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    Gordo Live, Monday, March 3rd

    Gordo Live
    By Jeff Gordon
    Monday, March 3, 2008 01:00 PM CST

    Join columnist Jeff Gordon for a live chat from 1-2 p.m. about the Cards, Rams, Blues, Mizzou, SLU or whatever sport or team is on your mind.

    Rob: Jeff, I have to say that i am extremely disappointed in the Rams front office. To let Bruce go over a couple million is just ridiculous and then for him to go to the ***** is just unacceptable. I know that the Rams want to get younger but Bruce was still very productive as a wide out and it sure would have been special to see him retire as a Ram and having only played for the Rams in both LA and STL. I am utterly disgusted with the Front Office yet again and will not renew my Sunday NFL ticket due to their complete lack of regard for the fans of STL. Bruce to many of us was the original Ram here in STL as he was there the last year in LA and first in STL and to see them treat him and the fans this way is beyond comprehension. How special it could have been.

    Jeff Gordon: I was surprised -- and disappointed -- that the team didn't keep Bruce. I figured Al Saunders would make it happen. His arrival changed the whole outlook for the offense. The money offered, $3 million to stay in 2008, wasn't bad. I suppose pride got involved. Now it gets interesting with Ike and Mad Mike working in Frisco.


    Rock: Gordo,
    Just a few quick hits.
    it seems once again the FO of the Rams has no clue and no idea what the fans in STL want. How completely special would it have been to see the reverend play his entire career with the LA/STL Rams, but of course just another example of the FO snatching one of the fans few pleasures that are left away from them yet again. Horrendous.

    Spiezio: what choice did the Cards really have? none.

    it is still way to early but wouldn't it be awfully cool if Juan can come back and be even 3/4 of what he once was, but if he does where does that leave the young outfield? someone would not be able to play. Can you see Juan possible filling the role that Reggie Sanders did a few years ago?

    Jeff Gordon: Juan Gone could be quite a story, eh? The Cards will have to push him really hard as spring training winds down to make sure he is legit. If he did stick as as platoon corner outfielder, this would not be good news for somebody -- Ludwick, Barton and/or Schumaker.


    Vernon: Just why wouldn't the Rams be interested in Justin Smith ?

    Jeff Gordon: Interested is one thing. Willing to pay what the ***** did -- that is another altogether. Smith got $20 million in guaranteed money after a two-sack season. There are other DE options in free agency and, of course, the top of the draft.


    Glenn: Rams cut Hall which I agree with. Do you think J. Smith makes sense for them? I assume we draft another DE or maybe Dorsey and move Carriker to DE but with Little aging another DE is needed.

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, the Rams ought to sign another DE. I can see not paying what the ***** paid to get Justin Smith, especially with the Rams positioned to draft an impact defensive lineman. But the Rams do need to find another pass rusher to replace Hall.


    BubbaBlue: Dear Jeff,
    I'm sick to my stomach today after finding out that number 80 is going to San Francisco to join up with Mad Mike! I just can't believe this. Would Jerry Rice have signed with the Rams? Never. It's Saturday morning and so far the Rams have done absolutely NOTHING in free agency! Oh I'll bet they'll sign a few guys nobody's ever heard of for alot of money. Guys who probably won't contribute anything more that a big appitite. Why didn't Mr. Bruce stay? I'll bet it's because he doesn't respect the coach and he knows this organization isn't getting out of the cellar of the NFC West until he's old and gray. I'm very distraught and upset. I don't know what I'm going to do. The Rams will probably waste their #2 draft pick on someone who won't contribute just like they do most every year. I HATE the 49er's with a passion. Thanks for letting me vent. I have to go throw-up. This is too much! Mad Mike and Issac Bruce in San Fran? Awwwwww, yech!

    Jeff Gordon: Just feel the angst out there in cyberspace! This is not a good time for Ram Nation.


    Ron Trujillo, Santa Fe, NM: Jeff

    Being a LIFELONG RAMFAN 1968-present. I am here to send a BIG THANK YOU to Issac Bruce. and a big DUMB MOVE to the Rams front office.

    How do you let the "Reverend Ike Bruce" leave the team he helped define, and especially to the 40 Whinners. This is truly another sad day for RAM FANS, but Issac deserves the money he is getting in SF. He may be 35, but he still is one of the top revievers in the game. As for Bennette the RAMS paid you good money last year, and you were a flop. You better step up and prove to RAM FANS that you deserve that kind of money. Ike sure does.

