oe Stafford: Jeff, what is going on with Torry Holt? Does he want out that bad? I understand the problem he had with Loserhand, but he is long gone now. Why doesn't he give Jim Haslett a chance to get things changed before going public with this? I respect all of his accomplishments, but is it time to get whatever we can in a trade this offseason and move on?
Jeff Gordon: It was nice to see Holt get some work late in the game, even though it was out of hand at that point. I don't blame him for wanting more touches, but he has to earn those touches by getting open. Haslett wouldn't comment after the game about Torry's lack of work early in this game.

With Avery, Burton and Stanley on the rise, it's not hard to imagine the Rams cutting Torry rather than pay him his big salary next season. That would free up money to spend elsewhere and allow Torry to get a fresh start.

Perhaps then we will see if Torry has slowed down or whether he just let his emotion get the better of him here.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, and chance of Donnie Avery and Chris Long becomming Rookie's of the year?
Jeff Gordon: Long way to go -- and the Rams will have to win some games to further their cases. Long has a shot on the defensive side. Donnie has big competition.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, how can it be different when the Colts and the Seahags have sone sort of coach in the waiting plan, and they don't have to comply with the Rooney Rule, but the Rams must? I understand and support the Rooney Rule, but isn't it really just lip service to interview a minority candidate and then hire who you wanted in the first place?
Jeff Gordon: That is just a quirk in the rules, something the Rams can work around IF Haslett turns this team back in the right direction.
Tackleberry: A lot of people have been very critical of Bulger, but it is hard to stick up for him when he takes two-steps back for every big step he takes forward. I think to solidify the support from the fanbase he needs have multiple games with a great deal of success. I also think that some marked improvement in one of his area's of weakness (mobility/agility or the long ball accuracy) would help rally fans. Show us that if you can't lead verbally, lead by example.
Jeff Gordon: And today did not help that. He play9ed OK, in some regards, but he couldn't elevate his team when the game was on the line.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, Is Drew Bennett one of the all time greatest Free agent Busts ever? Torry Holt is griping about his role, but if you didn't look at the roster you wouldn't know he was even on the team. I hope Haslett cuts him asap.
Jeff Gordon: Bennett should go on IR, then get on with his life. As we saw today, Stanley must play.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, any chance Billy Devany is named GM at the end of the year? If Chris Long and Donnie Avery are examples of his draft style, he should be GM hands down.
Jeff Gordon: He should be in good shape, but let's see if the team tanks or rebounds in the second half.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, Could O. Pace be moved to guard and draft a Left Tackle? What about Barron? Isn't it about time for his contract to come up, and do the Rams even try to resign him? I think drafting a qb in the later rounds makes sense, we still Have Bulger and with Line help it would provide both short and long term improvement. Forget Cassell, I personally think he is a backup only.
Jeff Gordon: Pace is a tackle, period. The Rams have lots of guys capable of playing guard. As for Barron, he has played good enough to merit a new deal here. But will another team overspend to get him? The Rams have seen that before.
Tackleberry: The "old" Fakhir Brown is back today. Looking like an average #2 cornerback, nothing more. Tackling has been a huge issue for him today. He missed two HUGE tackles where he had Hightower pinned inside.
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, the Rams DBs had a terrible day tackling in the open field. Coverage wasn't great either, although I'm not sure any team can really cover those receivers.
brendcon: If anyone thinks Bulger has anything left---WOW!!!!!!....The only reason he has any passing yards in the first half is a great catch on a 8 yard underthrown ball...Painful to watch him every week--as it was Banks... and all this against the steel curtain----or was it the Arizona Cardinals??
Interception and fumble single handedly gave Arizona 10 points. How do the players on this team compete looking at the QB play? Ouch!!!!! Nice 3 passes with a minute and a half left in the first half... Please Haslett--send the fans some relief...."NO MORE BULGER"
Jeff Gordon: We're going to hear a lot of such chatter today. . .
Tackleberry: Linehan or Haslett, this team couldn't get a 3rd/4th & short to save their lives. This is a trend that started in '06, even when Jackson is in it is an issue.
Jeff Gordon: Terrible offensive execution today, a big step back. Very discouraging for the offensive staff.
BluMustard: Gordro, is there any doubt that Bulger is not a good QB. Average at best.
Jeff Gordon: Right now that's the case. In the past, he was pretty good. The Rams need to get that guy back.
debnstan: thanks Gordo u do a great job how much does bulger count against salary cap if we cut him at the end of this dreadful season and maye we should have pick up donte culpper
Jeff Gordon: Not sure Culpepper is the answer. Linehan got big numbers from him before and didn't want him recently. That is not a good sign. By next year, Bulger's cap hit wouldn't be crippling.
Christopher Johnson: Which quarterback do you think the Rams will draft next spring?
Jeff Gordon: I don't see an '09 savior in that group, so I would expect the Rams to get a developmental guy.
greg: Jeff, Well this was perfect Warner comes back to town and looks Super, and well st louis whiipinh boy, Bulger looks as apthetic as can be, I dont aant to hear that the o line is to blame today. this time its on bulger, he continues to stink and the media here makes excueses for him. What really sucks is st louis is stuck with him, and we will never again be a winning team with him here. there are so many problems with this team, it may be 10 years before we see a winning season again, or at least that is how it feels anymore.
Jeff Gordon: It shouldn't take 10 years, but this WAS a big step back.
Grimmsta: Wuzzup Gordo....

The offense is KILLING this team. I believe in Al Saunders.I believe in Devaney and I belive in Haslett. I DON'T believe in Marc Bulger nor ANYONE on the O-line. I say during the draft, if we're gonna suck on offense, at least let it be because of youth. We have experienced veterans (maybe not pro bowlers, but experienced)on the line who are playing inconsistently every week.

