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    Gordo Live

    edited for Rams content.

    By Jeff Gordon
    Monday, June 25, 2007 01:00 PM CDT


    RCJ: I've heard little about Claude Wrotens progress from last season and how he will fit in this year, care to fill me in?

    Jeff Gordon: The coaches love Wroten. He could become an impact DT this season and move out to DE in some situations. He brought first-round potential along with some baggage to St. Louis; it looks like he has ditched the baggage.


    tim hummel: -What would you say to a possible Pace, Setterstrom, Fry, Incognito, Barron O-line next year i have hear nothing but good about Fry

    Jeff Gordon: Fry IS intriguing, but McCollum appears to be fully recovered from knee surgery. Barring injury, he will start out between the kids. And Terrell could still push Setterstrom, too.


    Dave: Do you really think that Dante Hall is going to make that much of a difference for our return teams? While I know he is definitely an explosive runner, he will only be worth something if we get some people on the return teams who don't mind throwing some strong blocks.

    Also, why are the Rams going out and signing a receiver to a huge contract when we know that our QB is not going to have the time to throw to him with Torry and Isaac still lining up?

    Your thoughts?

    Jeff Gordon: The writers covering the team feel the same way. There will be a lot of focus on a special teams coach that has been out of the league for a while.


    J.D.: Gordo,
    Due to the limited offseason moves with the Rams defense do you think they are going to be much better or is it going to be the same old Rams defense? Where do you see them ranking overall this season? (Middle of the Road or Just Getting By)

    Jeff Gordon: Chris Draft could upgrade the linebacker corps. James Hall could add a nice pass rush from the other side and Carriker looks like a worker. This team ought to be somewhat stronger at the point of attack. But the biggest "D" improvement could come if the offense scores more TDs and forces more teams to play catch-up.


    J.D.: Gordo,
    After watching Witherspoon last season to you feel he is one of the best all-around linebackers in the NFL? Also do you think he would be better suited playing outside and moving an alston or draft to the inside?

    Jeff Gordon: I'd like him more outside, but the coaches believe he could play fine inside if the DTs keep blockers off him and give him a chance to use his athleticism.

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    Re: Gordo Live

    But the biggest "D" improvement could come if the offense scores more TDs and forces more teams to play catch-up. -- JG
    According to that belief, I'd say we're on our way to a BIG season! :bash:
    Nevertheless, I keep thinking the Rams defense will improve on its own merit too. WATCH OUT!

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