big if allowed to remain deep. To his credit, he is still dangerous.
When he catches it!

Overall, I was pleased with the play on both sides of the ball. I think there are things that could still be improved, but there is time for that. Defense looked real good today. Offense made the adjustments at half-time and played better. Looking forward to next week!