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    Smile Good Luck tomorrow

    Heres to an injury free game tomorrow. Best of luck and may the best team win. By the way I would like to add what a class act message board you folks have here. Also I wanted to give you the link to the official website of the Jaguars but it wont let me post a link. I will try this and see if it works. Jaguars dot com with the 3 w"s in front of course. Many Jag fans havent been concentrating alot on this weeks game due to issues with the City of Jacksonville and our owner Wayne Weaver and the possibility of our team relocating. Many of us have been concentrating on how to help keep our team in Jacksonville. In any case best of luck tomorrow.eace:
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    Re: Good Luck tomorrow

    Hey JagA Holic 54, welcome to the Clan Ram board. Appreciate your thoughts, stop by anytime!

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    Re: Good Luck tomorrow

    I can't honestly wish you best of luck tomorrow as the Rams currently need to have it all... However.. I do wish you best of luck in keeping your team. It is a bigtime bummer when a city loses its team... And yes, here's to an injury free game!!

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    Re: Good Luck tomorrow

    w dot w dot w dot jaguars dot com/mb is a direct link LOL!


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