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    Gordo Post Game Chat

    Sunday, September 7, 2008 03:15 PM CDT


    Francisco Prado: Gordo, Finally the regular season is here! Last season was one of the worst and I couldn't stand seeing this team weekly underachieve and getting their tail whipped. The only other worst season that topped last year was in 1991,(3-13) where the talent was not there thanks to those bad draft picks (remember there was no free agency yet), as a result of the Eric Dickerson trade. Gordo, in my opinion the best move the Rams made in the offseason was hiring Billy Devaney! Finally we have a true football executive instead of Jay Zygmunt or John Shaw. Look at the draft pool of this year.They can be contributors this year or in the near future.
    Jeff Gordon: This optimistic post arrived before the game started, obviously. We'll see if Devaney can make a difference. There is much to do.
    BillBored: Atogwe?
    Jeff Gordon: MIA
    Random_Access_Me: This is a team that has had half of July and all of August, 4 pre-season games, countless mini-camps, and an entire off-season to prepare.

    What did they prepare for?

    The Rams are totally unprepared to be playing and yes the Eagles are a good team but if you are really watching then you can see that the O-Line is not only out-of-sync but out-manned and unwilling to put forth much effort. The defense is totally inferior with skill or physical ability to stop the Eagles, the Eagles stopped themselves once and I attribute this to early season woes even a college team faces when you know you are so much better that the game will be easy and you let up too soon.

    Linehan has made it clear beyond clear that he he is incapable of fielding a team that is willing to play for him and everything just degenerates down from this part - this is the Scrambled Eggs crew and what an incompetent head coach achieves through a total lack of ability to produce some kind recipe that a menu advertises. It's embarrassing, ridiculous, and it points a finger directly at the organization in regards to their thoughts that this man is a capable head coach.
    Jeff Gordon: Can't argue. This sort of loss -- so one-sided, right from the start - reflects poorly on the head coach. It just does. Can he rally the operation after something this bad? Few believe he can, but I expect him to get that chance.
    RWC: This team is lost. Linehan is over his head. Responsibility is with the head coach. every phase of the game; offense, defense and special teams are playing way below their potential.
    Sign Bill Cowher now
    Jeff Gordon: Nice sentiment, but I don't see Cowher leaving the good life for this challenge. Something better will come up for him.
    Sick in Texas: Week 1 Extra: 'We're not going to be 3-13'

    Looks more like 0 - 16 this year. Do you know how long I waited to see the Rams on TV in Dallas, TX? Why is Philly treating my team's quarterback like he is first year rookie? What the heck is happening with the "new" and "improved" O-line? Is it too late to ask Santa for Bill Cowher to be delivered early? Isn't Howie Long wishing he pulled the same trick Daddy Manning pulled for his sons? Hey the Philly just scored agained. I bet they will still scoring on Monday. At this point they need to sell the team to the CFL
    Jeff Gordon: CFL? That hurts. But then again, how could this secondary cover receivers on the bigger field?
    Sick in Texas: Is it Tuesday and Philly has scored again against the Rams....

    And the Rans still haven't scored
    Jeff Gordon: Hah! The Rams did get a field goal. So there!
    Ken PSL from the beginning: I write this at the of the first half. I haven't given up on the season but if the season goes like the first half of this game, I will not renew my seaon tickets unless the team is sold or at the very least Shaw, Zygmut and Linehan are gone. Having made my point as to the need for change, what do you think is the most pressing demand?
    Jeff Gordon: Here is the challenge -- the Rams could actually get worse before they get better. Little and Pace are up in years and both exited this game with injuries. The Rams have to replace those two guys for the long haul -- and there are still so many other holes.
    OregonRamFan: Hi Jeff,

    What a way to start the season, The hopes of a new exciting season was short lived. What a Nightmare 1st half!!!!! Maybe the Rams should go after Lito Sheppard, if the secondary plays this poorly were in for a long season.

    Offensive Line needs to be more disciplined, so many 1st half penalties the complete breakdown in the sencondaries coverages killed us, No Catches for Holt? It also didn't help losing Little and Bennent, althought Little hurts so much more. Let hope the second half is a complete turn around. Now there's for wishful thinking!!!

    Go Rams,
    Jeff Gordon: Lito wants out of Philly and this team clearly needs a cover guy. It would be worth a high draft pick, if Philly elects to move him.
    steven: is it time to get rid of scott linehan?
    Jeff Gordon: I don't see John Shaw and Chip Rosenbloom making a move after one loss, regardless of how horrible it was. But there had to be an air of doom hanging in the jet cabin as the team flew home.
    steven: i just switched my question from can we, to WE MUST GET RID OF SCOTT LINEHAN...
    Jeff Gordon: We'll here that suggestion often today.
    GoneGator: Hey Gordo, what did Scottie do to motivate the team - have them watch "Groundhog Day"? I swear I've woken to the EXACT same thing as the past two seasons.

    I understand Philly is better than we are this year. No problem. But I have a HUGE problem with the same lazy and sloppy approach this team has. The leadership is terrible. As it has been since Linehan arrived. Even the announcers were talking about how bad the sidelines were for the Rams. No enthusiasm, slow to break the huddle, etc. Why can't upper management see this? Scott has to go. The sooner, the better.
    Jeff Gordon: Not much life on that bench today -- and that is a HUGE indicator. Just one game in, that team already looked beaten.
    boleil: Gordo, this effort today is absolutely shamefull. The whole team should give back their paychecks. Don't you have to work to get paid? The team just flat out stinks but even amongst the manure pile, Philly tearing the Rams secondary to absolute shreds with back up receivers has to take the cake. Is there anything positive we can take from this game or is this just the first indignity on the way to another long season? I guess I'd better get the scissors ready and finish cutting out the eye holes on the brown paper bag.
    Jeff Gordon: Well, Donnie Jones did a nice job punting. That's it.
    Grimmsta: Hey Gordo..

    What can I say, it's time to close the book on the Linehan regime, NOW!! the players just are NEVER ready to play a game they've played their WHOLE LIFE. There's no fire, intensity, or PRIDE when their on the field, with the exception of Beast Jackson and McMichael. Everyone's far too passive, reminding me of a team full of "whipped, hen-pecked, husbands".. RIDICULOUS!

    Linny aint ready... we're drafting terribly.. we need FOOTBALL PLAYERS. We don't have many at all. We don't draft enough PROVEN talent. we draft PROJECTS!Even when we were having good times, we were SOFT , but at least, we had MENTAL toughness.

    Something has to be done to shake up this team (more than a HAIRCUT) and it has to happen before this season is out of hand. I believe we've seen enough to merit a change of direction. Who should lead the team in the interim, DON'T KNOW, but I'd have to go with Saunders (at least he has some fire in his belly). The team takes on the characteristics of their leader.... Doesn't our play reflect EXACTLY how you guys in the press view Linny? The players aren't responding to him and they can't possibly respect a man's leadership when they have no confidence in his methods and philosophies!

    Thanks Gordo for allowing me to vent and I'd love to hear your view of what I've just stated. this could turn out to be a Looooooong year....
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, the haircut isn't working for Linehan. Not helping at all.
    randall747: Jeff, Tony Siragusa commented more than once EARLY in the game how flat the Rams looked. One comment was how slow they looked even coming out of the huddle. I heard Albert or Johnston also comment on how sloppy they looked early in the game. I can understand a team looking flat AFTER they get way behind but these guys came into the game flat, IMO. This is about coaching. Where is the motivation? Last season Bulger was rolling his eyes and Holt was yelling at Linehan on the sidelines. I was one of those that said that there is nothing you can do with injuries (o-line in particular) like they had last season and that Linehan may deserve another chance IF he got a quality OC and didn't ever call another play. I apologize to Rams Nation - I was wrong.