Bulger, is FINITO, FINISHED, DONE. For whatever reason, he isn't a good quarterback anymore. Yes, the line is inconsistent, but BULGER just isn't making the plays EVEN when he has time. Time for the excuses to end. Warner wasn't afforded this much lattitude with losing and inconsistent play (if my memory serves correctly).

The defense has played well enough for us to win games, overall. We still can't consistently stop the run, though.


Next draft, I say, OT, C, S, CB, MLB, and QB.(not necessarily in this order)

Apologies for my rant, but this inconsistency is apalling. next season, NO ONE'S job should be safe. get some competiton in here and make these guys COMPETE for a job.

Am I off base here in your opinion? Is my assessment on point?
Jeff Gordon: Lot's of fair points there, especially on the draft.

Haslett may turn the page on Hall and let Stanley return kicks the rest of the season, to see if there is anything there.
rams1017: that was sad, everyone was out of sync. the secondary got smoked, running game non existent, Marc was crappy. Not much to say about this game, can't think of anything good to say about it.
Jeff Gordon: Agreed.
Christopher Johnson: If Kurt Warner had had an actual offensive line back in early 2000's, do you think he'd still be here carving up other teams the way he carved up the Rams?
Jeff Gordon: Mike Martz let Warner take too many hits, even in good times. Too many empty backfields, too many blitz hits. He needed some recovery time after leaving here. Look at what he does with some balance in the offense.
Carlos: Jeff:

It seems to me that you have been complaining about the offensive line since i dont know when. How come the team is so disorganized as not to get that fundamental of football correctly? If they only spent some money on getting some quality guys in the OL after locking up the skill players then you have a contender. how come they dont understand this?

Secondly, what is up with phasing out Torry Holt? Is his knee that messed up?
Jeff Gordon: Are the Rams phasing out Holt? That is his assessment. The coaching assessment is that he has to get open and get in sync with Bulger. We saw signs of that later in this game.

The whole offense was a mess in this game. The line had done some good things since Haslett took over, but this was not a stellar day for those guys. But there are some keepers in the mix. They just need to play better.
Grimmsta: Maybe we should trade whatever assets we have (not many) this off season and rebuild a new identity here through the draft and free agency with Haslett(or whoever becaomes head coach). I love Holt and Pace, but maybe it's time to part with them if there are any takers (sorry, forgot Holt can leave after this year). We're not winning with them and they deserve to go out with a bang if they can find a place to do so.
The free agents we did bring in are marginal, bottom of the barrel players (CRAFT), or a WASTE of money (BOTH former TITANS)...

Just rebuild, and get the Greatest Show, out of you mind.. THAT'S OVER....
Jeff Gordon: Yes, it is over. And, yes, we'll see some veterans leave the ship after this season. Haslett is playing more kids for a reason. If he keeps this job, expect heavy turnover.
ram76fan: Is it me or does Bulger even care? He is no leader at all...mistake after mistake..he just gets up and runs off the field like he does'nt even care.
Just get me my paycheck...disgusting
Jeff Gordon: He cares, but he doesn't project that Favre-like competitive zeal.
SynergyDMR: Jeff,

Out of the 5 Offensive Linemen, who stinks the least?

Dave NYC
Jeff Gordon: Today that is a tough one to answer. I'd keep Incognito, Bell and Barron going forward and draft an OT to succeed Pace in a year. Need to get stronger at center, too.
Brad: Gordo,
I am not jumping on the, bash Bulger band wagon, simply due to the fact that I think that he does have real talent. However, at what point does the organiztion realize that he is not a leader. Everyone keeps talking about the great stats that he had early in his career and all the talent that was around him but I have yet to hear anyone point out that he was never trully the leader of the team. Remember we had a great running back to help with the leadership. Is is time to look for a new QB?
Jeff Gordon: Haslett was touting his leadership a few weeks back, but it was tough to locate signs of that today.
Rich: Hey Gordo,

What happened to the QB that was regarded as the one of the most accurate passers in the league.

Granted it didn't look like he got a whole lot of help, especially from the running game. However, I get the impression if he would have tried to throw the ball into the turf he would have missed.
Jeff Gordon: The early tipped passes were a sign of trouble. He hit the one home run to Stanley, with the kid coming back for the ball, but there wasn't much else to like until the game was out of hand.
midnighter67: Today's loss was disappointing but the Cardinals offensive line and quarterback are far superior to what the Rams have right now. I think the Cardinals are the best team the Rams have played over the last four weeks. I've never been a big Holt fan so it doesn't bother me to see him being phased out. I'd like to see the young guys take over and get some valuable game experience. I think the most disappointing play of the day was Jackson dropping the easy touchdown. What's up with that? He shouldn't have been playing anyway. It was obvious he wasn't healthy enough from his first carry. It almost looked like he was limping. I'm confident the team will bounce back and play a good game next week. The Cardinals look good.
Jeff Gordon: You are more confident that most. As for Jackson, his leg injury didn't cause him to drop two critical passes. Poor concentration caused that.
Mazzination: I have never once said to bench Bulger during all the disputes that have been brought up and tossed away. After today however, I wonder if he still gives the Rams the best chance to win. I would like to see Mr. Green if Bulger continues to play at this level, which is unacceptable especially if he is one of the leaders on the team. I also would like to know how our offensive line does not improve at all since the beginning of last season. They still look out of synch and do not play as a unit. How can this be with the same people from last year. They all have plenty of experience by now. Do we need a new O-line coach. What gives? Thanks Gordo for shedding some light on this situation. One more thing, I am going to the Rams game next week, do any players sign autos before the game. Thanks again.
Jeff Gordon: Before the game, the guys are pretty much in preparation mode. And it's tough in general to get autographs at the Dome. They do flip discarded items into the crowd around the tunnel leading on and off the field.

