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    Gordo 2/4/08

    Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:46 pm Post subject: Gordo Live: 2/4/08


    STLtoday - Discussions - Gordo Live

    Gordo Live
    By Jeff Gordon
    Monday, February 4, 2008

    ted: ya jeff now that the super bowl is over do u think we will hear anything about the rams free agents to be like brandon chillar. How much money do you think he could bring in on the open market? I would also like to ask about Isaac bruce and his future with the rams will he be back even though hes stil under contract. thanks

    Jeff Gordon: Ike's situation changes, because he and Saunders form a mutual admiration society. If Ike stays and Ike buys into what Al tries to do, he could help lead the offensive unit back on track -- regardless of how much or how well he plays. The Rams can't afford to cut Bruce and his leadership for financial reasons.
    mr. starks: Let's say eventually that the allegations against the Patriots spying on the Rams come true. Will anything be done about it? In my opinion, I think the commisioner is biased towards teams like the Patriots and nothing will be done about it. I vote an asterick next to the Superbowl or better yet give the trophy to the Rams!

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams aren't beloved by the NFL. So the league won't take a serious look at these charges. And even if the league did find something, what is it going to do? Fine Belichick again so that the franchise has to reimburse him the money?
    Don't hold your breath waiting for much to happen.
    Michael graham: I believe that the only position left to fill is the secondary coach...any news on realistic targets for that position?

    Plus, have u heard any news on the status of Pace?

    Jeff Gordon: Well, Gregg Williams isn't a realistic target -- unless Linehan was really looking to replace Haslett. The Cowboys also went after Williams as part of their plan to hire as many former head coaches as possible for their staff.
    Geoff: Of the rams free agents, who do u see the rams keeping? And who are likely cap casulties?

    Jeff Gordon: Internally, there has been some debate about Brandon Chillar. Should the Rams buck up? I think so. But we'll see. Otherwise, the Rams have to decide whether to keep playing Pace, Little and Bruce. Some restructuring could be in order. But with the cap growing, this is more of a budgetary issue. Cap space is not a big issue with this team.
    Mike: I don't understand why the laughingstock lambs are
    supposedly going to fire Tony Softli. Huh? This is the worst run franchise in the none. More often than they screw up the draft AND free agency, and the arrogant pompous scumbags Shaw and Ziggy are going to can the ONLY guy who has decent credentials in this department?

    Makes no sense...but when you work 24/7 at being a laughingstock, it becomes more clear. These people are a joke. Crap rolls downhill, especially out at Rams' Daycare.

    Jeff Gordon: There are some internal doubts as to how strong he really is. But I did like the recent drafts more than the previous few the Rams had without him.
    matt"mvp"stroehmer: with the addition of Saunders as the new OC and him having full play calling duties. What type of players do you see us signing/drafting for the offense?


    Matt "MVP" Stroehmer

    Jeff Gordon: He needs to assess the o-line to see what he thinks of Setterstrom, Incognito and Barron. Those three are big keys, in addition to Pace and his health. I think he'll like the RBs well enough, but he'll want another WR and a third QB to develop. Also, the Rams will need at least one more TE. Enough of Dominique Byrd already.
    Ken: The cheaters lost and they probably lose at least one more of those super bowl championships. They would have lost to the Rams and who knows, the cheaters would have probably lost the othe two. Each one was close. I hope the truth now comes out and Belichick is banned from the league and denied admission to the hall of Fame. For the rest of my life New England will no longer be known as the patriots but as the cheaters. I want to know what Goodell was hiding when he destroyed the tapes. His legacy is also tainted forever. Thank you Giants for beating the New England cheaters.

    Do you think an investigation will actually show how the New England Cheaters did it in each of the cheater's super bowl wins?

    Jeff Gordon: Don't count on it. The NFL doesn't want to give itself a black mark by delving into this too deeply. But there are a lot of people happy for the Giants right now . . .
    DBQIA: If Chris Long's name was Chris Smith and if his father was not a very visible commentator on Fox would he be rated so high? I'm sure he is very very good, but has the added visibility associated with his father enhanced his reputation? Are there other prospects with a less visible family heritage that may have as good or a better chance to make an impact at the professional level?