    Jeff Gordon: The pressure Drew Bennett grows, since fans will blame his presence for Bruce's exit. The Rams have to get their money's worth from Bennett this year or the offense will really struggle again. Al Saunders will want to revive the three- and four-WR looks.


    J Smith: Can't the Rams use their heads when they make decisions? Trent Green? He's one hit away from becoming a vegetable. I like the guy and don't mean to attack him personally, but how is he an improvement to Gus Ferrote? IMO the Rams are now compounding their stupidity in letting Fitzgerald go last year. Heck, Jeff George would be a better choice!

    Jeff Gordon: Jeff George? Ouch. I'm concerned about the Green romance, because I worry about his well-being. Too many ex-NFL players have serious post-concussion syndrome issues.


    Craig: Jeff,

    I need a free agent update. Are the Rams coming close on offers and just not getting the nod or what? It seems like a lot of guys never make it past their first trip. So, do you see any signings probable? It would seem that a bunch of fans (or perhaps crazy dillusional message board posters) thought we were somehow going to pick up Samuel, Faneca, Smith, and Moss; now you'd think it was the end of the world that we didn't. All I know is that as bad as this team was last year, talent was not the biggest issue. We had tons injuries and more importantly horrible coaching schemes. So please Jeff, say something, anything, rational. I need to hear it.

    Jeff Gordon: I repeatedly warned Rams fans not to expect big free-agent scores. A lot of players were going to stay put (Lance Briggs!) and others were going to look for better situations (Samuel, Faneca. That said, the Rams will end up with more than an upgrade at kicker. There are still some solid possibilities out there.


    G Money: Rams seem to be making the right moves. The roster needs a lot of youth. Bruce is a tough loss but he is in his golden years. How much cap space do we have? Why looking for a guard? Isn't OT a biger need? Maybe J. Long is their pick. His workouts have been very good. I like Dorsey

    Jeff Gordon: With Pace and Barron coming back, the Rams are looking for depth at OT but not a starter. Bell would be a nice get because he could compete for a starting guard slot and fill in at tackle if needed. Targeting second-contract free agents is a good plan for rebuilding.


    Randy: Hi Gordo,
    Why are the Rams trying to snow ball the fans into thinking they are making any of the right moves? They let go Isaac Bruce and cleared up all this cap space with other moves and they only thing they have done is get a kicker! They are trying to get us to buying into Bennett replacing Bruce. Anyone that saw the Rams last year knows Bennett was the biggest bust and moronic move the Rams have made since they came to St. Louis. I know Bruce was getting a little long in the tooth but he is 3 times better than Bennett ever will be. We already needed DE, LB and OL but now we need another wide receiver. There are not really any other free agents out there worth looking at and now management seems to have come to depend on the draft to be our savior. Even if they do sign any of the remaining free agents they are not really any better than we have now. The way most knowledgable football fans will have to look at it is the Rams are going to stink for the next 2 or 3 years because they are to cheap to spend money on free agents. Here we are 20 million under the cap and have not done a thing while other teams are making moves to improve themselves while we take 3 steps backwards! I am trying not to complain but BONEHEAD moves frustrate the heck out of us die hard Rams fans with nothing to look forward to but losing.

    Jeff Gordon: There are some useful free agents out there, but the top guys ARE gone. And this wasn't a great group to start with. All along, I figured the draft would be critical. Also, this team has to rehab its injured players and get some more of the young veterans over the top.


    Tackleberry: I have to imagine you will get flooded with questions/rants regarding the Rams inaction this weekend, as many players that were supposed "targets" seem to be headed elsewhere. It is odd to watch it all unfold especially with the numerous holes to fill.

    When you look at our defense, it leaves you wondering "where are the playmakers?" Our secondary is second-rate, without any hint of an all-pro (sorry Atogowe,let's see 2008 before we cement him as a player). Witherspoon is the only decent backer we have, Pisa & Chillar make a lot of tackles but not a lot of plays. But everyone knows with our D-Line there were plenty of tackling opportunities, so ho hum.

    I'll take health and maybe a vertical threat on offense, but where is the impact player on D? Please don't respond with Leonard Little, seriously, please don't.

    Jeff Gordon: I expect the Rams to draft an impact defender in the first round. Also, Carriker and Ryan must make strides, along with Atogwe. The defense does need a big hitting safety and/or a big-hitting inside linebacker. Again, cornerback remains an issue. Wade didn't progress well last season as a rookie. Hill is OK, but right now the team has a lot riding on Brown staying healthy and staying out of trouble.