    My question - do you think that the new ownership will have the guts to fire Linehan this during season if this lack of everything continues? If so, after how many losses?
    Jeff Gordon: The quantity of losses won't matter as much as the quality of the losses. This one sent off all sorts of alarm. I've always doubted that Shaw and Rosenbloom would make a midseason change, but efforts like this one could change that projection.
    brendcon: How can a team keep drafting so terrilbe? Adam Carriker, Tye Hill, Chris Long, Alex Barron---not mentioning any help we got from any second rounders. They could have played 20 quarters today and Long would have never touched McNabb. Watching 260 pounds going up against the guy he did today---no chance. The only positive out of today's game is Linehan has his first bag a packin.
    Jeff Gordon: Long is working hard, but not getting much done. If Little misses a lot of time, the kid's job will get that much tougher. And Barron is lost. Absolutely lost.
    Craig: Jeff,

    Where's the new reinvented Scott Linehan, who's supposedly more animated on the sidelines? Where's the guy coaching for his life? He looks like the same old Scott to me. If the intent of the Rams is to just show up to collect a paycheck every week, I'll find another game to watch.
    Jeff Gordon: You and everybody else. Only masochists watched the second half of that game.
    midnighter67: Pitiful, pathetic, disgusting, ugly... The teams that don't have the Rams on their schedules should complain to the competition committee. Tye Hill absolutely sucks. The secondary as a whole is terrible. How about that DeSean Jackson, you know the guy the Rams didn't think was good enough to be the top WR chosen? I guess he's no Donnie Avery. Do you have anything positive to say about this debacle (other than it is mercifully over)? I don't care what happens the rest of the season, Linehan's fate is sealed after that atrocity.
    Jeff Gordon: Jackson looked OK after missing all that preseason time, but there wasn't much else to feel good about.
    mr. optomist: hi question....what happened against the eagles today? can we fix thisin a week?..oops sorry,that was two questions
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams caved. Philly is better, but, still, the Rams caved. And that's not good. A coach can fix a position here or a tactic here, but how does he respond to a team that caves?
    midnighter67: I have McMichael on my fantasy team. I guess that's one positive.
    Jeff Gordon: Yes, that IS another plus. He did a fine job blocking, too. So Al Saunders has something to feel good about.
    Chris: The Rams are on the clock.

    lack of talent procurement
    lack of on-field leadership
    lack of executive coaching leadership

    at what point do the fans revolt?
    Jeff Gordon: Today.
    Grimmsta: What an embarrassment. I predict blackouts in the future. I know this is the first game and I'm an optomist when it comes to my teams.I'm ALSO a realist! this team is going NOWHERE and this game is an indication. BULGER is a woman in a jersey, the O-line is fragile as glass when it comes to blocking, defense is NON EXISTANT, and SPECIAL TEAMS is a JOKE! So, EVERY aspect of this team is ATROCIOUS! All the mental errors show the lack of coaching accountability. You think PARCELLS, COWHER, ANY coach would tolerate this type of play from their teams REGARDLESS of the players they have on the team? THE PLAYERS DON'T RESPECT LINNY and NEITHER DO/SHOULD the FANS.
    Jeff Gordon: Bulger wasn't great, but the Eagles defense immediately put him on the heels with its blitz schemes. The Rams were helpless against the onslaught. Marc kept competing, but there wasn't much opportunity to survey the field.
    rams1017: Gordo, i know this will be a Linehan bashing, and i think he needs fired like everyone else. But not drafting DeSean Jackson was a mistake.
    Jeff Gordon: Apparently the Rams had issues with his make-up. But his feet and his hands looked fine to me.
    Art: Gordo,

    Just when I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with this team, we start where we left off last year, LOSERS!
    After being a Rams fan for more that 35 years, it has come to this.

    Watching this game from New Jersey makes it even more difficult with Philly fans......

    It is time to clean house starting with the management and coaches and 3/4's of the players.
    Let's get some personnel who inspire, coach and motivate!

    Bennett over Bruce
    Hall over Curtis
    Avery over Jackson

    What a joke! Good Decisions LOL!

    Until we bring the caliber of Bill Cowher and team to the fold we will be the pathethic losers of the NFC YEAR END AND YEAR OUT.

    Sorry, but hard to swallow!
    Jeff Gordon: Turning over three-quarters of the players would take another three years -- so these coaches better find solutions with the guys on hand.
    midnighter67: Excerpt from the Lions message board: "At least we aren't the Rams".
    Jeff Gordon: Snap!
    stewy griffin: oh what to do? the rams are going out like a weak team.i told jim thomas
    last 4/29/08 the rams could not stop the run. they should have taken
    a big defensive tackle to stop the run. the rams will have to now
    concentrate on the 2009 draft. also linehnan will never get a fair chance
    from these st.louis "football fans". these bandwagon fans support only
    a good ole boy coach-dikta,mike. the rams if they are still here in 2009-
    is there any talk of a new stadium.

    the rams should sell now because their value is not going to be
    any more valuable.
    stewy griffin from family guy to take
    over televison empire.
    Jeff Gordon: I wouldn't be shocked to see the team sold after the season. And that is the route Rosenbloom is going, then he will let the next guy make the big decisions.
    Leroy Irvin: I'm glad Isaac Bruce got out, he deserves better than this. Do you think Torry Holt will ask for a trade?
    Jeff Gordon: No, but I don't see him rushing to sign a contract extension here.
    KID KU: Hi Gordo. For the life of me I just can't understand how the Eagle Receivers are so WIDE open and we have 4 defenders around our guys. Boy it looked like they gave up early today. A total breakdown. I don't even know if they had a worse game last year. Your thoughts?
    Jeff Gordon: It's hard to play worse than this -- especially in the opener, with a reasonably healthy team. The secondary breakdowns were terrible.
    Fred Dryer: Did the Eagles roll or did the Rams roll over?
    Jeff Gordon: Combination of both. Credit the Eagles for playing like a legit Super Bowl threat.
    Tackleberry: Since there is very little to applaud from this performance I would like to say that Johnathan Wade had a good day on punt coverage.

    This team looked unprepared to play the Brentwood Eagles let alone the Philly Eagles, where do they go from here?
    Jeff Gordon: Well, they have to go up. I can't imagine them playing worse. But there aren't a lot of guys on the street better than what the Rams have now, so the coaches will have to turn these guys around.
    Fred Dryer: More importantly, do the Rams suck or does Linehan suck? Is there any hope for the future? Not just the remainder of this season but beyond.
    Jeff Gordon: This was an across-the-board Hoover job. Everybody takes some blame, from the scouts to the executives, coaches and players.
    Sleepless in St. Louis: Okay, the St. Louis Rams versus the Colorado State Rams: who wins and what's the final score?
    Jeff Gordon: Is this game in high altitude or at sea level?
    RamBall: Where do the Rams turn after this debacle? The DBs could not cover anyone and the O did nothing all day. The run D was better but it may have been because philly didnt have to run they could pass at will.

    Thanks for doing this.
    Jeff Gordon: The coaches have to challenge the manhood of these guys. They just do. Linehan tries to stay positive, but there was nothing positive about this.
    gjsandifer: Well Gordo, think Marty Schottenheimer would be interested in coaching the rams, And who do you think the rams will be taking with the #1 obverall pick ijn the 2009 draft?
    Jeff Gordon: A couple of OTs (Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe) are projected for the Top Ten. I'd start there.
    riotmute: How do you feel Chris Long performed today?
    Jeff Gordon: He was just a guy. He tried hard and played in a lot of situations, but he didn't make any plays to speak of.
    Bob: Gordo,
    Grat job by Loser Lenihan and the staff. Stupi Scott lost the game by not taking the opening kic. By the way, did Mc Nabb pass for 1,000 yds today? I know Bulger had at lesat 10! Can you say 0-16 with this schedule and coach?
    Do you know Limbaugh's phone number? I bet Chip does!!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Rush Limbaugh would not tolerate such dismal performance. I don't like his politics, but I think he would be a good owner.
    Mike K: What just happened?

    Jeff Gordon: Total collapse.
    Chris: Gordo,

    When are you and your colleagues finally going to step up and start hammering the organization? Last year, well into mid-season, you were still unable to admit that the headcoach needed to go.

    If this were NY or LA, this team would have HAD to make changes.

    It's ridiculous that neither you nor your colleagues are calling for heads; especially at the top of the organization!

    It's time to grow some balls.
    Jeff Gordon: Chip Rosenbloom is an interim owner, really. If he finds a way to keep the team past this year, he'll have to make big changes. If he sells, there will big changes.

    We can demand change all we want, but the uncertainly ownership situation overrides everything. Rosenbloom is still feeling his way and pondering the future.
    mnrlgry: Is it possible that this team is worse then last year?

    Has Linehan taken over playcalling from Saunders? Or has Saunders just borrowed Linehan's playbook? There was a countless amount of dink n dunk plays. One drive we ever tried three in a row (for a three and out) just like Linehan last year! Is it possible that there's an even worse offensive coordinator in place now?

    Do you think Linehan will make it through this season? I was an optimist and Linehan backer through the off season, but even I would have him fired after this game.