    Jeff Gordon: The football people I talk to really like the young man. (No, he's not a kid anymore). He could be a disruptive player at DE, something this team really needs.
    Glenn Turner: The signing of Saunders is a good move. The Rams have clear areas of weakness but they are not 3-13 bad. A healthy OL, 2-3 draft picks who contribute right way and another 2-3 free agent pickups who help out and things look a lot brighter. Too much to ask?

    Jeff Gordon: Not at all. Saunders' arrival makes the team more appealing to offensive free agents. But player agents will still want to know more about the direction of this franchise under the revised ownership.
    Randy in PA: Hi Jeff

    It is obvious the Rams are going to take a lineman in the draft with he 2nd pick going on either of the Longs or Dorsey. With the 33rd pick in the draft I think it would be wise to take a Wide Reciever since the Rams WR corp is getting a little long in the tooth with Bruce, Holt and the big time free agent bust Bennett. The draft seems to be kind of deep at that position. I am hoping that Hardy from Indiana or Kelly from Oklahoma are still available. What is your opinion on this? Thanks

    Jeff Gordon: The running argument against Dorsey is the Rams depth at DT, with Ryan and Carriker. If the team went to a 3-4, that might change things. But Dorsey is one of those guys capable "wrecking a game" as Linehan says. I agree that the Rams need to freshen up at WR, although other needs may make a first-day pick there unlikely. Unless Al Saunders gets his way . . .

    Gordo Live
    By Jeff Gordon
    Monday, February 4, 2008

    Tacleberry: Regarding the Rams, what positions would you like to see the Rams attempt to add a "quality" veteran via free agency, as opposed to using the draft to shore up weaknesses?

    Also, who do you see being cut loose this off-season?

    Jeff Gordon: Guys like Byrd and Wroten are no-brainers to move. Haslett seems to love Chavous, but the Rams need to be better there. Chillar could leave, as noted earlier, but I'm skeptical of the Rams' ability to find somebody better in free agency.

    The Rams have young vets in the middle of the OL, so a better veteran or two would help there. DE, LB, WR, TE, S, CB, QB -- really, this team needs help, young or old, almost everywhere.
    Andrew Coverdale: I've listened to Mike Martz be pilliored for six years for his management of Super Bowl 36 as a heavy favorite, in particular, his run-pass ratio. All that is fair. There are a million reasons the Rams lost, and those issues can reasonably be argued to be a significant part of them.

    So, that being what it is, should we expect Coach Belichick to come under the same damning level of scrutiny for this Super Bowl for a similar style of game management as a favorite? Martz's run/pass ratio was 19:44; Belichick's, 14:48. Coach Martz didn't pass up a makeable field goal for a 4th and 13 shot, and he was behind most of the game, while the Patriots accumulated their ratio while playing with the lead.

    I realize that Coach Belichick's career resume may insulate him from it somewhat, but I will be eager to compare the scrutiny levels of essentially parallel games, particularly given that some people have used Super Bowl 36 to turn Mike Martz, a coach with still one of the best W-L percentages of any head coach in the last 10 years or so, into a caricature.


    Andrew Coverdale
    Lousiville, KY

    Jeff Gordon: Belichick's earlier success makes him almost bulletproof. But I'm wondering why he spent so much time with his defense. While he had his back to the offense, Tom Brady got killed. KILLED!
    virginiatom: You can't question the importance of a good offensive line for protecting your quarterback and giving him the time he needs to make plays, and the only way a team is going to get to a Super Bowl is with a good offensive line. With that said, I have two questions. Is the Rams'line, when healthy, good enough to get the team to a Super Bowl, and second, were Alex Barron's problems more that he was playing out of position on the right side instead of the left, or is he just not very good?

    Jeff Gordon: Good question. I like Incognito and Setterstrom for the long term, but Barron is an enigma. To me, he is a guy that will be a large second contract from a team that will live to regret that. The Rams have had several guys like him. Pace's durability is another matter. Hence the need to add a strong tackle one way or another.
    virginiatom: Al Saunders is a speed guy, while their recievers are anything but. Bruce is too old to be a deep threat, Holt has bad knees, and Bennett is an over the middle possession receiver. With that said, do you see the Rams retooling their receiving corps to meet Saunders offense? If so, who do you expect them to make a play for?