Your interest in Green right now is not unique.
chuck: Gordo,

I am a 40 year New England based Ram's fan. I was even in Foxboro last week. What happened. We should of been sky high and took it to the Cardinals. Bulger is not getting the ball down the field mwe cant stop anyone.
Jeff Gordon: With a 7-0 lead, the Rams should have responded with a big push. That they didn't was surprising.
wiramfan1: What more can be said other than the current Ram team isn't very talented.. On offense they have no direction.. On Defense they need DB's and a big fat run stopper. Ok, The season is over as far as playoffs go but a lot can still be accomplished..
#1 get Bulger rolling out so the defense can't zero in..
#2 Decide if the Rams are a running, smash mouth team. If yes, keep Jackson. If not get a slashing back who can catch the ball.
#3 Go sign a defensive lineman who can control the line of scrimmage.
I think Haslett is doing the best he can with this group but the youngsters need to get the bulk of the playing time now. At least that's how I see it. How about you Gordo, how do you see it? Thanks
Jeff Gordon: We're seeing some kids play at WR and the D-line. Where possible, they should expand that and start preparing the team for a better '09. Some of these veterans are through here.
hustein: We had a good chance of getting right into the thick of the NFC West race just 15 days ago. But the initial surge from the Haslett hiring has faded. Haslett named Bulger the starter for the remainder of the season, but he is struggling. The NFL voided Haslett's '09 contract. Tory is unhappy. What now?
Jeff Gordon: Haslett could still be here for the long haul, if he gets a strong second half from the group. Holt may be on his way out, given the dollars he would earn next year. Maybe it's time to play Stanley and Burton even more.
Jack J: Gordo,

The Rams sure got throttled today. I still love Warner for all the great times he had in St Louis. I always felt it was a mistake to let Warner go and to be honest, Bulger has never had the success Kurt had here and probably never will. I guess the ghost of Mike Martz and his mishandling of so many things still haunts the Ed.

The Cardinals have been a laughing stock in the NFL for so many years but it appears that is over. As far as the Rams are concerned, this game didn't help Coach Haslett's cause and his required 6 games to win to be retained as HC next year. I still like Haslett but he was horribly out coached today and except for some brief moments today, Bulger and the Rams offense looked almost dead.

If this type of playing continues from the Rams, Haslett could be in real trouble. I hope this is not the begining of a loosing slide that we have seen out of the Rams the last few years.
Jeff Gordon: Make no mistake, he has to prevent the second-half slide to have any chance of coaching this team past this year.
thamnosma: Gordo -- I'm still pleased at the attitude transformation Haslett has brought about. The honeymoon was short, though. This game demonstrated the many obstacles still facing the Rams toward rebuilding a competitive franchise.

As to Bulger, he has talent and is a professional. Yet, what keeps coming across to me is that this guy has lost the gut desire to play football. The efforts appear half-hearted, to some extent "going through the motions". I really don't care to cast blame or what the underlying causes were, as those have been discussed at length on your blogs. At this stage, I truly doubt he can lead the team through more than 1 additional season.

Where might the next QB for the Rams come from? Are there good choices to be had in this year's draft or will the Rams have to consider the trading/free agent route?
Jeff Gordon: If Bulger can't turn this around, I believe the Rams need to land a young veteran (Cassel?) and draft a developmental guy. Help yourself for the short term and protect the future as well.
st3v346: Jeff: Do you think it might be time for Chase Daniel and Chase Coffman in next years draft? We need to replace both Bulger and Klop. Bulger cost us this game with his two turnovers in the first half and his constantly throwing behind the receiver, Stanley's touchdown was pure luick, the ball was under thrown and Stanley took it off the defenders back.
Jeff Gordon: Coffman is an amazing talent, a high second-round pick or better. He would help this team in the red zone, for sure. Daniel is a second-day QB, a maybe. He could be a great back-up with his mobility and playmaking skills on the fly, but can he make NFL passes.
nh rambo: Gordo,

Being a 40 year New England based Ram's fan and having just watched them live at Foxboro play the Pats so tough. What happened How can they come out in a must win and lay such and egg. Bulger could not get the ball down the field. Warner made him look like a pop Warner QB compared to him. Is it time to blow this team up and start over. It is still pretty ugly to watch.
Jeff Gordon: You don't really blow up NFL teams and start over. Even the good ones turn over a big chunk of roster every year. The really bad ones turn over more roster, but you can't find 50 guys in one year.
jbirds21: When is baseball season again? Haha.. Mark Bulger looks terrible, with not much confidence? What do we do with him?
Jeff Gordon: Well, try to make him better. Fans want to see Green, but I'm not sure he is dramatically better. It'll be interesting to see if Jim keeps his season-long commitment to Marc.
midnighter67: Wade really blew his chance to win over some fans today, didn't he? Some days you just can buy a break.
Jeff Gordon: That was a tough break for the young cornerback. Yikes!
mtomto: It's now safe to take the lead "Still In The Race" down from the Sports homepage. I said so!
Jeff Gordon: And so did the Rams, with their play.
stlfanatic22: Any chance what so ever Haslett benches Bulger? This team is going nowhere with him at the helm. One of the few right moves Linehan made was to give Green the start.
Jeff Gordon: Well, we'll see. Jim isn't in this thing to lose. That was a pretty weak performance.
Bald_81: Gordo,