    Horrible game. Only bright spots were Donnie Jones and Chris Long playing a lot better then he did in pre season.
    Jeff Gordon: The o-line's inability to handle the blitz -- and Jackson's inability to help -- forced the Rams to rely on quick, short passes. Of course, Philly just sat on those plays. Poor blocking limited the playcalling.
    puckstopper27: This entire organization needs to be blown up from top to bottom. I mean everyone needs to go. If Rosenbloom is smart, he tries to bring in Cowher, giving him full control. At least the team will be prepared to play and will play hard. What a freaking joke this organization has turned into.
    Jeff Gordon: Cowher won't sign with an unknown owner of a bad team. He can wait for something better, if he even wants to coach again.
    Football Liberal: Will the Rams be adopting an offense this year? It did not look as if they had spent much time considering how to use their very high-skilled players. One good note - McMichael actually got the passes.
    Jeff Gordon: We'll see a more wide-open offense IF we see more blocking.
    Mark J: Hey Gord. There's no hope for the rest of the season, is there? That team didn't even act like it wanted to play football. Do the players WANT Linehan to get fired?
    Jeff Gordon: Apparently, if this game is a true indication of the frame of mind.
    Ramsfansince69: Can we ask the US Government to bail out the Rams as they are Fannie Mae? The comparison's are very similar between the Rams and Fannie Mae......Bad decisions!!! Linehan has to GO NOW!!
    Jeff Gordon: But does the U.S. government have some capable tackles, receivers, cornerbacks, linebackers and safeties to share?
    Isaac Bruce: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! A-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! A-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! A-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
    Jeff Gordon: Can you blame him?
    Dan: Is there any reason to think this team will finish better than 3-13?
    Jeff Gordon: After this game, no. Already there are injuries, too. Arizona and San Francisco look more vibrant this year, although Seattle was Rams-like at Buffalo.
    Shawn: Is this the beginning of what we can come to expect?
    Jeff Gordon: Well, we hope not. I was actually looking forward to football this fall. This was no fun at all.
    eas0714: WHAT WAS THAT...? It was obvious to see the difference in preparation between the EAGLES and RAMS in every facet of the game. My questions is how do you see the HC situation playing out through this season, how many more beatings do the RAMS take before a change is made. Or will this season be thrown away while the OWNERSHIP situation plays out. Your thoughts Jeff...
    Jeff Gordon: The latter is more likely to be the case. But if 38-3 happens over and over, SOMETHING will have to give.
    ranno2k: How dumb does passing on Desean Jackson look now? Rams front office strikes again!
    Jeff Gordon: That was a big-time "in your face" by that kid. Philly found a keeper there.
    Mark in NY: WILL SOMEONE/ANYONE IN THE RAM ORGANIZATION PLEASE STEP FORWARD AND LEAD THIS TEAM? Owner, front office, coaches, and everyone else involved in any decision-making in the past three years should resign immediately out of respect for the team and their fans.

    Jeff, how can 22 professional football players all play lousy at the same time?

    Chip, please sell... help!
    Jeff Gordon: Chip just learned that owning a NFL isn't always fun. He's probably glad he lives in LA.
    Vinny: Jeff,

    Let's not sugar coat today's game in any shape or form. They absolutely stunk today in every aspect. As a fan out here in ct. I rarely get to see the rams on tv and I wish I didn't today. I am completely speechless by there performance. I would have been happier with the loss if they played hard and with some type of continuity. I understand it's only one game into the season but if today is any reflection of the next 15, they are in deep s*#t!!
    Give us some hope jeff, shed some light. Will Al Saunders take over as coach, will Trent Green be the QB, will Haslett be fired, Will John Shaw realize that he should have made a coaching change last year?????

    Thanks man,

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan IS in a weird spot, with former head coaches on his staff. If 38-3 happens again and again, Shaw may have to step in. He hates to do it, but that "effort" was a shock. It was like a cry for help from the players.
    Ted: Here we go again.... 3-13, 2-14, 1-15?
    Jeff Gordon: There are a LOT of losses on that schedule. I'm not expecting an electric atmosphere for the home opener.
    Rams fan in NC: how serious did pace's injury look?
    Jeff Gordon: Linehan had no projection on this, but the immediate sense was that Orlando didn't aggravate his lingering shoulder injury.
    LaughingLion: Is this team a stealthy attempt to get the Dome to let the Rams out of their lease so Chip Rosenbloom can move the team back to LA before 2015?
    Jeff Gordon: No, but I could see how you think that. I don't see Chip owning the team long enough to move it. And losing won't drive up the sale price.
    Brad: I realize that everyone is going to blame the coach, to Bulger, to Jackson! But, my question is there even at remote chance that the front office people for the rams get axed. A team is built at the top! They choose the coaches and personel.
    Jeff Gordon: Executives don't ofter get fired one game into the season.
    Greg: Any predictions on when the coaching staff gets the ax or who goes first? Would Linehan have the gall to fire Haslett?
    Jeff Gordon: He might have the gall, but I doubt he really has the power to do that. Remember that Haslett was thrust upon Scott when he was hired.
    I'm a Haslett fan, but I may have the last seat on that bandwagon.
    Jeff Gordon: Or the hockey mom. She wouldn't put up with this. She knows how to use a gun and the players would know that.
    fernando: What an amazing mediocre team !!!
    I'm impressed of how do we lose today . Philly just smashed the rams. The rams team is done for the year, im sure about that.
    We dont have a leader in this team. Linehan should be fired as soon as possible. Im feel so upset of watching this st louis rams mediocre team.
    Marc Bulger must be on the sideline next week. Trent green should take his place.
    Jeff Gordon: Yeeah, but Trent won't do much if he faces the sort of heat Marc did. It all starts there.
    Christopher Johnson: Bottom line it, Jeff. Does Linehan last the season?
    Jeff Gordon: Before this game, I would have said "yes." But this game was shocking. He will get a chance to rally the team, I believe, but if the team doesn't respond . . .
    RometheRamsFan: so about running the ball and chris looked ok so now its superbowl champs so how do they plan to fix their problems
    Jeff Gordon: Good question. Tye Hill will have to pull his head out and the whole secondary will have to figure out what went terribly wrong.
    unclebukeye: Ok, Tell Me this is how the Rams are going to play? No Heart, No gutts an No leader!!! Been A Ram fan since wayyyy back when! Guess its time to watch my old VHS tapes to see how A real NFL team works!!!!! Tell me they are not THAT BAD!!!!!?????
    Jeff Gordon: Wish I could. Do you have some of those old VHS tapes up for sale?
    ranno2k: How dumb does passing on Desean Jackson look now? Rams front office strikes again!
    Jeff Gordon: Pretty dumb. Well, that was a direct extention from 2007. Horrible blocking, pass coverage, game plan, in-game corrections... No fire, first half or second... No first team touchdown (anyone ready to start a contest to see which quarter will yield the first Bulger offensive touchdown?)...

    This is easily the WORST Rams team in history!
    Jeff Gordon: It has a chance to be, yes. The tough early schedule could cause this group to give up.
    Brad: How long until Linehan is fired. Do you think they will let him go another terrible season and continue to demoralize and shrink the fan base? Say what you will about the failings of today's defense, but my biggest complaint is that Linehan has consistently shown that he lacks the abililty to motivate and inspire a football team. I know that there are many other facets to being an NFL coach, but I beleive the best thing a coach can do is set the bar for his players, inspire the intensity and urgency needed to play in the NFL, and provide an identity for the team, a personalilty if you will. We can talk all day about the nuts and bolts of this game, and how important they are, but watching the rams play, it is PAINFULLY clear that this team doesn't give a crap about this coach, and the coach appearently doesn't really care. Please fire this man ASAP.
    Jeff Gordon: Scott cares, deeply, but he is not getting results.
    Keith Kuhlmann: Gordo,

    Have you ever seen a more listless, lifeless team, especially on offense? I am tired of Bulger moping around the field, showing absolutely no intensity or urgency. The only guy on offense who even looks like he's fired up is Jackson. Any thoughts on how a team can come out on OPENING DAY and mail it in like this? It might be unprecedented in the history of the NFL.
    Jeff Gordon: Seattle was pretty bad today, too, so maybe misery will love company in the NFC West this year.
    NYBlackbeltram: Gordo.........this is as bad as it gets....the Greatest Show on Turf is but a distant memory....Tell me they have some kind of plan for the future.................
    Jeff Gordon: Wish I could. The next owner may have to come up with one.
    Patrick: Gordo, seriously, can you believe what you just witnessed? I asked before the season, and I am going to ask again, when do they start to consider firing Linehan and staff? That was unbearable.
    Jeff Gordon: Rosenbloom, Shaw and Zygmunt must be concerned. This could really get ugly. Chip felt strongly about giving Scott this season, but this loss was astonishing. It's as if the Rams gave up before the season even started.
    whitey17: Is anybody alive on the Rams sideline? I'm ready to jump out of my window, and it's the first game. Is Bulger that shellshocked, or is he just a (fill in your own noun)?
    Jeff Gordon: Bulger definitely looked shellshocked. We've seen him play quite well when he is confident.
    Nyghtewynd: If you actually had to spend your own money to attend the games, would you buy a ticket to watch this team play? If not, why would anyone else? If so, why?
    Jeff Gordon: No, I would not pay to watch this team play. I might buy tickets to watch some of the opponents, though. The Rams have to earn back the support they once enjoyed.
    scottd: Gordo, Do you think this is the begining of fan alienation to set the team up for a move?
    Jeff Gordon: There will be an ownership change either way. So it's not in Chip's best interest to let this franchise become a laughingstock. Who wants to spend a billion dollars to buy a laughingtock.
    SamRam68: Did they tink this was a pre season game?
    Jeff Gordon: No, because they didn't let Brock Berlin come in and energize the offense.
    CalRamfan29: Gordo,

    What positives can we use from this game, if any? Why is the offense so inept?

