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    Saint Nick Guest

    Good luck, have fun in New Orleans next month

    I've raised heck with a lot of y'all on the Smack board, though in the weeks since the MNF game I've been busy with the holidays and family and work. This is probably only my second post on the Ram Talk area.

    Anyhoo...The Rams are clearly the best team in the league right now and they're easy to pull for. The Warners are an incredible success story. What can anyone add to the legend that is Marshall Faulk? I don't recall a one-year turnaround on defense like the job Lovie's done. And...oh how I love to poke fun at Martz! But it's kinda like a rival physicist cracking on Einstein's hair. Funny, but meaningless.

    So take care. Enjoy the Superbowl that you deserve. If you can get to New Orleans, you won't regret it. Two pieces of advice: when booking a hotel, ask about the cost of parking (one that I stayed in recently charged me $20 per night...the room was only $50!) and the seafood-boiled potatoes at Deanie's are addictive!!!

    Take care!

    (slinking back under my rock now)

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    Take care Nick, enjoyed your posts, hope we all enjoy the big game


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    cheers nick.

    Look forward to more smack.

    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    Saint Nick Guest
    Originally posted by rampower
    cheers nick.

    Look forward to more smack.

    I've gotta say...

    Your team has (or will have) rings. Mine just got rolled by the stinkin' '9ers and has lost in very humiliating fashion the last four weeks.

    It's gonna be a long time before I smack around.

    Take care of business guys!

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    Talking 2???

    Wow, that's two, count 'em, two Saints fans that have wished us good luck. My respect for the Saints' organization is restored. It's nice to know there's real football fans out there, especially Saints fans. I guess they had nothing to lose considering we won't play them (probably) until 2007. :upset:

    I'll miss you, Saints.


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    Rams13 Guest
    It's good to finally hear from a Saints fan who has class. Smack talk is great and all but it takes a big person to admit when their team isn't as good and we all go through that one time or another no matter who are team is. The Rams happen to be the best right now and I'm enjoying it because it won't always be this way. Good luck to your team during the off season.

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    djccon Guest
    WOW! That is all class. Thank you, Saints fans and good luck in your new division. Kick the you-know-what out of the yuck-aneers, will ya?

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    RMFN Guest
    You're alright Saint Nick:king:

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