This is clearly a "What have you done for me lately?" league, but I feel like this is getting out of hand. After Haslett leads us to two wins right away, he is a no-brainer to coach us into next year. Now following two losses, one of which was a blowout (today), people are calling us hopeless again along with saying he can't coach (stupid risks, porous defense) and we will be plagued for eternity if we don't blow this ship up. Obviously more horrible play will make Chip reconsider, but this is shaping up to be a hard decision for him. If this inconsistent play continues the rest of the year, even if it amounts to 4-5 wins in total, would that warrant another chance for Haslett in '09?
Jeff Gordon: It all depends on how the team plays. Losses like the one in N.E. don't hurt his case. Losses like this one do. How well this team competes will determine Haslett's fate. This was a big step back.
jbirds21: Dante Hall = terrible.. I mean the guy had a couple good returns lately, but for every good 1, there is 6 that give us terrible field position!
Jeff Gordon: Stanley got a look when Hall suffered an injured ankle. Haslett threatened to cut Hall once this year, so he might revisit that.
jose in Portland: Gordo,

When did Scottie sneak back into the dome? The rams brought all too familiar flashbacks of ineptitude and lack of effort that we all came to dread. The defense played an ok game, but you could see that they were exhausted since the offense could not get anything going and the defense had to be on the game A LOT. I don't think there is an excuse for laying an egg this week after playing so hard the last thee weeks.
Jeff Gordon: There is no excuse, for sure. This was a Linehan-esque effort. Scott would suffer flashbacks if he watched this on the tube.
stlfanatic22: I realize Warner needed to recover, I realize this issue is so old... but moving on with Marc Bulger as QB and letting Kurt Warner go really ought to go down as one of the biggest personnel blunders in St. Louis sporting history, should it not? It's not as obvious as such a trade, but you'll have trouble convincing me it's not as bad as Mulder for Haren. And what's worse? Bulger over Warner looked stupid AS IT WAS HAPPENING.
Jeff Gordon: Most "experts" agreed that Kurt was done. As it turned out, he wasn't. Credit Warner for never giving up, even after the Giants got him a quick hook.
Grimmsta: Maybe SJAX shoulda sat out this game, he wasn't even used enough to justify him suiting up.
Jeff Gordon: Nor did he play well enough to justify it. But he had to try. The game was too big to sit out.
YoMurphy: Gordo,
I am going to hear a lot about the youth movement at WR, and how Holt should be a cap casualty... I just can't see it yet. Are Stanley or Avery much more than one trick ponies? They catch deep balls down the sideline that are impressive, (and have to adjust to an under-thrown ball every time by the way)but what else do they do? I think a lineup of receivers minus holt will create lots of games with one great catch downfield, but a bunch of screwed up routes leading to drops and incomplete passes. Just like we saw today. Didn't Holt create the ONLY actual drive we had all day? (ok it was garbage time, but we need someone who can run an intermediate level route.)
What do you think?
Jeff Gordon: To earn big money here, Holt needs to pick up his play and prove himself as a leader. Grousing to reporters is no way to show leadership.
Lawarence Marmie: Do you think the calls to make Jim Haslett the permanent head coach might have been a little bit premature? This looked like a Scott Linehan type game. They didn't look prepared at all and then seemed to give up as soon as they went down.
Jeff Gordon: Eerily Linehand-like today. Not good. You know I love Jim, but this was icky.
ramsfan80: Jeff, don't you think it's safe to say that Haslett's fate rests in Bulger's hands? If he wants the job he'll have to make a change.
Jeff Gordon: Jim has to at least consider the change now. And any more failure would force his had. This was bad.
ram76fan: Jeff Gordon: He cares, but he doesn't project that Favre-like competitive zeal

you expect me to believe that? I'm not that stupid. I saw chavous walk up to him and try to pump him up and he just looked at him like who cares..the games is over..sorry he males me sick. he just sucked the life out of this team single handily.
Jeff Gordon: That's a little harsh . . .
ikkon211: so is the haslett honeymoon over?
Jeff Gordon: Judging from this chat, yes. Also the game was not so good . . .
midnighter67: Do you think the ***** would be willing to give up a decent draft pick for Bulger? It might be worthwhile to find out.
Jeff Gordon: The trade deadline for this season has passed. After the year, other GMs will sit back and see if the Rams just release the guy.
joeswimmer: Gordo,
The downside of Avery that had alot of fans worried, his lack of route running experience is really beginning to show. Both interceptions occurred on routes poorly run, the first one he took a soft cut, and the second on I have no idea what he was trying to do.

