Vic Carucci's...

Scott Linehan turning over the play-calling to offensive coordinator Greg Olson before the St. Louis Rams' 20-17 victory over the San Francisco *****. Having lost five games in a row, the Rams' first-year coach was desperate to get something positive going. Olson had the answer. He made Steven Jackson the focus of the Rams offense, running him 23 times for 121 yards and calling his number in the passing game for nine receptions for 71 yards. Jackson's 103 rushing yards in the first two quarters helped allow the Rams to take a 13-7 lead at halftime. Olson also leaned heavily on Jackson during the 12-play, 80-yard drive that produced the winning points with 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Jackson handled the ball six times -- four catches for 25 yards and two runs for 10, on the way to Marc Bulger's touchdown throw to Kevin Curtis. Jackson not only has tremendous power and explosiveness, but also tends to get stronger as the game progresses. "We can do that every week," center Richie Incognito told reporters after the San Francisco game. "That's the mentality we need to have. 'We're gonna run. Let's see if you can stop us.' I love that stuff, man."

I love what Richie said, and I hope he is right about that!