    Bryan: Is Dane Looker's spot on the roster in jeopardy? I think he has been a very good receiver at times, but also they ignored some of the younger prospects for a guy who was Wilkins' favorite holder. Now that Wilkins is gone, could Dane Looker lose his job as the holder to another player, freeing up a receiver spot allowing a Hagans and Stanley to stay on the team?

    Jeff Gordon: Stanley has a good shot next year. Hagans could be another matter. I'd look for multiple additions at this positions, through the draft, free agency, trades or whatever.


    Bryan: With the Rams cutting Ferotte, its too bad we don't have a young developing backup that Ryan Fitzpatrick guy Cincinnati has.

    Jeff Gordon: Fitzpatrick's future remains to be seen, but I agree that moving him last year made no sense. If the Rams bring back Green, they better add a young QB as well -- because who knows how long Green will hold up.


    Michael Hoper: Why are the Rams talking about Trent Green? We cant even block for Bulger. Green (concussions) or Bulger(poor guy) won't last without a line; Casey Wiegman (Center) and a Guard like Jacob Bell would help!

    Jeff Gordon: Look for multiple O-line additions to supplement the guys coming back from injuries.


    Buzz: Gordo,
    If the Rams sign Jacob Bell, would the plan be to move Mark Setterstrom to center? Bell is a relatively light, athletic lineman. Linehan likes em massive. Will Linehan give Saunders anything he wants, even when it goes against the grain? Saunders likes his linemen to be good pass blockers first. Would this cause the run blocking to suffer? That didn't seem to be the case in KC. Thanks.

    Jeff Gordon: The Chiefs had exceptional offensive linemen. Assembling such a group here would be tough. Setterstrom could become an option at center, although the team is trying to add another veteran at that spot.

    Will the Rams adjust their "mauler" emphasis on the offensive line? Perhaps, because Saunders does have some freedom here.


    Skelly: Are the Cardinals and LaRussa really committed to the youth movement this year? If so what does Barton have to do to not make the team and get sent back to Cleveland?

    Jeff Gordon: He could play great and still miss -- since this team could use a right-handed power element in the outfield mix.


    ted: ya jeff i was wondering why the rams are letting all these players go and all we have in return is josh brown. On the isaac bruce front why didn't the rams ask marc bulger to give some of his money so they could keep isaac in a rams uniform? thanks jeff

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams front office felt that $3 million was sufficient for a receiver at Ike's career point. It wasn't like the franchise was THAT desperate to create $2 million more under the cap.

    As for Bulger, his turn to redo his deal could come in time.


    Dave: Gordo,
    Have the Rams considered moving Incognito or Setterstrom to center? It seems the Rams could draft a great guard in the second round or at least pick up a good one later in the draft or in free agency. The center group looks like slim pickin's in this year's draft and FA. Thanks for reading.

    Jeff Gordon: Richie is better at guard because he can use his aggressiveness there. Setterstrom could become a center option, yes.


    Faris Chehabi: I have been thinking about the Rams in 2008 and I think what I came up with makes perfect sense. I say that we switch to a 3-4 defense and put Carriker and Little at the ends and Glover in the middle which means we don't draft Chris Long. Then for our linebackers we add Calvin Pace who is great in the 3-4 and won't be too expensive then Witherspoon beside him, sign Dan Morgan which won't be expensive at all and put him in the middle next to Witherspoon, and at the end put Tinoisomia. That defense would be so good and we would get many sacks. Then for the draft, we get Jake Long. We also would sign Jacob Bell who won't be that much money. Then that offensive line would be very good with Pace and Long at tackle. Then 2nd round maybe you draft Sam Baker at center or just try out the many options we have. We can also draft a Linebacker with our 2nd round. It makes perfect sense to me. What do you think?

    Jeff Gordon: Ryan would play the middle in that scenario. I'm not sure about Little as a 3-4 defensive end. Carriker would be OK in that role, but not a big playmaker. As you're making a lot of assumptions about the cost and available of linebackers capable of playing this scheme.


    mr. starks: We definately need a DE now that Hall has been released and Justin Smith has been signed meaning a DE will come through the draft. I know they are targeting Chris Long but if he is taken by the Dolphins, what do you see the Rams doing?