I am beginning to think until he improves we just need to have him be the guy that stretches the field
Jeff Gordon: I don't know how the route could have prevented the big INT. The safety just sat on that play. Had it all the way. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but from the box that's how it looked.
Lawarence Marmie: The interior of this offense line blows. Cogs, Bell, and Leckey get no push whatsoever and most of the pressure on Bulger comes right up the middle. Cogs continues to disappoint, Bell looks like a free agent bust, and Leckey really shouldn't be starting anyway.
Jeff Gordon: No, the middle of the line was not stellar in this game. And Arizona doesn't have the Fearsome Foursome up front.
steve in kentucky: Well, to me, this was the make or break game for a possible play-off run and obviously the Rams failed miserably. With eight games left, many of which appear winnable on paper, how do you see this season finishing out?
Will the Rams continue to fight and work toward a 500 season or just play out the string and wind up with four or five wins?
Congrats to Kurt Warner.....Still loved and respected by some.
Jeff Gordon: I see the Rams winning another four games, which wouldn't be terrible after the 0-4 start.
Bryan: Ok our defense didn't have a stellar day but I don't completely blame them. The offense has been so inept and inconsistent that the entire game is always on the shoulders of the defense. It's been like that for a while too. From what i noticed its always one of three things, its either Bulger makes a bad play, the o-line doesn't do a good job at key times, and Saunders doesn't seem to call good plays at key times. I don't think he's doing enough to fix it either. Do you think we should find a better OC for next year?
Jeff Gordon: Execution, execution, execution. If that is on Saunders, then replace him. But the playcalling can't trump bad execution. A lot went wrong out there.
Grimmsta: Do you talk a lot to Mr. Hanifan? Is he interested in coming back to coaching (O-line) at his age and in this stage of his life? I believe he could get these guys playing technically sound.
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, but this challenge might finish him off. He's not a kid anymore. I keep thinking his head will explode during a radio broadcast.
Lawarence Marmie: I think an added incentive for playing QB in the NFC West (well, not for the Rams) is that twice a year, you barely get touched. We have one of the worst front fours in all of football. Great playcalling today on defense too- the decision not to go after Warner and sit back in coverage really seemed to work out well. He couldn't find anyone open all day... Is Haslett calling the D again?
Jeff Gordon: They had some pressure in the first half and got some results. They got some big stops and gave the offense a chance. Once the "O" didn't respond, though, the group caved in.
Mr Faithful: I give in. Bulger cannot throw a deep ball leading a WR to save his life. 9 out of 10 deep balls he throws forces the receivers to come way back to even have a chance to catch it. Stanley's 80 yd TD should be credited to him only since it was a horrible throw and he came back to grab it. Bulger is also throwing off his back foot even when he has ample time. Green should be brought in to give them the best chance to win. I'm on my way to replace my Rams Warner jersey with a Cardinals Warner jersey.
Jeff Gordon: I thought Bulger's mechanics were a little better than at the end of last game, but he just didn't get in sync with the receivers. The accuracy was not there.
Corey Chavous: Am I supposed to cover and tackle?
Jeff Gordon: Yes.
debnstan: i listen to game on the radio how does anyone expect bulger to play good with no running anyone on the bench that should be playing o line thanks gordo
Jeff Gordon: There are no O-line saviors on the bench.
Jonathan Wade: Hey, do I get an assist on that TD toss to Urban? He never would have caught that without my help.
Jeff Gordon: No, he would not have caught that pass without that help. That was ugly.
randycentorani: Wow......very disappointing........I feel like Mike Martz and Scott Linahan took away our great team by getting rid of great Players....Warner still is great....Ryan Fitzpatrick had a great day too.....

To bad its gonna take us some time to get back to league Supremacy again....
Jeff Gordon: Ah, the first Ryan Fitzpatrick of the day.
superjim: Hi Gordo,

I was watching a game today that was like the start of the year. We just quit when Bulger threw the crazy pick in the 2nd quarter, shades of Trent in the Buffalo game. I think the o-line was just awful. It's no co-incidence that Bulger threw three picks and had an awful completion percentages when he was rushed continuously. Jackson average a little over 2 yards a carry, pittman less. I thought bulger was poor today but no worse than last week and at least he played his heart out taking some hits for extra yards on runs. however, courage and effort isn't enough. I don't think it's worth changing QB now, but I would seriously look at drafting a QB in the 1st round next year. I know we have many glaring needs but I think we have to change. Let's trade bulger (3rd rounder?), trade/cut bennett, and bid farewell to Glover, chavous, green. Let's get rid of these guys who just aren't producing while earning the GNP of a small European country.
Also, hello Al Saunders as an "upgrade" at offensive co-ordinator. why ignore holt? why run pittman on 6 of the first 7 plays last week when the guy hasn't played in a month? and why make donnie avery feel like the offense rests on his shoulders? I hope Haslett is HC next year, and Venturi is defensive co-ordinator but i hope we fire Saunders. Hey Gordo, at least we didn't run that WR end-around this week! It worked once so clearly we'll catch everyone by surprise by doing it EVERY week! Pay me half of his salary and I can get us to fail to move the ball!
Draft a center!!!

Thanks Gordo
Jeff Gordon: As this fans notes, there will be a lot of work to do. Don't give up on Saunders yet, because he IS getting miles out of the young WR.
Scott Linehan: See, I told you it wasn't me. The offense just can't get in sync without leaders like Richard Owens in there. BTW, Do you happen to know Eddie Kennison's phone number? I'm bored and I was going to invite him over for lunch.
Jeff Gordon: Well-played.
Kurt: I understand there is a monster OT available in this year's draft (Oher?). How about going after him this year and keep an eye on McCoy, Tebow, or one of the other premier QB's coming out in 2010?
Jeff Gordon: Colt McCoy will play one more season of college, so keep an eye on that. And, yes, take an OT in the next draft.
Rich: Hey Gordo,

Is Looker on track to return?

The phrase "game breaker" will never be used to describe him, but he is a good possesion WR when you need 6-8 yards for a first down.

The Rams sure could have used that kind of WR today.
Jeff Gordon: Look for the Rams to keep pounding the ball to the kids while trying to revive Holt.
Bill W: Sorry if this repeats anything, I just arrived.
How long do we have to put up with:
1 Incompetent officiating
2 Big talk and no results(Holt and Jackson)
3 Big salary and no results(Bulger and Jackson)?
For all the Jackson defenders, I define results as passes caught, first downs, and wins.
Jeff Gordon: Not a good day for Jackson. I'm a big Jackson booster, but he didn't seem mentally ready to play. The leg injury made him physically slower, but that didn't excuse his bad hands.
ramz4ever: 1.what are the rams chances next week at the jets?
2. if the rams can play like they did vs cowboys and redskins how many more games can they win?
3. what do you think of pat white west virgina quarterback?
Jeff Gordon: Love White's mobility, but would he hold up in this league? Don't know if he is a NFL-type guy.

