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    Are good teams built through the draft, FA, trades or luck?

    The answer is: yes.

    Look at the GSOT Rams:

    Orlando Pace
    Kevin Carter
    Isaac Bruce
    Torry Holt
    Az Hakim
    Todd Lyght
    D'Marco Farr
    Keith Lyle
    Grant Wistrom

    Free Agents
    Ricky Proehl
    Adam Timmerman
    Mike Jones
    Todd Collins

    Marshall Faulk

    Kurt Warner
    London Fletcher

    If you look at that list, though, you'll see that the foundation was first created through the draft. All of those key draftees, with the exception of Torry Holt, were taken before 1999 and were on BAD teams before they won their rings.

    While the Rams have had many bad drafts in recent years, they have managed to acquire a number of potential "core" players, including Steven Jackson, Sam Bradford, Rodger Saffold, Chris Long, Robert Quinn and James Laurinaitis. A few others need to improve, but still could help the Rams solidify that "core" (Jason Smith, Lance Kendricks, Mike Hoomanwanui, Austin Pettis, Brad Fletcher).

    The point is... once that core has been established, the influx of the right veterans through FA/trades, and a bit of good luck in the draft, can result in a quick turn around.

    We're not there yet, but maybe (much like we're seeing in Detroit, Buffalo and San Francisco) its not as far off as some people might think.
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    Re: Are good teams built through the draft, FA, trades or luck?

    You're right. You get a young core group of players through the draft. Takes many years of drafting. You then build the outskirts of your team through FA and maybe some trades.

    I think we're doing it good right now because of all the young talented players we have. We've been banging on rounds 1 and 2 in the draft, if we can get the deeper rounds down, we can find some guys that can chip in.

    I think ultimately next year is the year we break out. Another solid draft, and some key free agents (think Mikell) and we're off to the races.

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    Re: Are good teams built through the draft, FA, trades or luck?

    Heard them discussing the luck factor on the radio recently. Their opinion was the luck factor is greatly influenced by the amount of money you are willing to spend on those undrafted free agents. For years the Rams didn't have any luck because they weren't willing to pay out attractive bonuses to the players. When people ask "Why didn't the Rams sign that guy?" after going undrafted, it's because they were trying to save a few bucks. Don't think that's the case anymore.

    I think the Marshall Faulk trade is also something good teams can replicate by being willing to pull the trigger. The Rams have had solid RBs and WRs available to them be trading a mid or low round pick and they passed. The Rams gave up a 2nd and 5th rounder for a future pro-bowler. You have to be willing to make a move like that and the Rams don't appear to be willing. The Patriots traded a 2nd and 7th rounder for Welker, think he was worth it?

    Cards traded Boldin for what turned out to be (basically) Pettis and Salas (1 year later but still a relevant comparison).
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