    Jeff Gordon: McMichael was fine, so there was that. Jackson looked pretty good. But the Rams couldn't pass block, so they couldn't give Bulger the time needed to go over the top of the Eagles. So the Eagles kept loading up eight and nine guys in the box.
    BillBored: Is Linehan done as far as the players are concerned?
    Jeff Gordon: They sure played like it.
    Keith Kuhlmann: Gordo,

    Of all the plays today, the field goal that we kicked aggravates me the most. That field goal had no other purpose than making this loss look slightly less bad for Linehan. Any other coach in the league would have gone for it, as well as going for it on every 4th down, once the game was out of reach. Would appreciate your thoughts.
    Jeff Gordon: Actually, a fair number of coaches might have done that to avoid the shutout. I agree, it was a useless move.
    whitey17: Good thing we drafted Avery instead of Jackson. Avery has much more upside
    Jeff Gordon: Sarcasm!
    Brad: So Gordo, How long do you think Linny and crew last if they don't get this mess straightened out? IMHO, they won't make it to the bye week
    Jeff Gordon: It's funny -- some of the guys around the team thought this group might get to the bye week in one piece, since the opponents have taken injury hits. But after this fiasco, how could anybody have hope.
    mteel7237: I've been a fan for over 30 years. That was hard to watch. I thought that C. Long played better than he had all preseason. How soon do we start the dead pool on Linehan?
    Jeff Gordon: Posters in this live chat already have the dead pool in place. It's just a matter of picking the week.
    Youngblood 85: I keep reading that Linehan may be fired after the bye week. I hope this counts as a bye week.
    Jeff Gordon: Everybody is a comic . . . tough day for Scott. His bandwagon has cleared out.
    Rams fan in NC: looks like we're in the running for the #1 pick in next years draft.... who are the top qb's coming out?
    Jeff Gordon: Stafford from Georgia seems to be the top guy. Painter from Purdue could also go high.
    Benjamin: Atoge had 7 or 8 tackles, that's hardly MIA
    Jeff Gordon: 38-3, 522 offensive yards allowed, guys running free all in the secondary all day . . . Philly ran 71 plays, so the safety is going to get tackles. No pass break-ups, no fumbles forced, no picks. He's not to blame, of course, but at no point did he make a play that stopped the onslaught. Compared to Tye Hill, though, he played great.
    RamTastic!: What in the heck just happend? Did I just see another game of 4 yard passes on 3rd down? The only passion I saw was after Jackson had his helmet removed. This is obviously the same weak style that we saw last year. I feel a slight sense of optomism though because I know that change has to be close. There is no way this same staff can continue to fail......right? What is the earliest we could see a new HC?
    Jeff Gordon: There was a lot of change on this coaching staff, which makes the start all the more baffling. There seemed to be a much better atmosphere about the team. That changed quickly.
    CBW: Hello Jeff,
    Well that was certainly deflating.
    Looks like nothing has changed for the better.
    False starts, Bulger looks bad, Defense embarrasing.
    Do any of the coaches ever raise their voices in anger?
    How come this team looks sooooo unprepared and unmotivated?
    What kind of spin do you expect from our coach?
    I feel sick.
    Jeff Gordon: Sure, the coaches raise their voices. But there was just NO response, one this game turned.
    bhindtheeyes: Are the Eagles this good or are the Rams this bad?
    Jeff Gordon: Both. Philly has a shot at the Super Bowl, although Dallas looks strong as well. Ask the Browns.
    Charlie911: That was really sad - almost painful. Somehow I thought at least the offensive would have learned and we wouldn't have the stupid falst start penalties. I think that just shows we have a coaching staff that is far behind the rest of the league. How many games before Looserhand is gone?
    Jeff Gordon: I don't know that the coaches are behind. They just haven't instilled the discipline and crispness needed to win. This stuff is so basic.
    joe passamonte: one game in and they have officially lost me. you can have this bunch of outcoached under acheivers. linehan is a joke...haslett a bum....jackson an overpaid blowhard and thats just for starters. cmon...where is there any improvement from 07??? ike got out just in time and im sorry, i just dont see the leadership in marc bulger. sorry in being so harsh....ive stuck with these guys forever....but they are a mess....clean house soon. i honestly dont care what happens to them in the next 15 weeks.
    Jeff Gordon: Jackson played OK under tough circumstance. He kept fighting for yards. As for improvement from '07, didn't see it today.
    Tackleberry: Watching Linehan and the Rams really makes you appreciate LaRussa. He may over-manage a game now and again and out-think himself from time to time, but his team is always prepared and he maximizes the talent he has.

    Linehan I think officially drowned today. The Peter Principle wears a Rams shirt and a headset.
    Jeff Gordon: The Skipper wouldn't take such performances well. His teams have seldom caved on Opening Day.
    Rammers80: Well Gordo this is not the start we all were hoping for. We need to find out how many ways we could blow coverage in the secondary. We also need to committ to the running game which is hard when you fall behind. The fox announcers kept making comments on how flat the Rams looked on the field and on the sideline. How can you be flat for the first game of the season. Linehan needs to work on his motivating the team because he isn't get it done. They actually look worse than last year. Well if they play like this it should be an easy decision to clean house and start over. What do you think?

    Rammers 80
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, fans are saying the Fox guys did Linehan no favors by constantly pounding on the team's lack of spirit. That issue is more concerning than the rest.
    gjsandifer: Gordo, realistically, did you see anything today that really should make rams fans believe that scott linehan really knows what he is doing as a head coach? This team looked so unprepared and at no time during the game did the coaching staff, seem to try and make any changes defensively to slow down the eagles.
    Jeff Gordon: Can't argue with that. No, Rams fans saw nothing that made them believe in the coach. He waited until the game was long over with before going to the no-huddle look.
    russ2588: thanks for doing this I know it gets hard watching this team. Does this team care or do they just hope to collect a paycheck? I don't think I seen this bad of play last year even with all the injuries. Do you think linehan or haslett gets fired in the bye week.
    Jeff Gordon: Injuries can break a team's spirit. That shouldn't happen in Week 1. They say they care, but do they?
    isiahrobertson58: Didn't see the game. Yea,yea, I'm lucky, right. I've been reading all of the horrible comments. I've been a Rams fan since I was kid not since they moved to my town. 36 years now. I've seen great teams, bad teams and really bad teams. But I've never jumped ship. You people amaze me. Why watch sports? Take up painting or something so you can always be pleased.
    Gordo, can you tell me anything about Little's injury?
    Jeff Gordon: No definitive word on Little, but it looks like the sort of injury that can nag a player for a long time. As for the game, be glad you missed it. You might have jumped ship.
    JR: Trent Green should have been thrown in during the 2nd quarter when it was obvious Bulger was toast, at the very latest the start of the 3rd. The offense needed some spark to say the least.
    Jeff Gordon: I don't mind sticking with Bulger, but going to the no-huddle sooner might have gotten him back on his toes.
    Mike: Well Jeff, thoughts? You know the questions are coming and despite how the media types will "spin" the tough schedule thing, how long can Linny last? Maybe Venturi as interim and then go from there when they are getting sold in about 7 weeks.

    Jeff Gordon: They won't be sold in seven weeks, so don't count on that. Don't expect much spin because of the schedule -- the Rams are expected to at least compete. That was sad.
    Unn: What happened with Little?
    Jeff Gordon: Strained his hamstring right off the bat.
    virginiatom: For the first game of the year when it should be so easy to have passion and energy, the Rams brought nothing. No fire. No drive. No nothing. Linehan is a horrible coach, and Hasslet is not much better. They have both put this organization in a terrible hole. Time to look at a new coach for next year, and the New York Giants Steve Spagnola is the perfect candidate. He can give the defense the edge it needs and has a proven track record. He would also bring Coughlins attitude to the team. Lets hope the Rams' front office has the foresight to recognize this.
    Jeff Gordon: Change has to start at the top, with the owner and president(s). Without strong leadership at the top, the franchise won't attract top coaching candidates.
    CalRamfan29: Gordo,

    Can we just draft USC and bring in Pete Caroll now???
    Jeff Gordon: I'm not sure Pete is tough enough for this job. Besides, he will have his hands full with Rick Neuheisel.
    Nick: So if this team continues to struggle do you think Marty Schottenheimer is a real possibility or would this team be to big of a mess?
    Jeff Gordon: Again, outside candidates gauge the upper management before committing.
    garylobo: Hey Jeff!