If the Rams can relocate the form they had the first three games under Haslett, they'll win another four games at least. But every team left can beat them, obviously, and that starts with New York.
jbirds21: Another question.. Why on Earth! Can this team not run a screen? We have a smallish O line, but we cant get out there and block? Officiating once again terrible, that was a clear pick, to free Boldin for the TD.. Fitzgerald clearly dropped taht pass, that clearly wasnt a TD by Hightower, PI on Bartell in that first possesion.. What is goin on?
Jeff Gordon: The officiating was bad, but the Rams got a couple of bad calls overturned and the rest of the calls didn't cost them the game. And, yeah, it would be nice if the Rams could execute screens better.
stlfanatic22: I know this probably won't get a response, I just need to say it...

"Most 'experts' agreed that Kurt was done."

That's simply what you get from "experts." I and a large number of others knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn't done and that Bulger was not anywhere near his level.

I don't want credit, and I'm certainly not more qualified than those experts. But they blew that one and I just can't take the "everyone thought he was done" crap, because there was a great number of us "non-experts" who could see the light even back then.
Jeff Gordon: NFL coaches thought he was done, too. The only jobs he got after leaving here were stopgap gigs. Nobody else saw him as a long-range answer, because of the hand problems. Martz convinced the world that Kurt was finished.
Mazzination: Gordo did Jackson re-aggrivate his quad? He should have been in on the 4th and 1 where Pittman was stuffed. Also, I think that was the play that sealed our fate today. If the offense had any fight to put points on the board in the second half, that was it and our line go absolutely no push which to me shows they did not have the heart or want the game as bad as the Cardinals did. I also would like to question why there was not ONE ball thrown to Holt in the first half. Last time I checked he was our most reliable WR and playmaker on offense with Jackson out.
Jeff Gordon: Haslett saw that Jackson wasn't running with his old authority. Hence the reliance on Pittman, who aggravated his leg injury.
BillP: Jeff, terrible game. Honest to God, I didn't like it when Haslett made the decision to switch back to Bulger when he first got hired. I really thought sticking w/ Green was the better choice cause it would of been easy to just ride it until Green faltered. By going back to Bulger, we had to wait for the inevitable, and that was a complete meltdown. And with 4 losses already in the bank, there just wasn't much room for error. Now after watching Baby Bulger literally make Belicheck look like a genius again and now following this up with another ultra weak effort, our season is pretty much tanked. I don't understand why the media sticks up for Bulger. Why do people say he's the best alternative we got? We're paying Trent Green over 3 mill a year to do what? And Green doesn't look like he's washed up. He's got more life and leadership on the field. He's got a quicker release than Marc in the pocket. He's got better on field awareness than Marc. Heck, his time as a starter in KC coincides with Marc's time being installed as the starter here. I think it's safe to say Trent has had more success during that time. He's certainly won more games, division titles etc. So why, do people say Bulger is the better alternative? Heck, our old friend Gus Ferrote is even putting up 20 plus points a game with Minnesota's mundane offense. Just very frustrating.
Jeff Gordon: Will Trent get another chance? We'll see. Haslett announced that Marc will start the rest of the season, so it will be tough to go back on that. Had the Rams runt he ball better, maybe Marc would have built off the early TD and had a good game. But he couldn't rise above the circumstance.
Rich: Hey Gordo,

I have to agree with many fans, the interior of the Rams line is in shambles.

At what point do the two rookie Guards get a shot. Can they really be much worse.
Jeff Gordon: A couple weeks ago, these same guys were just fine. So it's tough to blow up the line at this time.
JETT JACKSON: why do the rams fans leave early. this is quite embarasing to the team
and the city? the rams have no imagination on offense. they run the ball
right at the defense line. no holes are there for the running attack.
also the rams have to concentrate on offense in the 2009 draft.
they need offensive lineman at any position. they need a tightend
that knows offense and can separate from defensive backs.
the jim hasslet coaching trial is over. he inspires a team with
energy and fight for a short period. this current team need to be
imploded and get players that want to be rams and play hard in any
situation.stewy griffin to take over the rams hah! hah!
Jeff Gordon: Why wouldn't fans leave that game early? Unless you were a Cards fan, there was no reason to stay once Vermeil's speech was done.
LARampage: This has to be one of the biggest competitive crashes of the year (there is still time for more). Comparing Warner to Bulger is like gold to silver and we know the huge value difference of the two. I say the highest paid player of the team take a HUGE pay cut today and put it in a rescue plan to save this team from untalented ruin before season's end
Jeff Gordon: How does the pay cut help anything? The guys just have to play better, starting with Bulger, Holt, Jackson and the other big-ticket veterans.
patrick: gordo, if u put bulger in arizona and warner on the rams, who do u think plays better? u if you build an Oline the plays will come.
Jeff Gordon: That is true -- and huge/talented receivers and a deep group of good running backs help as well. Warner would have trouble moving the Rams, but I'd bet he could do more than Bulger in his current state.
Jack J: Gordo,

Some are saying "bench Bulger". If that happens, who is Marc's replacement? Green is not any better and is prone to concussions. Brock Berlin, the 3rd string QB? I really think Coach Haslett is in a really spot here with Bulger. No easy answers at least this season. If we had an up and coming QB recently drafted then maybe put him in to try and jump start the team. Jay Cutler???