    Jeff Gordon: I see the Rams signing an outside pass rusher as a draft hedge. If Chris Long went No. 1, the Rams would likely take Dorsey No. 2 and continue using Carriker as a multi-positional player.


    sean: I hope we get Bell, but not so sure about Weigmann, 34, could we also be in for Damien Woody who has played alot of Center, I know the Jets are hunting for him, or Mike Flynn from Baltimore? I have been wondering why we have not been interested in Maurice Williams who has started at LT, RT, RG in the past for Jacksonville, he would provide much needed depth. We cut Bruce but have no interest in Bryant Johnson or Javon Walker? I guess that will be one of our many needs in the draft, so who is our third and fouth receivers with Looker and Williams one foot out the door? Higgins and Stanley? Do we have any interest in defensive end with just Little and Adeyanju, backed by C.J. Ah You.

    Jeff Gordon: The Jets are pushing hard for Woody -- and they appear to have first crack. As for WR, there will be lots of options to beef up the unit behind Holt, Bennett and Stanley. What happens in free agency will dictate what the Rams do later in the draft.


    Mike: Hey Gordo,

    I think the Rams have been too passive in free agency so far. I'm not saying they should have given the kind of money Brian Kelly got in Oakland or Asante Samuel in Philly but there were definately deals that could have been made which would have improved the defensive line which really needs a run stopper. They wanted Kris Jenkins last year and could have had him for a 3rd and 5th round pick. Shaun Rogers the same thing. I know we have alot of holes to fill but I think we needed to get more involved. Now the pool has pretty much dried up. Thanks

    Jeff Gordon: Why trade for Jenkins or Rogers when Ryan and Carriker played so well a year ago? I could see this team drafting Dorsey because he is special, but otherwise there is no compelling reason to make a big move for an interior defensive lineman.


    don: Why are Byrd & Wroten still on the roster? How much cap space would be freed-up with their tossing?

    Jeff Gordon: They don't eat up much, for sure. But I can't argue with your point. Those two were much more trouble than they were worth last year.


    Superjim: Hey Gordo,

    I think Josh Brown is a good signing, paying him too much but his departure weakens the Seahwawks further so it's money well spent. We need to sign a couple more o-linemen before the end of free agency...other than the Titans' guard are there any other names being linked to us?

    I have to say that I thought it was disgraceful the way Isaac was released. He's given his heart and soul for the Franchise and had the right to retire a Ram. We cut him for $2 million; money I don't see being invested in our team. He signed a 2 year $6 million contract in San Francisco which confirms he didn't leave because of money, instead it must have been the lack of respect that was shown to him from the organisation by releasing him twice in as many years. It's sad that his tenure as a Ram ended like this.

    Thanks Gordo

    Jeff Gordon: Many big-name veterans face the same situation late in their careers. It's too bad the team couldn't work out a deal with Bruce, but as Jerry Rice can tell you, these things happen.

    Let's see what happens with Bell today. After that, we could see more player visits.


    Glenn: Here we go again, another free agency year and the same old "No Action" Rams. Please tell me that we're going to do something to help this team? I think picking up Brown was a good thing (I thought the young kicker we had in preseason last year did a great job) but we need more help than that. We need a solid LB,OL,DL and we need to restructure Paces contract, please tell me something is happening?

    Jeff Gordon: The wheels are still turning. It's relatively early. Remember, there may be second-chance free agents later this summer as well.


    David: Gordo - Let me see if I have this striaght. Our "O-Line" is a mess. Our run stopping ability can best be described as "Swiss Cheese". We need help at linebacker, receiver and a d-back...and we sign a kicker? Nothing against Josh Brown, I'm sure he's a great guy, but unless he can also triple up as a mean left tackle and a nasty linebacker, it's going to be a long painful season. Looks like the Niners and the Seahawks are not having any problems in free agency, why are we an hour late and a dollar short? Please Gordo - give me (and other Rams fans) some reason to look forward to the season, and some hope to grasp on to, because this is looking like a train wreck!

    Jeff Gordon: Fans get gearing up for free agency. In this corner of cyberspace, we never believed the Rams would go crazy in the marketplace. Who wants to come to a 3-13 team and play for a coach in the final year of his contract?

    The Rams do have tons of needs, which is why spending for the sake of it isn't smart. The team was willing to pay up for Faneca, but he preferred New York.

    But, again, it's early.


    saul berman: the rams have serious qb issues!! bulger stinks. the first pick should be mcfadden or whoever is the 2nd best player in the draft. then trade that pick for the best we can get - a qb who has a strong arm & who can stay healthy. also, too much $$ was spent on brown. give me a break. the front office is running the team into the ground.