    Well, another fun season started today! Thank the Lord that Linehan sat out all of his starters in the last pre-season tuneup, so that they'd be sharp as razor blades on their first day when it really counts! Wait a minute, that didn't help at all, did it?

    After last season's criticism of not working them hard enough in preseason, he does it again. And if I'm not mistaken, 38-3 isn't a huge improvement over last year's first game. Tell me again, isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result? If the Rams had any leadership in their FO,
    Linehan would've been gone by now. But with this group, who knows who or when any responbility will be shown? Get ready for another L-O-N-G year.

    Jeff Gordon: Sitting players for preseason games is the least of this team's worries. The Rams practiced week after week after week, then came into the game unprepared to compete.
    Tackleberry: Gordo,

    Please give my best to P-D colleague Jim Thomas who provided me with an afternoon of laughter from his piece this morning where he granted the Rams' secondary the advantage in today's match-up. This is the worst secondary in the NFL, hands down.
    Jeff Gordon: Well, it was today. So much for Philly missing its top two receivers.
    dan: any knews on the injury front?
    Jeff Gordon: Expect a full breakdown Monday afternoon.
    Mark J: After watching these cementheads bumble through Philly, is there a winnable game left on the schedule at all? 0-16 out of the realm of possibility? This team looks like a regression from 2007, not progression.
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams will win some games. But will they progress? That looks really doubtful.
    Steve: Gordo,
    I'm trying to find some positive spin from this opening loss but can't find any. Our skill players stunk - Bulger awful 14-26, Holt 1 catch, Jackson 40 yards, Little and Pace injured and Long and Carriker 1 asst. tackle between them. give me some hope....
    Jeff Gordon: Randy McMichael!
    whitey17: Where was Adam Karriker in this game? If that gut can't do anything, Little and Long will be non-existent.
    Jeff Gordon: Carriker got overwhelmed, like most of his teammates. But his play won't impact Little as much as injuries will limit him.
    valerius50: Gordo, what positive can be taken away from this azz kickin. I can't find one.

    Jeff Gordon: Randy McMichael!
    Erik: Should I cancel my NFL Sunday Ticket? I don't think I can justify the expense if this is what I can expect to watch each week. Help me understand why the O line play is not improved? I didn't think it could get worse.
    Jeff Gordon: You have NFL Sunday Ticket and you watch the Rams? Interesting.
    CalRamfan29: If this team has so many holes as you say, why are they not adressed via free agency with established palyer's instead of expecting big things from rookies and second year players?
    Jeff Gordon: There weren't a ton of free agents in the spots where this team needed help. Teams still need to draft well and develop players to win.
    SG: I suspect that I am like many in sitting down to watch this game with an open mind and much hope that this was the start of a new chapter.

    Has there ever been a professional team take the field for a season opening with so little passion? There is no way I am going to spend any money to actually go and watch this. In fact, I don't think I will be wasting much time on Sundays even sitting in front of a TV.

    What we witnessed today was poor preparation, poor execution, very little hustle and little or no passion.

    This game has cost the Rams a lot of revenue. I for one will not be spending any of my $ on this poor product.
    Jeff Gordon: Can't argue with that. I'd hate to be the Rams marketing department.
    Ramfrank: Let's see...4 false starts, numerous blown coverages, no life on the sidelines or in the huddle, an unsportsmanlike penalty to a PLAYER STANDING ON THE SIDELINES, defensive holding, QB running for his life, no return game...and this was just in the first half! Did I miss anything?

    Gordo - time to start calling it like it is: this team has ZERO interest in playing for this coach and it shows in every aspect of the game.
    Jeff Gordon: Actually, there were more than four false starts. Don't sugarcoat it!
    whitey17: How many more penalties must we endure from Alex Barron? He only had one today so I guess he's making progress
    Jeff Gordon: Pretty bad today -- he didn't handle blitzes well and he didn't have much push with his run blocking.
    SinceFeragamo: Fire Linehan Now! Come on, give us a break, three straight seasons of completly failing to prepare an offensive line that can play NFL football means he doesn't have what it takes. Yes there are plenty of other problem areas, but the LINE, "O" or "D" is where it all starts. If he can't form a solid squad that will at least play decently- NO THIRD DOWN CONVERSIONS- oh come on, this is NOT what is expected of a PROFESSIONAL football team. If it was one year, or two, we could blame it on "building" or many of the other excuses Linehan throws around. Linehan simply isn't an NFL caliber head coach, and the team is suffering mightily under him.

    As a side note: why should us Rams fans spend any money on tickets, clothing, memorabilia, etc. to "support" our team when they management does NOTHING to see the obvious and make the necessary changes? I'm not.
    Jeff Gordon: Can't argue with you.
    debnstan: remember last year the giants looked like the rams do is there a chance to turn it around and what would you say to the teaM IF YOU WHERE HC
    Jeff Gordon: Where do you start? The team didn't show up. Once there was adversity, they were done. Mentally and physically they were out of it. If the players don't bounce back angrily, then a pep talk won't make a difference. This was a direct hit on their pride.
    ram76fan: why did they start brown and Atogwe they didnt play all preseason?
    They had no pash rush...They need to dismantle the whole operation and start over. What did Linehan say post game
    Jeff Gordon: Rust or no rust, Brown and Atogwe are better than the alternatives.
    BrotherBri: I'm not usually so defeatist, but this loss is it. Overwhelming. Unequivocal. And completely demoralizing. This coach does nothing for this team. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nichevo. Rien. Nada.

    And when the coach is that bad, he must go. I realize replacing the coach won't improve the talent, but it will improve the hope/energy/motivation of the talent on hand. And the talent will get a further boost if Shaw and Zygmunt follow Linehan out the door.


    On to other concerns -- do you know much about the injuries to Little and Pace? Without them, no coach can save this season. Also, is anyone ready to move on from Bennett and Hill? Clearly, neither deserves to start in this league ...
    Jeff Gordon: We'll see about the injuries Monday. Hill's play was shocking. He wants to be a Pro Bowler, but he's had a tough summer. He can't be trusted in man coverage, at least not while playing like this.
    Rampage88: We are probably the worst team in the entire league. I really hope that we clean house next year. Linehan is pathetic. We scored three points late in the game and he was clapping.. what kind of a coach claps when his team is losing 38-3?!?! He MUST go after this year regardless of the record. Our secondary is much worse than I thought. Tye Hill looks more like a bust every game. The same players continue to make the same mistakes. Barron with his false starts, Incognito begging for a flag to be thrown. Pace, Pisa, and Bennett continue to steal from the team. It is just sad...
    Jeff Gordon: I don't agree about Orlando and Pisa -- they have always tried to play, even when hurt. Richie was about to blow out there, which is a good thing. Somebody had to get man.
    whitey17: game ball to the punter. How sad is that?
    Jeff Gordon: Really sad.
    rammingspeed: How long can Scott Linehan expect to keep his job with uninspired performances like this? I heard somewhere today that in three seasons his teams have failed to score a single touchdown in the first game of each season. Thats a pattern of failure to prepare and it's just unacceptable.

    Will the owners consider a change mid-season if this keeps up? Will they wait until this season is a foregone conclusion or will they do it before it's totally down the tubes?
    Jeff Gordon: Business realities may force management to consider change sooner that it is inclined to. Who will buy a Rams ticket now?
    bhindtheeyes: Linehan is probably in over his head but if management fires him after 1 game then why even bring him back after 2007?
    Jeff Gordon: Exactly. I would expect him to get a chance to dig out from this.
    gjsandifer: Gordo there are some players out there that could help this team, beside lito, who as everyone knows wants out of philly, there is Junior siavii, who looked good in preseason for dallas, but he got caught up in the numbers game, but it is clear that the rams need another big strong dt. And it is clear that the rams need just so much help in the d backfield. But are the guys available really any better than what is already on the team?
    Jeff Gordon: That is debatable. The Rams did go out and get some guys at the final cutdown and Devaney will keep looking.
    Mark J: Hey, Jeff. Can you shed some light on the deferral at the beginning of the game? We can't for the life of us figure that out, and I don't think I've ever heard of that actually happening. Why?
    Jeff Gordon: New rule, and perhaps Linehan didn't want the Eagles defense all revved up on the first series, attacking Bulger. As it turned, the Rams were bad from start to finish, so it didn't matter.
    Grimmsta: Gordo,
    It just really seems as if every other team in the league, even the terrible ones, play with pride/intensity. some people (stars) have gone unchallenged here in STL too long. we need to bring in some VALID competition on this team. Some controversy or something to shake this team out of the lull that it's in. I just feel like the players are too comfortable with their positions on this team, there;s no hunger or drive or a sign of, " Come hell or high water"....
    Jeff Gordon: Given the depth on this team, most players know they aren't getting replaced. That is pretty typical in the NFL.
    mizfan: Ok, who in the front office is going to ask for accountability from the coaching staff and players? Shaw? Devaney? If not, this is going to be ugly. I predicted a 4-12 season last week. I think now that is being too kind.
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, 4-12 suddenly looks optimistic.
    CBW: Hey Jeff,
    Why does Bulger's posture and field demeanor seem so negative? I know he has taken a beating over the years, but is he possibly a poor leader?
    Does the lack of fire trickle down from him?
    Also - what is the status of LL
    Jeff Gordon: A more demonstrative QB might help the team when a game turns like this one did.
    virginiatom: Ty Hill is looking like another in a long line of first round busts. The Rams should have stayed at 13 that year instead of trading down with Denver and taken Jay Cutler. The way Bulger is playing they are going to need a young quarterback to take over this team.
    Jeff Gordon: Agreed.
    Steve (Roch NY): Gordo,

