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    12'th Man I Am Guest

    Good Game

    Dear Rams Fans,

    Wow, this Season has not treated us right, either that or the Football God's hate us. How our teams became so bad after we we're some of the best in the National Football League is beyond me.

    But to the point, I think you guys (Rams) played a hard fought game last Sunday. But it was the team with more Willpower and Strength that won. You know, being two 2-11 Teams is hard. A Loss is like a death, and a Win is something to celebrate for hours for...that is if you're a 2-11 Team.

    I just wanted to drop by and say Hi, and what was up. I bleed blue and green every day, but I also am a fan of Sportsmanship. And like chatting with other fans of other teams.

    I think you can blame the Refs for a certain call in the game. I honestly thought it was very ticky tacky. In other words...'LET US PLAY FOOTBALL'!!

    Again guys, good game. Hope to hear from you guys. And hopefully we have better, more thrilling games between us. And hopefully we'll both have winning records.

    12'th Man I Am

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    Re: Good Game

    Yep, both teams fought hard, but y'all played harder than us in the second half. It was a good game to watch, at least it was close. And preferrably, the next time our teams play, it should be with winning records. (Actually the Rams with winning record and Seahawks with zero wins.) Haha, just joking.

    Sometimes refs misinterpret what their supposed to do, but hey, no one is perfect.

    Let's all hope for a better season next year for both teams. *cough*

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: Good Game

    Thanks for stopping by and being so classy.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Good Game

    Thanks for being classy. There is a Seahawks fan at work that pissed me off. I nearly ran him over with a shopping cart. He just kept running his mouth.

    Good game though. Atleast it wasn't a blow out in either direction and kept fans excited.

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    Re: Good Game

    Yeah thanks for Michael Oher or Andre Smith, for a second there I thought we were gonna blow it.

    We'll see ya next year when the game matters- for the Rams
    (to clench home field advantage for the playoffs!)

    Hey anything could happen, but good luck in the offseason, hopefully our new coaches can make our teams competitive again.

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    Re: Good Game

    man i absolutely cannot stand the 'hawks..Nevertheless Welcome!..

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    Re: Good Game

    Hoory! Class from an opposing team! I enjoy seeing opposition come over with class, thanks for dropping by!
    Anyway, it was a good game, and it would have been a good game no matter the records, it was really one of the more exciting games to watch Sunday. I'm just glad we are showing some fight and not rolling over like I was afraid we were doing earlier this year.

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