Thanks again Scottie!!!!
Jeff Gordon: And it's too late to ask Gus Frerotte for help, too.
ramsfansince1969: big salaries and big egos aside...how come in 2nd halves of lopsided games coaches don't give green or berlin an opportunity to get something going? On the reverse take warner out and play lineart so he has some PT when kurt eventually gets hurt? I hate to say this, but im looking forward to bulger getting hurt just so I can see what happens with #2 & #3 I thought berlin was great in preseason, fitzpatrick won his game today! If the rams do not draft a 1st day QB and at least 2 oline studs I may have to take up nascar or something?
Jeff Gordon: I would have left Bulger in to do what he did -- finally locate Holt for some completions. He needed work to work out some problems. As for Warner, yes, I would have gotten him out of there and let Matt clean up. But NFL coaches don't think that way.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, I have tried to look fairly at Marc Bulger, and give him every chance to succeed, but I am at the point that Bulger must go. He throws behind recievers, rushes passes, throws off his back foot, gives up cheap fumbles, and I guess doesn't have a clue about throwing out of bounds. As much as I hate to say it, it is time to bench him and try Trent Green. As far as next year, what is the cap hit to trade/cut bulger?
Jeff Gordon: I don't see trade value there, so the Rams may look to let him walk if the season doesn't end well. But don't forget, this is the same guy who tore up the Cowboys and had a great first half against New England.
Bill W: Who is this third string tight end who drops passes like all the others we've had since Roland Williams?
Jeff Gordon: All the current Rams TEs are third-stringers. Take your pick.

The clamoring for Chase Coffman will only intensify.
Rich: Hey Gordo,

Any thoughts how Jim Haslett and company regroup the team after this train-wreck of a performance.
Jeff Gordon: 1) Reestablish the run, which will be dicey since Pittman popped his hamstring and Travis Minor suffered a concussion this week.

2) Find ways to pressure the QB, which is critical with Favre on deck.

3) Bulger to Holt, Bulger to Holt, Bulger to Holt -- make it happen.

4) Stress tackling every minute of every hour for the rest of the week.
stag3: Rohmberg has played well at times in this League, Why the Love for Leckey?
Jeff Gordon: After today, especially, that is a worthy question.
BrotherBri: Would it really hurt the Rams to start playing Greco and Schuening on the O-line? I realize it is likely that they won't even play as well as Incognito and Bell, but the veterans aren't getting it done ... and we'll never know what the rookies have if they don't play. Give the kids the practice and game reps and see if they can improve. And while we lose, we improve our draft slot for (a) the LT to replace Pace, and (b) the center from California, Mack.

Also, does a healthy Carricker make THAT much difference? Today would surely suggest that we can't do anything without him healthy.
Jeff Gordon: There are still wins on the Rams schedule. And the Rams featured some pretty good run blocking post-Linehan . . . until this game. That same line opened large holes against New England. A healthy Jackson might have gained 150 in that game.
h2o_jd55: Thanks for doing the chats. I was really disappointed in the Rams effort today. Would you put the blame on the coachs for poor game planning and/or not having the players ready or did the players just not show up to play today?
Jeff Gordon: It's always a combo of things. Fans love to compare game plans and debate play calling, but his sport is still blocking and tackling. The Rams did neither well for the last three quarters of this game. Some of that is mental and emotional preparation and some of that is having enough toughness to bounce back and persevere.
Jim Haslett: Still waiting for the flag on the head-first hit on Bulger? That would have given us a huge first down? Amazing.
Jeff Gordon: A quarterback runs though the middle of the field, then belatedly tries to get down as a big hit arrives. I can't blame the tackler for that one. That was going a clean leg tackle until Marc ducked into it late.
peter: Why did the Rams players play with no "urgency"?
Jeff Gordon: There was plenty of urgency when they stacked up defensive stops and took a 7-0 lead on that bomb to Stanley. What disappointed Haslett was the turnovers and how the team reacted to then. The Rams buckled under duress.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, what does Al Saunders need to change to get this offense up and running. Except for that lucky catch 80 yard td pass to Stanley, which he did a great job bringing in the ball, there wasn't much else to talk about. I thought there were too many shotgun delay handoffs. It was way to predictable and conservative.
Jeff Gordon: I can't say that I like slow-developing running plays.
Bob: Gordo
Two words... Bulger's Worthless.
Jeff Gordon: Give him no running game and not enough pass protection and bad things will happen. This is the same guy that beat Washington and Dallas.