    Jeff Gordon: Stanley gets a look right away, given his speed. Saunders will have to look at the tape and see if he sees something he likes there. Holt isn't exactly aged, but he does have to manage his knee issues. Bennett is worth another look; if healthy, he does add an appealing size element. But, yes, the Rams will have to refresh the group. One way or another, they need to add somebody to stretch the "D" on obvious passing downs.
    virginiatom: Its been two weeks since the Rams expressed interest in Williams as a secondary coach. Any word on where this stands and do you think he would be a better fit for the team than Haslett?

    Jeff Gordon: I like Haslett. Linehan is telling people he likes Haslett. So we'll see. Williams has other options with better teams. It's late to get a coordinator gig, so he could take a position job with, say, Dallas. That would allow him to stick it to Washington.
    Brian from Vegas: Gordo,
    What are you hearing about Orlando's pace rehabilitation? Do you think the Rams will know enough about his physical condition on draft day to have it influence who they draft?

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams expect this injury to heal. But the Rams have to be wondering what will happen next with this guy. Can he still gear up for training camp and the long haul of the season? Missing that much time can cause a veteran to lose his love of the game.
    Dennis: Hey Jeff, how are you?

    Who do you think the Rams will take with their pick?(I think C. Long or Dorsey are the best options)

    Also who do you see being the GM of the Rams next year?

    Thanks for your time.

    Jeff Gordon: Long would be the preferred pick. As for, maybe the team doesn't have one -- but Marshall Faulk would be an interesting addition to the front office. Look for Chip Rosenbloom to put somebody in place before the start of training camp. It only makes sense.
    Bob McCabe: Jeff- It's hard not to want to compare this off-season with that of the '98 Rams as far as the need to hit a home run with free-agents and the draft. With that being said, who are the top free-agents that we will go after?
    At the top of my wish list is a guy like Faneca or possibly one of the two guards in Indy.

    Jeff Gordon: I don't signing see a huge-ticket FA guard as a good idea. I'd look for a solid veteran able to support Setterstrom and Incognito. The team has so many other needs elsewhere. I'd spend the money (high draft pick or FA) at tackle, safety, linebacker, wide receiver and defensive end.
    ArcheryRam: Hi Gordo,

    I spoke to Mark Bulger friday night at the NFL experience in Glendale Arizona, and I asked him if he was excited about Al Saunder returning to the Rams.

    He made a fist and said "I'm really pumped about it"

    It was great to see him a bit fired up about the hiring of Saunders. I also asked him if he thought Bruce would be back, and he said that he would like to see him come back.

    Have any other Ram offensive players made any other comments about this hire as well?

    How do you see this helping the Rams this season?

    Jeff Gordon: Saunders' offense plays to Bulger's strength. It rewards accuracy. Remember what it did for Warner, Trent Green and, yes, Bulger -- since this team is moving back to an Air Martz-type scheme. All the Rams offensive players should be thrilled.
    Sean: Thanks for answering our questions Gordo,

    If the Patriots are found to have spied on the Rams prior to Super Bowl 36, should there be any type of compensation to the Rams organization? I mean the NFL hands out compensatory picks each year, how hard would it be for the league to give the 31st (NE's forfieted) pick to the Rams? The NFL isn't going to strip the Patriots of the Lombardi Trophy. Though I would like to see Billicheat suspended and fined, I would like more for the awareness of him as a cheater out to Hall of Fame voters, so when the time comes for that ballot they think, yeh he won all those Super Bowls but he cheated to get there and to win.