    Jeff Gordon: There aren't a lot of Pro Bowl quarterbacks up for grabs. And if you did make that deal, do you pay Bulger all the money to sit? Do you take a massive cap hit to do that?

    The better bet is to let Saunders fix the offense, Bulger included.


    xkurtwarnerx: Is there a reason that the rams asked bruce for a paycut before they would ask bennett, who they have overpaid?

    Jeff Gordon: The issue was the roster bonus, which was due before the start of free agency. Bennett's turn could come later in his contract.


    Randy: Given the past histories of all involved, what are the chances of the Rams re-uniting Randy Moss and Duante Culpepper with Scott Linehan? If so, would Moss then only play for Culpepper, if he isn't able to beat out Bulger?

    Jeff Gordon: It appears the Patriots are trying to bring back Moss, so we'll see. The Rams considered Culpepper before, but that was when Scott ran the offense. Now it's Al Saunders' show.


    Organic Meatbag: Jeff,

    Do you feel that the Rams have been aggressive enough in Free Agency, given the fact that players aren't exactly clamoring to jump to a 3-13 team, and we don't have a whole lot of cap space to work with? The Josh Brown deal was nice, I know we are pursuing Bell, and I understand we were competitive with our offer to Faneca, but what about our needs at WR and CB? Is a trade with Philly for Shepherd a real possibility or just talk?

    Jeff Gordon: The Philly deal could happen, yes -- because free-agent CBs are scarce, That might be their best way to upgrade the position.


    Jim: What are your thoughts on the Brown contract?

    Jeff Gordon: A good kicker can win a team three or four extra games a year, easily. I'd rather see this deal than dramatically overpaying somebody's back-up CB to fill a need.


    Larry Rank: Wow, the Rams started moving in the wrong direction last year when they wouldn't step up to paying Kevin Curtis or Shawn McDonald what they were asking. Instead they brought in Drew Bennett and Randy McMicheals, both of which aren't worth what they are being paid. Now with the release of Isaac Bruce the receiving corp is thin at best. I can guarantee you that it will be another bleak year for the Rams. I guess they will waste their #2 pick in the draft for another running back or possibly an undersized cornerback. I have been a Rams fan since I first saw them in the Los Angeles Coliseum in the late 1950s. What will it take to turn the franchise around????

    Jeff Gordon: McMichael is worth the money, as long as a team throws him the ball. Bennett obviously hasn't proven his worth yet.

    Zygmunt and Shaw turned the franchise around before, so perhaps they can do it again. Bringing in Saunders and Devaney were big steps in the right direction.


    Big Thirsty: why where we so stupid and wait till the last minute to make cap space? It just shows where the franchise is still. It looks like we can expect another laughing stock in St Louis again. Yeah yeah yeah we were trying to get alan fanaca but there was a huge chance that we were not going to sign him from the begining. Where was the back up plan. Where were the other options. Now every one good is gone. so lets see, we need a c/g/t/de/olb/cb....Give me a freaking break already. So much for the new power structure in the rams front office, way to go Losers.

    Jeff Gordon: They had ample cap space to chase free agents. Is Berrian worth $16 million in guaranteed money? Is Justin Smith worth $20 million in guaranteed money? We'll see. Smith had two sacks last year and Berrian will drop some balls.

    Splash free-agent moves won't turn this program. It will take smart moves -- and a high number of them. The process has just started.


    Big Thirsty: Is any chance we bring in jevon kearse for a visit.

    Jeff Gordon: Kearse is washed up, so let's hope not.


    Big Thirsty: If we were able to trade for lito sheppard(which will never happen)what would we give up for him.

    Jeff Gordon: I can't see the Rams trading anything more than a third-rounder. The No. 2 pick has too much value.


    Big Thirsty: how do the rams fill all these holes in the team. You cant Draft 5 starters in the NFL draft....Im so tired of this....guess the rams dont care about winning at all.

    Jeff Gordon: You draft a couple of starters, sign a couple of starters and develop the rest. No shortcuts -- use all means possible.


    David: Hey Gordo,

    What figures to be the asking price for Lito Sheppard and is there any possibility the Rams could make a reach for Jason Taylor?

    Jeff Gordon: Taylor is interesting. Parcells swears he still wants him, despite internet reports to the contrary. So we'll see.


    Chuck Bensinger: Are the Rams even making an effort at this point to lock up Jackson long term? Seems to me that this should be a priority...

    And, by the way would Eric Byrnes "pickle" be trending up or down?

    Jeff Gordon: It certainly should be a priority, with McFadden on the board. If Jackson insists on playing out the contract, the Rams could franchise him. So it's in everybody's best interest to make a deal happen.