That said, he does have to play better.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, what do you think of Jacob Bell? Is he playing weak, or is it the center that is the problem with the interior line?
Jeff Gordon: Everybody on the inside needed to be better in this game.
LARampage: I can tell you EXACTLY why this team has plummetted to its current abilty as of today. It is not management, not the inept coaching, or even the less talented players that have been occupying space. The fault can be totally blamed on one person who happened to be honered today at the game - Dick Vermeil - YES! He left a team at its PEAK that was beckoning for a dynasty and he left them behind like an orphan at a picnic! Instead he took a year off then influenced by his (friend??) to return to football and began building a competitive franchise that was not neccessary. He already had a team with his signature on it, with unlimited control over personnel and players; and abandoned it, a move I presume he is probably still kicking himself over. He would not need no Ring of Honor to show how great he could have been; so much for whatifs.....
Jeff Gordon: Yes, Vermeil is still kicking himself over that premature decision to leave early.
RAMFELLOW: After todays game it appears to me this season is over sa far as any aspirations of playoffs are concerned.Do you think this team needs to be taken apart and rebulit from scratch? I personally do!!.....RAMFELLOW
Jeff Gordon: Every is overhauled every year in the NFL. Rebuilding from scratch is really possible, because it would take three or four years to assemble a whole new team -- and players would start leaving as free agents before the finishing touches could be made.
Duchamp: I cannot help but recall how terrible Warner looked in his waning days as a Ram, a constant target, a sitting duck who didn't scramble out of the pocket, constantly being hit and knocked senseless which left him in ruins as a cast off. Now the same's happening to Bulger and it makes me wonder if he will end up with Warner's fate, one day coming back to haunt the Rams with an offensive line that protects him...
Jeff Gordon: There personalities couldn't be more different. I don't see Bulger persevering the way Warner did after the Rams ditched him and the Giants turned him into Eli's caddy.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, I know Holt is upset with the amount of throws to him, but when is he open anymore? And his RAC is a joke. All he does if he ever catches a pass is hit the deck. Has he really lost a step, or is he still hurt? I do have alot of respect for him, but has he wore out his welcome?
Jeff Gordon: He still has some life in those legs, believe it or not. And we saw some signs of that today, albeit after the game was out of hand.
smlmouth: My husband and I have been Rams supporters ever since they came into town. I don't know much about the strategies involved, but I do know one thing. Jackson is an overrated player. It makes me sick when I see him time and time again tripping over his feet, falling down when an offensive player merely touches him (and he falls in the wrong direction) or missing a catch. I, at 55 years of age, could play better. He is horrible. And when I think of the money he makes and the whining he does when the fans react to his lack of productivity, I wish I could take a tax deduction for the amount of money that goes down the drain whenever I attend a game. I want to tell Jackson that I had to sit next to a couple of guys in our fourth loss who spent $12.50 each for my $55 tickets. I bet he still got paid! He should either find himself another job or step up to his "potential". Whatever! I'm tired of his excuses and I'm tired of the media stating how he is sooooo necessary to our success. He sucks. He cost us two touchdowns today all by himself. If he's not at 100%, be man enough to tell someone and don't play.
Barb Crabtree
Jeff Gordon: Today the Rams needed him to play because Pittman and Minor got hurt too. And, no, the leg injury does not excuse those drops.
Joe T: Forget the fact that Rams fans left the game early. Just wait till the dome looks like an away game as more fans from those teams fill the dome the rest of the way.
Jeff Gordon: Bears fans won't be the only ones buying up tickets here.
Billy Waddy: When will this Leckey experiment or fascination end? Why do you say we need a tackle in the draft when the interior of the line is a bigger problem?
Jeff Gordon: Tackles are harder to find. The Rams have a bunch of guys on this team capable of playing center. Tackle? They have three.
Mr Faithful: Jeff, I didn't get to see any of Vermeil's honor ceremony. Can you tell us what the mood was like at the dome and any cool things that DV said? I'm sure he got a huge standing ovation.
Jeff Gordon: Big Ovation. He gave a short speech, noting that he was already wearing his Ring of Honor from the Super Bowl. He thanked many people -- including Scott Linehan, who pushed for Dick to get this honor. It was a nice scene on an otherwise drab day.
nic: whats the chances that greco gets some real snaps in the games and a chance to start?
Jeff Gordon: At this point, if he is one of the best two guards, I'm sure he'll get to play. Haslett has no reason to play a lesser player ahead of him.
Paul W.: hey gordo- haslett is not the answer. it's interesting how everyone overlooks this supposed great head coach left SJ in during the latter part of the dallas blowout and that's when SJ got hurt. that gaffe is what opened the floodgates for the last two games. holt, chavous and bulger--big mouths, big paycheks, and little production. when teh season ends, get a real GM and a real head coach, as well as ejecting the players that have no business being on an nfl roster (hint: the rams entire O-line)and then maybe we can field a decent team.
Jeff Gordon: If the Rams unload the entire offensive line, they will be doomed for the next three of four years while trying to replace all those guys. The world is not awash with great offensive linemen. Few rookies are ready to step in during any given year and most FAs are overrated, vastly overpaid or both.
ramsfansince1969: Gordo...please stop being a bulger apologist, 95% of rams fans can't be wrong. it's time to turn the page. 1. new coach/done 2. new QB/asap 3. new front office/next hopefully chip has the sack and his hand on the plunger!
Jeff Gordon: I've been tough on Bulger, too, but even Warner, as great as he is, would struggle with no ground game and kid receivers still learning the offense.

Marc should be better. He must be better to give this team a chance. But he had a lot of help while losing this game.
Nick: So did someone forget to tell Dick Vermeil that we have a new coach? Can't believe he hasn't updated his Speech since Linehan got the boot.
Jeff Gordon: He thanked Scott because Scott pushed for him to get his honor. He is well aware that Scott got fired, but he wanted to give him the shoutout.
Richard Owens: Hey, do you think the Rams could use my help? Surprisingly, I'm still avaliable. Is Kreider really that much better than me? He can't block, catch a pass, or run with the ball- I offer the same qaulifications for cheaper!!!
Jeff Gordon: The Rams have been there, done that without success.
Mr Faithful: Thanks for the insight into DV's ceremony, the guy has been nothing but class and it's a shame that he left when he did. He could've pushed the Rams to 2 more SB rings I think. Have the Rams considered him as a consultant for the organization?? This man knows how to motivate people and make grown men out of boys on the field, teaching accountability on and off the field.
Jeff Gordon: When I asked him if the Rams approached him about taking a front office or advisory role, he said "not officially." So there was at least some talk of that happening.

That's it for this week! Thanks for all the questions and comments.