    Jeff Gordon: It's be great to get that No. 1 pick New England has this year, but that's not going to happen. I don't expect a serious NFL probe.
    Superjim: Hey Gordo,

    Any word on a new contract for OJ Atogwe? Will it likely be for just 1 year or for longer? What worries me is that if we place a 1st round pick on him to deter other teams from outbidding us, is it enough to keep him? Take the Giants who'll have the 32nd pick and a questionable safety despite last night's performance; surely their 1st round pick in exchange for OJ is a good deal. Do you see us being able to keep him? Thanks for the work

    Jeff Gordon: Under Linehan, guys like Atogwe have gotten long-term extensions. The Rams need to lock him and Steven Jackson up.
    Superjim: Hey Gordo,

    What are your feelings on playing NFL games abroad? I live in London, and while clearly I'm benefitting from it I have reservations about playing American Football overseas. That said, are there any indications that in the next couple years the Rams might be one of the chosen teams! Thanks

    Jeff Gordon: It's hard to imagine the NFL choosing the Rams for anything fun, like a trip to England.
    Alex Alvidrez: Pull some strings with the coaching staff and see if you can get them to Alex Barron to right guard. It turned Leneord Davis into the pro bowler this year. I got Pace at Lt Tackle, Barron at Lt. Guard, Romberg at center, Ingognito at Rt. Guard, and the rookie Long at Rt. Tackle. What's your view. THX

    Jeff Gordon: That has come up in discussion. The kid is a great athlete. But he may never be a great tackle. Too much going on there. Then again, what are the odds the Rams can find the right guy for RT? And are they sure Pace can come back?
    Byron: Now that Saunders in back in the fold, I see a revamping of the Rams' offense, take it that everyone remains healthy. Do you see the Rams making it back to the playoffs, considering the weak divison they're in & who do you see the Rams grabing in the first round of the NFL Draft?

    Jeff Gordon: As Jim Mora would say, PLAYOFFS? Anything can happen, but it's a long road from 3-13. I don't another willing to trade this team future Hall of Famer for a couple of draft picks, as happened back in 1999. The Rams can get back to .500, but anything else would be a bonus.
    Gabriel to Snow: It appeared to me that Belichick left the field without shaking the hand of the winning coach. I watched only one post game interview with him, outside the Pats locker room, but at that time he couldn't bring himself to congratulate the Giants in any way, other than "They made plays". How gracious. He had the demeanor of a spoiled child being told "no" for the first time. I have plenty of reasons to not like the Patriots & it seems that even more may come to light soon. However, I did admire the teams play & the coaching of Belichick & often wondered just how great it is for Pats fans the past few years. Today, if I were a Pats fan, I would be flat out embarrassed by their coaches behavior. Disgraceful. Congrats Giants, especially Strahan, Tyree & yes, Madison Hedgecock!

    P.S. This victory may illustrate exactly why our offense couldn't be effective & why our #2 pick may be Chris Long, Sedrick Ellis or Glenn Dorsey.

    Jeff Gordon: The Chick did seek out Coughlin and congratulate him. This was before the officials ruled there was one play left and cleared the field. The Chick wanted nothing to do with that and left the field.
    Ruben: Gordo,
    Thanks for taking my question. With the front office in transition, do you see the Rams making a play for any top level free agents or Faneca, Berriman, ect. or do you see them building depth? If this team is to sell in the near future, a successful team will raise the value, but large contracts for top shelf players could be a burden if they don't win...How aggressive do you see the Rams this off season?

    Jeff Gordon: This team will be aggressively, both in quality (the draft) and free agency (quantity). I don;t see them attracting the elite free agents to a 3-13 team, but Saunders' hiring will help land some offensive help.
    Steve Roberts: Jeff, have you heard of any time line with front office changes with the change of ownership? I'm primary interested in John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt. It was reported several years ago that Shaw wanted to retire from the Rams but that Georgia asked him to stay for a while (I guess due to her illness). Have you heard anything about him retiring now?

    If Shaw leaves, do you think Jay Zygmunt stays or leaves soon after?

    Jeff Gordon: Shaw, for sure, will leave. What Chip Rosenbloom does after that is up in the air.
    YoMurphy: Hey Gordo,
    Who would you say is the weakest starter on the Rams O-line?
    Do you think taking Dorsey or Ellis forces the Rams' hand into staying in a 4-3?