    Big Thirsty: So how fast do you think Scott Linehan gets fired next season?

    Jeff Gordon: He'll get the whole season, as per Georgia Frontiere's wishes. Then we'll see where the team is.


    Big Thirsty: are you looking forward to making a run at 0-16 next season?

    Jeff Gordon: I'm looking for a return to 8-8 -- rebounds are inevitable in the NFL -- and Chip Rosenbloom wondering if he should give Linehan two more years.


    Big Thirsty: are the rams really going to take trent green over Daunte cullpepper?

    Jeff Gordon: Apparently so.


    Francisco Prado: Gordo, thank you for taking my question. I enjoy your talk forum with the Rams fans. Why won't the Rams resign Chillar with all the money they now have? He is solid and fits in Haslett's defense. It hates me to see him go to another division rival(Cardinals) like Bruce did with the niners. I give them credit for going on a youth movement with releasing old veterans(overprized and underachieving) , but they have to have a solid draft since this free agency wont bring in many impact players.

    Jeff Gordon: I don't mind Chillar. Haslett talked him up all year, so unless he was just blowing smoke . . .


    sean: whats the rams plan at wideout? i know they havnt given up on drew bennet, yet the prospect of him opposite holt doesnt strike fear in anyone's secondary. do we have to rely on a rookie to take the number two spot? daunte hall was with saunders in kc, do you think hall can be a productive reciever with the saunders connection? stanly more than a KR? WHERE HAS OUR WR CORPS GONE, WE USED TO HAVE HANDS DOWN THE BEST, NOW WE HAVE NO USEFUL SPEED. im crying over the staple of rams identity that used to be speed and quickness, now quickness is what we have in one torry holt-thats it.

    Jeff Gordon: You have to wonder if Hall is done. I like Stanley in the return role, plus some work as the No. 4 or No. 5 receiver.

    Where is Yo Murphy when you need him?


    sean: DE situation for rams pre-draft is lacking a starter opp. aging little. little can still be gangbusters, but does hall being released mean we have to go with long or gholston--i dont think carriker is fast enough to push the pocket from the outside- he's quick and needs to play to that strength.

    Jeff Gordon: The other option is to sign one of the younger outside rushers who hit free agency. Maybe there is still something out there.


    sean: i watched tape of allot of antonio pittmans runs last year, and they lacked the vision he had in college. he seems to run stright forward, and if theres a hole, so be it. he had maybe 3 instinctive runs all year--why is he running so tight, if he relaxes hes a playmaker, who can help pittman be instinctive again?

    Jeff Gordon: Running backs need work to find their rhythm. He had to pick up the offense on the fly and play as a fill-in behind a makeshift offensive line.

    Pittman might have been a great pickup for the Rams. So even in this deep RB draft, they may not take another one.


    Jeremy (Denver): Gordo,
    Thanks for the chat. I actually like the Rams approach in FA so far. They aren't throwing around crazy money and seem to have a game plan they are sticking to. I'm encouraged.

    That being said, I have a question regarding the DE position. This appears to be the biggest weakness on the team in terms of talent (outside of Little of course). Why aren't they being more aggressive with the FA DE options? If they are targeting someone, any idea who it is?

    Jeff Gordon: They haven't shown their hand at DE just yet. But given the moves they made leading into free agency, they WILL explore the market.


    Clyde: Did I miss something here or did Isaac Bruce sign with those damn ***** for basically the same money the Rams were offering? I don't normally get on these ride 'em out of town band wagons. In fact I am usually happy to let the guys who are paid make the decisions, but for Bruce of all people to do that, something has to be wrong. I know Martz is there but still this looks like "I'm tired of this mess and I'm stickin' it to ya".

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, that second year of the Niners deal means nothing. He is playing for $3 million this year, the same jack he would have made here. So he liked the idea of playing for Martz and a new team more than returning here to play for Saunders.


    sean: rams have the same team this year as they did last year, and in the preseason there was talk of a 400 point season. why all the gloom now, cant we see the potential we all saw last year? same team; same potential. rebuilding, or ready for nfc west title. last year we said we could do it, this year is no different in personel.

    Jeff Gordon: IF the offensive line heals, Bulger is more likely to hold up. And Jackson could have that 2,500-yard season he dreams of. The team needs to freshen up the WR corps, but McMichael is capable to being a bigger threat. So, yes, there is some hope.


    sean: stanly or hall as returner?