    I can't believe I just sat through that debacle. Tye Hill needs to shut up and go away...I truly think Linehan needs to go right now there is no fire on this team and he was on the sideline clapping after the FG. Huh??? Just place Drew Bennett on IR now and bring back Stanley...
    Jeff Gordon: Agreed.
    Heath: Fire Linehan. Name Haslett head coach. The Rams need a shakeup. Something. Anything to awake them from the now 3-year+ Linehan-induced stuper.
    Jeff Gordon: I like Jim, but this game was NOT a resume builder for him.
    Marc: I would rather watch the Indy car race.
    Jeff Gordon: Agreed. Danica Patrick!
    ramsfan4life: hi gordo, i hope this is not what we as rams fans are in for this season, there was nothing good to take out of this game, offense, defense, special teams were shamefull, even the announcers were saying by the end of the first quarter, the first quarter!!!!!!! the rams have no fire, no emotion, no fire, when coming out of the huddle they look like they are just going through the motions!!!! there are no excuses for this type of performance!!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Agreed.
    brutch: gordo,

    As bad as things look, I doubt a coaching change accomplishes much unless the front office is changed as well. As long as Shaw and Jay Z are around Tom Landry couldn't make this organization respectable for any longer amount of time than the Greatest Show era. What are the chances of a regime change? Is Chip going to keep them out of loyalty to Georgia's loyalty to thme?
    Jeff Gordon: Again, we don't know how long Chip is in this for. If he is going to be around awhile, then Shaw ought to step in and try to take one last shot at overhauling the football operation.
    CalRamfan29: Did Manning Jr. played today?
    Jeff Gordon: Yes. He had a tackle, but didn't do much overall
    Patrick: Not that we have seen much of Avery, but Jackson looked pretty good for Philly huh? Another fumble in at draft time? I think it may be time to look to the guys making the decisions for this football team.
    Jeff Gordon: Avery is on the clock know. If he gets healthy, he will have come catching up to do. I bet Jackson has a role in the Philly offense all year.
    thamnosma: Jeff, Seattle got whipped today as well. Who's looking good for the division? I bet Warner can't wait to play this team twice.
    Jeff Gordon: How 'bout those Niners!
    Ron: This team has no spirit. Go into and come out of huddles in a lackluster manner. Slow getting to the line of scrimmage and then slow getting the snap; defense can predict when the snap is coming and get a jump on the play. Why not try a quicker snap now and then (maybe fewer false starts if the line isn't waiting so long). All in all it doesn't get any worse than this. Bulger has no confidence in the O-line and i can't say i blame him.
    Jeff Gordon: I don't either, but he still has to find ways to make plays.
    peter: Mediocre St. Louis "Mid-West" football and management??? Why oh why did "that" lady move this team to a place like "your"??!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Well, we did enjoy the Super Bowl parade in downtown St. Louis.
    whitey17: I found myself watching more of Favre than I did the Rams. When does hockey stert, and who gets the top bunk at MacInnis's house:Peitrangelo or Johnson?
    Jeff Gordon: Maybe Alex will get it this year, if he does enough in camp to stay.
    joe passamonte: this team is dead out of the gate. maybe now, ray malavasi can coach them in their miserable after life
    Jeff Gordon: Ouch.
    gjsandifer: Gordo, I believe that chris long had an ok game, at least he seemed to show up and put forth an effort, but to many players did not, such as alex barron, ron bartell, richie incognito, tye hill and so many others. What can be done, when so many of these are the guys who have been big time picks in the recent years? Is this a sure sign that the rams dont evaluate talent well, or really bad coaching?
    Jeff Gordon: Its a combination of everything -- evaluating, teaching, preparing, motivating -- when it gets this bad.
    steven: since i dont live in MO, can you tell me what Linehan said to the press?
    Jeff Gordon: "We got our butts kicked" was about the gist of it.
    bhindtheeyes: Look for all the good BCS college teams trying to get the Rams on their schedule.
    Jeff Gordon: St. Louis Redhawks!
    cosmos31: If you keep watching baseball, it would be more exciting, even a third place tean tries harder, Linehan is just sad, what a waste of time.
    Jeff Gordon: Yes, the Cards try harder.
    chago: you win the toss at the start of the game and you elect to kick. brilliant. the other thing rams management should take note of: the eagles looked like they realized that the season had started, the rams thought it was another practice. i\'m living in dallas after growing up in st. louis. i think i am finally becoming a cowboys fan.
    Jeff Gordon: Not a fan of that decision, but I guess it didn't matter. The whole game was so bad.
    DOGTOWNERS: Gordo..........Tell Jackson I've got some more tickets to sell.......hahaha
    Jeff Gordon: We'll pass it along.
    stevieray1967: Thirty years as a Rams fan and I have NEVER been so hopeless.
    This will take years to fix, but one thing that needs to happen NOW is Linehan's pink slip.....Let Saunders run the team for the rest of the year and go out and get a legit NFL coach. Can't do anything until that happens.....Pathetic isn't a strong enough word to describe what happened in Philly today.
    That NFC Championship game against Donovan McNabb seems like another lifetime ago.
    Jeff Gordon: Yes, it does. Expect Saunders to get a lot of votes the next few weeks.
    Soopa_Doopa: This opening game has set the tone for rest of the season for the Rams. You think Jackson was upset last season about fan support, he aint seen nothing yet. I predict the Rams win only 4 games and leave St Louis in two years for a bigger market. I truly believe the ownership purposely set it up to be this way and Linehan is the scapegoat. What's your take?
    Jeff Gordon: No, Rosenbloom doesn't want to move the team. I think he'll have to sell it before that -- and 0-16 doesn't sell well.
    AG: Gordo,

    Why should I go to or watch the Rams this year.
    Jeff Gordon: The great Edward Jones Dome sound system?
    whitey17: Gordo/ I've been a Rams fan since the Pat Haden days (see Vince Ferragamo). Now I find myself rooting against them. Is there any hope on the horizon?
    Jeff Gordon: On the horizon? Not really. And what about Dieter Brock?
    bigcow: Where is the hope? The Giants next week? It could get uglier.
    Jeff Gordon: Eli's coming . . . yeah, that could be trouble. At least the Rams will have an emotionally crowd behind them.
    Bob: Stupid Scott can't even make the right call before the game starts. Not receive? What a complete moron!Can you say 0-16? I can, with this schedule. The second Tommy Prothro era has begun!!!
    Note to Chip..Find Limbaugh's number fast!!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Ah, the Tommy Prothro references. Got to love 'em.
    buuki: Jeff dont you think its sad that the Rams FO has shown they will not make drastic moves to salvage a season. Chip is in for a rude awakening if he thinks that fans are going to flock to the dome just to honor Georgia when the team and coaches are showing nothing. The FO had better get involved and figure out a way to get this team better and in a hurry or ol Chip will be honoring Georgia in an empty dome.

    How much will poor attendance and blackouts affect the value of the franchise when he tries to sell?
    Jeff Gordon: All that factors in, which is why he will motivated to address the problems.
    michael lombardi: ok they picked up exactly where they left off last year. There was ni inspiration on either side of the ball. Yes its only one game, but there was no enthusiaism anywhere to be found. Unless things change in a hurry how long will Scott last this year? I live in the Bay Area and truly hate to become a niners fan after all the years of being a rams fan, but Martz looks awfully good right now.
    Jeff Gordon: Mad Mike is playing from behind in the late game. Kurt Warner is rocking and rolling again.
    Glenn: Hey Jeff, obviously Linehan isn't a leader, but I see absolutely NO passion from Bulger. He needs to step up his leadership and get this so called offense in check. Don't get me wrong I like Marc, but he needs to show some emotion. I have never seen a defense (so called defense) play that bad, they can't be that bad can they?
    Jeff Gordon: No, there is no way that defense is that bad.
    ramsfan: Any word on the injuries coming out of this game. Over/Under: Linehan lasts 6 games.
    Jeff Gordon: No definitive word on the injuries. That over/under looks reasonable after this game.
    virginiatom: Bulger is being paid in excess of 60 million dollars. Thats not just to play, its also to take the team on his shoulders and be a leader. He just doesn't come across as having any fire or passion, or of being the leader of this team. The Rams now have a ton of salary cap money tied up in a quarterback with happy feet, a wide receiver who can't stay healthy or catch, and an offensive tackle whose best days are behind him. The future does not look good.
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, Bulger is going to have show more or the team will adopt his demeanor.
    whitey17: When you see Linehan's melon, don't you want to make one of those "Stooges" sound affects like tey're polishing a cue-ball? Get him out.
    Jeff Gordon: It took almost three hours to get "Stooges" reference.
    Grimmsta: I know this will probably sound foolish, but any chance we can lure MARTZ back here? I know he and Ziggy have their differences, but seriously look at his winning percentage. YES, he had his flaws, but we were overall, COMPETITIVE. I'd probably not allow him to draft people, but overall, in MY opinion, he was a capable coach with no head coaching experience and he did a good job until some moves caught up with us.

