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    Good Playcalling, execution=PLAYOFFS

    Playcalling and execution is everything for our team rite now. And Olson did a good job of mixing things up against the ******. But,Penalties and bad playcalling killed us during the 5 game stink and we should've come away with 2 wins against the Hawks. The Defense is what it is, and teams are going to continue to try to rack up the yards on the ground. If our running game shows up again, we 'll be effective on offense.

    The fact of the matter is, if Olson continues to be smart, Steven Jackson and the offense executes, and the defense doesnt break, we'll have a good chance of beating the cards and the rest of the teams remaining on our schedule. The bears will bring their A game on Monday night, but it'LL be a toss up with their passing game being out of sink.

    Winning all the remaining games is wishful thinking, But of all the 5-6 and 6-5 teams in the NFC, i believe we have the favorable schedule amongst all. and we're all thinking of one thing so it doesnt hurt for a fan to look ahead...RAMS BABY!!

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    Re: Good Playcalling, execution=PLAYOFFS

    The only time Grossman and the Bears O are out of sync are when teams pressure him, since we can't seem to pressure anybody this year consistently it's not a good sign.


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