    Jeff Gordon: Stanley.


    Jeremy (Denver): Gordo,
    Do you think Carolina would trade Ryan Kalil straight up for Brian Leonard? I didn't think so...I said it on draft day and I'll say it again...the Rams should have picked Kalil. We needed a C more than a jack of all trades, nice to have RB/FB!

    Jeff Gordon: A year later, the Rams are looking for a center. A year later, the Rams could have picked a stud RB with that second-round pick. But Leonard could still be a nice long-term player, especially since pass-blocking isn't one of Jackson's strong suits. Brian will get some passing down reps.


    sean: i like chavous. hes consistant, and rarely misses takles he should make. he didnt give up big plays, and he mentored the younger players. do we look to replace him this year, or wait for next year. sleeper draft pick: that ND safety, i think silva is his name.

    Jeff Gordon: I'd rather upgrade this year, but Haslett insists Chavous is fine next to Atogwe. Maybe you''re right.


    sean: so now the seahawks cant beat us by 3 anymore, right?

    Jeff Gordon: Some how, some way, Seattle will find another kicker.


    Tim: My qustion's are about the Rams.
    I think that the rams are moving on in a way of younger players and think that they should part ways with Draft and Chevous(cory) and move brown to the saftie and add foxworth with more speed and if Long(de) is gone trade down to dal for #22-#28-3rd and rb M.Barbara and then trade Barbara for a low 1rd say gb at 30. Then address the holes with Cromartie(cb) Baker(ot) and if he falls Dorey(dt) and then fill in the rest of the fa moves?
    Bell(og) Like I said Foxworth(cb) D.J.Hackett(wr) and either A.odom or T.Laboy? What do you think?

    Jeff Gordon: Hackett, to me, is another Bennett type. I'd rather invest in speed. Draft and Chavous were solid for the most part last year -- and the Rams are in no position to jettison solid players.


    Jeremy (Denver): Gordo,
    I'll apologize in advance for yet another Rams draft doesn't seem that things are shaking out well for the Rams at #2:
    - Chris Long will probably go #1
    - We don't have a need for Matt Ryan or McFadden
    - Glen Dorsey is rumored to be damaged goods, and DT is actually a strength now so he doesn't fit a need (neither does Ellis)
    - If we sign a G and C in FA, Jake Long doesn't seem to fit (unless we trade Barron...hmmm...)
    - Vernon Gholston seems too high for #2 (not to me, I'd take him, but the draft "experts" seem to think so)
    - There doesn't seem to be many players that teams want to trade up for

    What's a rebuilding team to do?

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams will get offers at No. 2 if Chris Long goes No. 1, leaving Ryan and McFadden there along with Dorsey. As for Dorsey being damaged, we'll see. He has some stress fracture issues earlier in his career. The Rams know about defensive tackles with chronic injuries, eh?

    But the Rams are fine at No. 2.


    Bobby Belcher: Now that Bruce is gone, what are the plans for wr? Do the Rams think the young guys on the teams can step up, or is drafting a wr in round 2 of the draft the possible?

    Jeff Gordon: Just as the Rams will explore a CB trade, that could happen at WR too.


    Scott L: If you were a free agent and were offered a market contract by the Blues, Rams or Cardinals, which would you choose given the current status of the teams and prospects?

    Jeff Gordon: 1) Cards
    2) Blues
    3) Rams


    Steve M.: Jeff,I heard that Issac Bruce signed a 2-year 6 million dollars deal to play with the 49'ers.If that true would that have been about the same amount the Rams offer him to stay?.He still a better #2 receiver than Bennent.Really hate to see him go

    Jeff Gordon: This year he'll play for the same money the Rams would have paid him.


    Dan: Gordo, have you heard anything about the Rams trading out of the #2 spot? There appear to be a few teams coveting McFadden - and the Rams could sure use some extra picks.


    Jeff Gordon: Could happen, but I see the Rams staying in the top six or seven.


    Nick J: Hey Jeff,
    With most of the impact free agents already signed, do you think the Rams should look into trading for a marquee player like DeAngelo Hall or Javon Walker? What could the Rams offer in such a trade? What about the possibilities of nabbing a lower-key free agent like Marlon McCree or Brian Kelly? In my opinion, the Rams most pressing needs are in the secondary and offensive line; though a solid defensive lineman would do us good, too.

    Jeff Gordon: Hall's trade price tag was really high. Any number of quiet moves are possible, however. Check with Jim Thomas' chat Tuesday for the revised list of possibilities.