    Jeff Gordon: If everybody is healthy, I suppose Romberg is the least imposing of the bunch. (McCollum is done.) The Rams could stand an upgrade there, although I'm not sure '07 pick Dustin Fry is ready to compete for the slot.
    ChadBo: I heard the SCORE radio station in Chicago this morning say they called some ex-Rams staffer from the Rams-Pats Super Bowl year. The staffer stated the Rams ran through the pass play that was returned for a touchdown by the Pats 2 or 3 times in the walk through that may have been taped by the Pats. It was also stated that the Rams had not run that play all season and it was highly suspect that the Pats were so well prepared for that play.

    What's your take on all this? Do you think Belichick will be pushed out of the league after this season?

    Really enjoy your column. Thanks.

    Jeff Gordon: Originally I heard the Rams only did red-zone stuff on that walk-through. But either way, don't look for the league to take this matter seriously. Now, if a tape of that walkthrough showed up somewhere, that would be interesting.
    Tom: Hi Jeff: Is there still a chance that Greg Williams might accept a position coaching the the Rams' secondary? It wouldn't even be a lateral move and surely wouldn't pay as well as his last gig, but it has been whispered about that Gregg would rather coach than just sit around and collect a paycheck from Snyder. Currently he is being wooed by Dallas, but they employ more of a 3-4 defense rather than a 4-3, the latter purportedly William's forte.

    Jeff Gordon: I can't imagine him taking a secondary job with a 3-13 team with a lame duck head coach and an uncertain front office scenario. He doesn't have the history here that Saunders had.
    Rich: Jeff,
    What's your assessment of Marques Hagans?

    Jeff Gordon: I think his chance came and went. Stanley got a chance and ran with it, literally. There is no room for both.
    Concerned Rams Fan: Gordo,

    Why don't I hear much talk about the Rams trading down? Can ONE of the Long boys really make that much difference on this team?

    Jeff Gordon: Chris could a void, for sure. And Jake would fill a need. I agree with Linehan -- take the best player. You can find depth other ways.
    Matt: Hey Jeff,

    What do you think will happen to O-line this season with Saunders on board ? Who do you think out of the three "street free agents",Petitti, Gorin, and LeVoir will be kept, if any? Thanks

    Jeff Gordon: None of those guys were great. Milford Brown is an OK fourth guard I suppose. But the team has to address the tackle slot.
    Sean Bryant: Are the rams still staffed for a high-powered offense like "The Greatest Show On Turf"?

    Jeff Gordon: No, but Bulger could make a nice bounceback and Jackson is a force. Saunders will need to make Randy McMichael a key component and refresh the receiving corps.
    Bill: Hey Jeff, when the Rams were in the process of hiring a replacement for Mike Martz, were we the only team that showed interest in hiring Scott Linehan, or were there other teams knocking on his door as well?...................also on a humorous note, the Dallas Cowboys have been busted for spying as well. It's been confirmend that they stole the 60-stretch-far-yawn play right out of Scott Linehan's playbook. I'm sure you've seen it on commercial. When Linehan was approached to confirm this, he merely shrugged his shoulders and yawned as well. A dead giveaway. The Cowboys have also claimed that the play doesn't work, much like everything else that has Linehan's signature on it. thanks

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan's name was starting to get some play the year the Rams hired him. But it's not like there was intense bidding on him.
    Todd: What an exit for "The Coach of Year". Such a poor looser that he left his team on the feild and went into the locker room to cry. If i was a player on the Patriots D I would be madd. It's like the captain on the ship bailing out and leaving his trrops behind. Bellichoke wants his players to follow him, but bails out. Where is Bellichokes loyality and this cheater was actually named "Coach of the Year"?
    Saddly Bellichoke won't go down as one of the greatest coaches,but go down in history as the greatest "Sore Loser" and "Cheater". Last years exit in the AFC Championship he pouted also. He might be a good coach, but a poor leader.

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, leaving early was weak. A coach can't leave there, even if the final play is just perfunctory.
    JD Clark: Gordo,

    What personnel moves must be made in order for Al Saunders offense to work like he wants it? Do you see Bennett as a Ricky Proehl type receiver now if Bruce comes back and the Rams pick up another starting receiver? Also is it true that Saunders wants Todd Collins as the backup? That would mean the end for Gus, right? Please, oh please. Thanks Jeff.