    I'd rather be complaining about blown timeouts than BLOWN GAMES due to lack of heart and preparation...

    I'll take Martz back in a HEARTBEAT.
    Jeff Gordon: Well, at least it would be more interesting.
    gjsandifer: Marty Schottenheimer?
    Jeff Gordon: No. Brian Schottenheimer? Maybe.
    DOGTOWNERS: With the #1 selection in the 2009 NFL Draft.....the RAMS select.....
    Jeff Gordon: An offensive tackle.
    CalRamfan29: Gordo,

    Atleast the Seahawks looked bad as well.
    Jeff Gordon: True. That just shows the AFC/NFC difference. The Seahawks can't possibly be that bad.
    cosmos31: Didn't we have this same discussion last year ?
    Jeff Gordon: Yes!
    whitey17: Colorado State,HAH, How about the Mt. Vernon Rams?
    Jeff Gordon: Tough crowd.
    stewing in semo: Who loses their job first? Bulger or Linehan.

    Is it too early to start a Linehan death watch?
    Jeff Gordon: Now warming up in the bullpen, Trent Green and Al Saunders.
    JD2008: Jeff,

    What is the update on Little and Pace's injuries? Being down 4 touchdowns, I wounder why Trent Green wasn't thrown into this debacle late in the game?
    Jeff Gordon: And why was Pace still in there?
    Mark J: There's nothing to talk about with this team. It's over. Finished. The Rams officially melted down today. The players from top to bottom simply don't care. We can stop talking about how to fix this game problem or that game problem.

    The focus is no longer the play on the field. The spotlight is shining down squarely on the folks in this organization who are NOT players.

    Linehan needs to be on a train out of town by the time the Bye week gets here. That was some of the worst 'professional' football I've ever seen played in the NFL. I can't name a single team that I feel the Rams can beat at this point.

    Pathetic. Oh, and that advertising campaign imploring fans to get into the Dome and back this mess? Yeah, good luck with that. If I had a way to bet on every single Rams home game being blacked out this year, I'd back that action with $100 right this minute. Simply pathetic.

    There, I feel a LITTLE better!
    Jeff Gordon: Visiting fans will produce a few sellouts, like it or not.
    whowadat: Hello from Nashville Gordo!

    What's the chances of Linehan realizing he has lost this team and RESIGN for the sake of the players, organization, and us poor suffering fans? Why wouldn't he?
    Jeff Gordon: He's not a quitter. But he must be close to demoralized by now.
    AG: Gordo,

    Do you think Steven Jackson will blame the fans for this loss?
    Jeff Gordon: Nah, maybe it was the pregame meal.
    whitey17: Gordo, why are you taking questions from Hunter over me? He had a pretty lame question.
    Jeff Gordon: There's a lot of repetition, as you might expect. Just looking for variety.
    cosmos31: Rams are the GREATEST !!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Again with the sarcasm.
    Michael Sanchez: Hey Gordo,

    I've been a Rams fan since 1972 and I can honestly say that I have never seen such a poorly prepared team. I think the team has talent, but it takes coaches to bring this talent together. It is obvious from even the casual observer that just about ALL the coaches are over their heads.

    My question is this: has there been any sort of precedent for a team to fire the ENTIRE coaching staff? I don't see why it shouldn't be done. NOW. A make-shift staff could not do any more harm than has already been done.

    Jeff Gordon: And where would find an entirely new staff in the middle of the season?
    TylerF: I have been a fan of Jim Haslett since his arrival. For the first two years we have heard things like, "A tweak here and we will fix it." or "We just weren't lined up on that play." Today was a magnification of this defense seemingly not knowing what was going on. The defense looked completely lost in all aspects. Does this fall on Haslett as well?
    Jeff Gordon: At least some of it. This was a total disaster. It can't be explained away.
    whitey17: Does Brett Favre play for every team in the NFL?
    Jeff Gordon: How about McNabb today? Maybe Limbaugh will buy the Rams and trade for him.
    Glenn: Mcnabb didn't even get knocked down once, If I'm Haslett I'm sending everybody just to knock him on his butt to keep him honest. He was laughing on the field----it makes me sick.
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, nice day for the Philly line. Shows you how much it means.
    gjsandifer: Gordo, what do you think about these positives from todays game, #1 chris long he showed tenacity, today, and i did see his number all over the field, #2 quinton culberson made some decent plays, jackson and mcmichael, looked good, donnie jones had a great day! Now my question, do you think the rams would have any intrest next year on draft day, in these 3 mizzou players, chase daniel, ziggy hood, william moore?
    Jeff Gordon: All three could help, for sure. Daniel may only be a back-up in the NFL. but he is the anti-Bulger as a leader. Moore would beef up the run support, as would Ziggy.
    AG: Gordo,

    Would you rather have this team or get rid of everyone and start over like an expansion team?
    Jeff Gordon: Easier said than done. Adding more than 15 to 20 useful players in one year is difficult.
    Chiefs Fan in the Loo: I don't know what's worse....getting shellacked like the Rams or having 1st and goal on the New England 5 with a minute to go and not picking up the tying TD letting alone a frickin' yard. Four passes and nothing....geez. Damon Huard, Brody Coyle are not the answer....where in the heck was Larry Johnson or the kid from Texas on one of those plays.

    Oh well, the next Governor's Cup will be for who gets the 1st pick in the draft.

    Bring back Marty "1st Round and Done" Schottenheimer please! At least I got to see one playoff game a year.
    Jeff Gordon: Long year on Missouri's West Coast, too. Carl Peterson may finally get the short haircut.
    Ramsfansince69: Giants next week. Do you have a prediction? Will the Rams score a TD?
    Jeff Gordon: Yes they will. But they will lose.
    KCCardFan: No questions, your Honor.

    Jeff Gordon: Nah, there will be some Ws on the back end of the schedule.
    Brandon Mazzie: The defense constantly blew coverages, and the offensive unit looked like they did not have a clue. Bulger did not look comfortable in the pocket at all and did not even look down field. Why throw 3 times on 3rd and long to a back out of the backfield? It is just not football. Oh and Donnie Jones may punt 200 times this season what do you think?
    Jeff Gordon: Donnie Jones, team MVP.
    elrod: Enough with the harping about the game. what do you think is the beverage of choice on the flight back?
    Jeff Gordon: Hemlock?
    Sammy42: Where oh where was the running game

    I was in Church until early in the 3rd and never saw a handoff to Jackson

    With the Defense playing so poorly(the coverage problems are more about lack of pass rush BTW)the Offense would have been better served to at least WORK on establishing an effective rushing attack
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams tried to rum, but the score got away from them in a hurry.
    baddmann28: Ramsfansince69: Can we ask the US Government to bail out the Rams as they are Fannie Mae? The comparison's are very similar between the Rams and Fannie Mae......Bad decisions!!! Linehan has to GO NOW!!
    Jeff Gordon: But does the U.S. government have some capable tackles, receivers, cornerbacks, linebackers and safeties to share?

    Jack Bauer couldn't save this team.
    Jeff Gordon: The first Jack Bauer reference!
    Brian: Hey Jeff--
    I think, like many other rams fans, that it is time to completely overhaul the team. Unfortunately we shot ourselves in each foot when we signed Bulger long-term when many realistic Rams fans as well as experts around the country were advocating against it, and then signing long term the selfish Steven Jackson who only produces in garbage time. As for a lot of fans complaining that we should have picked Desean Jackson instead of Avery, if Avery was on the Eagles he would have torched us just as bad. As long as Bulger is the QB our entire offense will continue to struggle.
    Jeff Gordon: Now would be a good time to have the Quarterback of the Future in the house. By the time this team is overhauled, Marc may not have much left.
    Doug J: Scott Linehan should call his buddy Mike Kitchen for advice on what direction he should take next with this team. I don't have an issue with a loss, it is the way they lost. No motivation, no character, and not getting the best out of what they have, it is very disappointing and I hope they get this thing turned around quickly.