    Ed: Gordo,

    Does the lack of activity by the Rams on the free agent front mean that they are saving their money to sign Atogwe and Jackson to long-term deals? (I hope so). Nobody's perfect but do we really want the Rams to pay big bucks to someone (Bell) who "occasionally gets overpowered" at the POA? Does this mean that Setterstrom or Incognito are not healthy or not in the long-term plans? Thanks for these chats.

    Jeff Gordon: Every effort will be made to lock in Atogwe and Jackson. Say this about the Rams, they are doing a better job of locking in their prime-age guys.


    John K.: Thanks Jeff, Since our "big" free agent signing was a kicker does this mean that Linehan figures we won't be any better in the red zone this year and that we will need to kick alot of field goals ? Also what really happened with the Isaac Bruce contract ? was he lied to by Ziggy and if so how bad do the Rams look to other potential players looking to come here if there are any ?

    Jeff Gordon: Zygmunt has a good rep, even among most of the agents. It sounds like the Rams coaching staff was ready to turn the page.


    guy: cheers Jeff,

    What OL are the rams interested in outside of Bell? I thought with Linehan his ex co-ordinator and us needing a starter at center, Rex Hardnot would have been on his way for a visit?

    Please tell me that Bell is not the only OL player scheduled


    Jeff Gordon: There are multiple options for the offensive line, where the Rams DO return Setterstrom, Incognito, Pace and Barron. I wouldn't panic if Bell doesn't sign today.


    Brad: Gordo,

    What is the status of Pace, Incognito and Setterstrom at this point of the offseason? If we do sign Bell would that be the end of McCollum?


    Jeff Gordon: Andy is probably done here -- but if the Rams sign another veteran center, that would clinch it.


    ronald harris: will the rams get the rt jake long. and tade alex

    Jeff Gordon: Draft Jake Long? Maybe, although a good OT will be there in the second round. Trade Barron? Highly unlikely.


    Erick: whats the deal? The RAMS release personnel for more cap room...but it seems to me that they are sitting on there hands watching everyone else making things happen for there question is whats the hold up on aquiring personnnel?

    Jeff Gordon: Keep repeating the manta, it's a long process, it's a long process . . .


    george_allen: 2 rams questions, if i may :
    how is torry taking the isaac release ?
    and what is your forecast regarding the center position - will incognito or setterstrom move over, will romberg be back, will they pick up a free agent to start instead, will fry make it as a reserve center?

    Jeff Gordon: Fry is iffy. A lot to prove there. I liked Romberg well enough -- he could be a good value guy. I'd rather move Setterstrom to center if another guard signed, since Richie can use his aggressiveness better at guard.


    Mike: Someone posted about Maurice Williams being available, and I'm confounded why someone like this isn't brought in for a closer look. Former 2nd round pick, whose played og and tackle, and seems to have performed very well. I bet he signs a more reasonable contract than Bell and seems about as good and as versatile. Shouldn't there be competition in FA signings as well. Also, are there any plans to bring back R. Smith? If not are the Rams looking at lb depth, as with Pisa's tenuous health, seems that there a little thin. Chaun Thompson is available and seems to be somewhat of a clone of Smith, in size and in playing ability. I believe Landon Johnson will probably command too much money. Thanks, Jeff!

    Jeff Gordon: The Jets were looking at him as a potential starter at right tackle. I don't see the Rams offering him the same possibility here.


    ric: Jeff: I think the Rams over paid for this field kicker they just picked up from Seattle. What's your take on it? Also, if they were willing to give up that much for a kicker why not pay Bruce his money and have him retire as a Ram? Does no one in that organization know what it looks like to let a player like Bruceeeeeeeeee go who has given so much to the team ?!

    Jeff Gordon: Brown will win a lot of games for the Rams if he keeps kicking the way he has. No problem with that signing.

    As for Bruce, this team just finished 3-13. That really reduces the sentimentality of those running the franchise. Wholesale change is needed.


    mark: Why don't the rams go after Deangelo hall or Lito sheppard.

    Jeff Gordon: Go after them, sure. Get them for a middle-round draft pick? Not likely to happen.


    Ignacio C. Leon: Why are the Rams allowing Brandon Chillar to go to free agency???? It looks like Rams train men then let them go.
    example Ryan Fitzpatric. OH not FOSL!!!

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, well, it happens. The Rams were 3-13. I like Chillar well enough, but he isn't a Pro Bowler.

    Last edited by RamWraith; -03-04-2008 at 07:29 PM.

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