    Jeff Gordon: Gus is Scott's guy. Collins obviously worked Al's offense well when he got the chance. There is history there. If Al gets his way at this position, that will tell us that he really has control of the offense.

    Todd: Why is Linehan still here? How is he going to put his ego in the back seat with Saunders whom is much better coach and has more experience and knowledge of football in his pinky than Linehan has in his body? Will Saunders and Hasselt sort of speak push Linehan aside and ignore him and brush him off. Also, is the Rams head office aware of the FOSL joke and how true it saddly is. Al Saunders will and should be Head Coach by the '09 season. What exactly will be Linehans roll. This is like an apprentice overseeing journeyman. Fir Linehan he will just get in the way of progress. Isn't there an opening in the laundry room?

    Jeff Gordon: Scott can salvage this situation by commanding the ship and letting Haslett and Saunders do their thing. His role may be to officiate between those two coaches in waiting.
    Todd: The Rams need to build the line before getting a receiver. If the QB has time he'll be able to make a third receiver look like a #1 receiver. The game is won and lost in the trenches. Your line gets pushed around you hole team gets ran over.

    Jeff Gordon: True 'nuff.
    Ken: Hey Gordo,
    With everyone agreeing that Al Saunders was a good move, has there been any talk about Bruce and his March 1st bonus?

    Jeff Gordon: I think there is a much better chance of all that working out now.
    Todd: Jeff - Do you remember if Kurt, Martz, Faulk etc.Sad anything regards to "It's like they know what play we're going to run"? Also do you think the Senator should ask the Patriots Defense of players if it helped them in any way. That Super Bowl you had like 30th ranking D shut down the #1 Offense in the NFL. Know we know how it happened.

    Jeff Gordon: Well, if Martz had simply adjusted his game plan and pounded Marshall Faulk at the Patriots, we wouldn't be having this discussion.
    tc: Any thoughts on Saunders offence? Are we going to miss the days of Linehan's..

    1st Down - Incomplete
    2nd Down - 2 yard run
    3rd Down - 3 yard swing pass..

    Will we actually see some shifting of players around? Gasp!?!

    Jeff Gordon: We may not see the Greatest Show on Turf, but at least the Rams will look like KC looked when Al was there.
    David: If the Rams entirely disliked Martz and his staff, and reportedly didn't like Al Saunders, why the change of heart to let Linehan pursue him? Did they finally realize that the Rams were made for Martz's all-out offense rather than Linehan's very conservative style?
    And also, with a lot of people favoring Chris Long at #2, could you explain what's wrong with James Hall? Not suitable for the 3-4, too old, too lazy, too injury-prone? Or are the Rams even barer on defense than the OL?

    Jeff Gordon: Saunders was well-liked here. He a Dick V. guy, not a Martz guy. As for the Rams DE, you have an aging Little and a beat-up Hall -- and no young pass rushers on hand. Drafting Long would make sense.
    Jeff: Gordo
    The NFL showed their tepsect yesterday during the coin toss to Coach Walsh, which I felt was well deserved. But I was disappointed in no mention of the late Georgia Fontiere, owner of the RAMS for nearly 30 years.

    Jeff Gordon: the NFL hates the Rams, you know that.
    Jon: Hey Jeff,

    Love the Rams...........They need to stop the free agency spin that there on and start re-signing the vets that they have.Longer they play together the better.Other top teams do this,so it can be done.What do you think?

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, locking in Jackson and Atogwe would be good steps. They earned it. They can be part of the solution going forward.
    Dan: now that fooball is over.....what should i do?

    Jeff Gordon: Hockey!
    Ship: Jeff,
    Have you heard if the Rams like Sedrick Ellis? If so, would they consider moving down a notch or so and taking him while trying to pick up another draft pick. This assuming Chris Long is gone when the Rams picks. Or are the Rams sold on Dorsey? Sounds like Ellis was a force at the Senior Bowl.

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams would more likely take Jake Long to fill the OT need, don't you think? DT is one of their better positions, with Carriker and Ryan showing promise.

    Thst's it for this time -- see you next week!
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