    I want to fire everyone from management down like everyone else, but where would that take us. The same place we are now. Someone in this organization needs to take control and take it now. I don't care who or how it just needs to happen.
    Jeff Gordon: Ah . . . a Mike Kitchen reference. Appropriate.
    Rambitious: Jeff...are the Rams the worst team in the NFL?
    Jeff Gordon: The Chiefs might be worse, actually. But it'll be a contest.
    ramsfan4life: hi gordo, we all knew the rams had their work cut out for them against the eagles, after this pre-season we were at least hopefull for a competative team, but watching this first game the team is everything but a TEAM!!!!! the whole organization from the owner on to the coaching staff better make sure that this type of performance is never repeated!!!! No fire/No emotion it was shamefull///////the players better look at one another and find a way to do whatever it takes to turn this around now!!!!!!
    Jeff Gordon: You would hope the guys are truly embarrassed by what happened. You would hope that would be reflected in their play this week.
    Chiefs Fan in the Loo: Gordo!

    Never heard of the Philly receivers before today and they get 400 yards. Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer might remind us of Rice and Taylor or Swann and Stallworth next week.
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, that could get ugly. Tye Hill needs to pull himself together.
    Brandon Mazzie: Where was Torry Holt today? The biggest impact he had was the 15 yard penalty in the 1st quarter while on the sidelines. Some leadership this team has. Do you have any updates on Little or Pace?
    Jeff Gordon: The Bulger/Holt combo needs to be revived. But both guys may not have much belief left at this point.
    baddmann28: I just want a team that competes and makes games close, then what happens happens. This team isn't even close. Is it really possible for a group of pro football players to really be this bad?
    Jeff Gordon: Apparently it is.
    cosmos31: Remember Gordo, the greatest thing about distance is the perspective,
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, when you get a good look at wreckage and carnage, it can really scar you.
    Glenn: I wonder if Pace's arm will hurt when he reaches for his pay check, firkin disgusting. We need to get rid of that waste then get rid of "The Dunce" Alex Barron, and then get some coaches with PASSION and move forward!!!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Pace is trying, he must may not be able to do it anymore.
    mike: Obviously very little to be positive about, which makes it easy to dump on everyone and everything, but

    a) one game does not make a career
    b) Avery may be a very good player if/once he is healthy
    c) DeSean Jackson played against the Rams, which is not really a true test of his ability.

    If the Rams had drafted Jackson and the Eagles had drafted Avery, everybody might be writing in complaining about what an awful pick Jackson was and what a great game Avery had.
    Jeff Gordon: I like Donnie. Great guy. When he's healthy, he could do some good things. But if Jackson keeps this up, we'll all wonder why the RAms didn't draft him and stick in Hall's spot. Even if he were healthy, Avery would be backing up Holt.
    AG: Gordo,
    How would you fix this franchise? Is the scouting? Hill over Cromartie was the wrong call as apparantly Avery over Jackson. Is it coaching, no explanation needed, or players?
    Jeff Gordon: To be strong again, the Rams will need strong ownership and strong on-site leadership from a team president. It trickles down from there.
    mike from philly: As a Philly fan I like to see what the other side says sometime. Your team didnt look too good. the QB didnt throw to Holt until third qtr. Was this due to the secondary of philly?
    Jeff Gordon: The pass rush kept Marc from throwing downfield. But, yes, the Philly secondary was strong, too.
    shorty guzman: Gordo: Thanks for giving us Rams fans a place to vent? Where should I start?
    I've been a Rams fan since the days of John Hadl, Harold Jackson,Merlin Olsen et al.
    I've stuck with my team despite all the issues they've had over the years. My loyalty was finally rewarded when they won the SB a few years back. But now? I've never been as disappointed as I am today, never! I could always find a reason to keep watching e.g. Bruce,Faulk,Warner, etc. I'd continue rooting for my team, despite all the consistently bad drafts,or worse, the awful free agent singnings, the seeming indiference from the organization towards its fans,etc.that is, until today. The ineptitude of this coaching staff is just demoralizing and breaks my heart.We've come to a point where we cant even be competitive with other teams, I've had enough,I cant take it anymore and I'm finally questioning dedicating 3 hours of my sundays for these substandard and embarrassing efforts. It's just not worth it anymore, I'm too old for this! I'm sure I'll keep tabs on the team as it struggles along but will only take a second look once Shaw,Zygmund and the present coaching staff is let go.
    If I wish to maintain my mental health and/or avoid a heart attack I must walk away. In the meantime,as always good luck to the Ram players (who clearly deserve better) and its fans.
    Jeff Gordon: We'll let you know when the team improves.
    cosmos31: At least more people will be going to church, so there is good news....
    Jeff Gordon: Hopefully they are keeping these guys in their thoughts.
    Ted D: I don't even think playing cuts from the thunderous new Metallica would motivate these sorry group of so-called football players!
    Jeff Gordon: They played like they have an endless loop of "Season in the Sun" playing in their minds.
    DWI: Sure looks like Scott Linehan firing of offence line coach Paul Boudreau was a big mistake. Boudreau’s FALCONS line scored 34 points to the RAM’s 3.
    Jeff Gordon: They let the offensive linemen run the ball? But seriously, it reminds of how this team has gone through special teams coaches. Those guys tend to do just fine elsewhere.
    Brandon Mazzie: Is it safe to say we will see Rick Manning next week. After the secondary performance today I do not think it matters who is back there. I watch the game and do not remember seeing him on the field today. Do you think he can contribute positively next week?
    Jeff Gordon: Devaney will admit that Manning has lost a step, which is why he has to play inside. But we might see more of him as he learns the D.
    bruce80: i honestly think the only reason i read these chats is to read your extremely dry humor. good job, keep it up. on a side note, will you, or any of the other p.d. sports writers be at a national journalism convention put on in st. louis for high schools in about a month from now?
    Jeff Gordon: Not sure -- we've got our hands full covering this football juggernaut. I hope those young journalists are focusing on the Internet, because that is where the future is.
    thamnosma: Hey Jeff, where do you think Linehan's next head coaching job will be?
    Jeff Gordon: This is his chance to be a head coach. If it doesn't end well, there may not be a next one - at least not at a high level.
    sam g: jeff,
    after today it looks like another 3-13 season, what can the rams do to keep the fans from not showing up and selling there tickets to bears and cowboys fans?
    Jeff Gordon: It will take a stunning turn to keep that from happening.
    cosmos31: The Rams are as clueless as a sports writer from St. Louis on a Sunny Day....Kinda rhymes , maybe you can bring back the BIG RED LINE.....
    Jeff Gordon: Sorry, don't see the rhyme at all.
    swo4good: Gordo,I just used up my second can of air freshener in my living room trying to eliminate the stink that came through my television during the Rams-Eagles game.That may have been one of the worst performances in Rams history.If I may,heres my grades for the Rams performance today:
    Offense : F
    Steven Jackson 40 yards rushing?And FOUR carries in the second half.Bulger was ineffective with the exception of the drive that resulted in the field goaldue to the Eagles going to a prevent defense.And he took another beating.The O-Line put on a false start clinic in the first half.Torry Holt was almost nonexistent,ONE catch for your "number one" receiver?The Rams 0-11 on third down conversions.Say that out loud.ZERO for eleven on third down conversions.Absolutely pathetic.
    Defense : F
    The Eagles without their two starting receivers shred the Rams defense for over 520 yards.NO sacks.The secondary was a joke today.They gave up short passes,long bombs,short runs,long runs.The Eagles had THREE receivers over 100 yards.Three BACKUP receivers over 100 yards.
    Special Teams: D .And that is only because of Jones averaging 48.5 yards a punt.The man has a leg.And it looks like he will need it ALL year.Dante Hall was an absolute nonfactor.And of course giving up a 60 yard punt return set up Philly points.
    Coaching: F
    Third and one in the middle of the second quarter and EVERYONE in the stadium and watching at home knows Jackson will get the ball.So Saunders doesnt shirt or call for motion or any kind of fake.It got read perfectly like everything else the Rams seemed to do today.They clearly did not have the team ready to play today.Siragusa said it best on the Fox telecast describing the Rams attitude.No enthusiasm,no passion.That was from Linehan on down to Bulger.To say there is work to be done is a classic understatement.
    Jeff Gordon: Tough grades, but fair.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Gordo Post Game Chat

    What does the horrible decision to bring back Linehan say about Shaw and the football men in the organization?

    There was no reason to believe that Linehan would do better than 3-13. He has NEVER beat a winning team as HC.

    Every coach is going to show up to fulfill their contract, it's the Front office that needed to make the team somewhat competitive.


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