Jeff Gordon
Gordo Live
By Jeff Gordon
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 01:00 PM CDT
Join columnist Jeff Gordon for a live chat from 1-2 p.m. about the Cards, Rams, Blues, Mizzou, SLU or whatever sport or team is on your mind.

Doug: Any updates on MU recruiting for football. I know we lost Gabbert, but who else is on the radar?

Also, any new rumblings/rumors in regards to MLS in Collinsville?

Jeff Gordon: Don't know about the MLS, but reports that Missouri offered scholarships to DeSmet cornerback Robert Steeples and Oklahoma TE K.J. Williams. Both kids are giving the Tigers a good look.


Mario Frimpong: Who will be the starters at linebacker this season and do you see anyone on the team challenging for a starter's spot?

Jeff Gordon: Chillar, Witherspoon and Tinoisamoa at the Rams' starting LBs. Alston could make his move as a pass-rushing specialist. The scouts like McGaricle's potential to make the team, anyway. Draft is there for depth and special teams -- although media types aren't as high on Chillar as the coaches are.


jim mense: This year, what will be the biggest surprise of the 1)Rams, of the 2) NFL. My answers: 1) Adam Carriker is even better than the Rams thought and wins Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, 2) Michael Vick playa well despite mounting evidence of his guilt in this dog fighting crime.

Jeff Gordon: Carriker will have an impact, but his job is to wrestle two blockers and let the linebackers enjoy glory. He won't earn national honors today that. As for Vick, this may be his last shot. IF he stays out of further trouble, he will get one more shot as a starting QB. If the Falcons go nowhere again, then even Arthur Blank may give up on him.


Thomas Turniawan: Hey Jeff;
So now that we have McMichael, Klopfenstein, and presumably Walker (for his blocking) as the top 3 TE's, what is going to happen to Byrd? I mean, we invested a 3rd rounder in this guy. I know he has some character issues now (all the rage these days), but yeah, is he even going to see the field this year? Thanks.

Jeff Gordon: Byrd is a great athlete, so he could steal a job by starring in camp -- especially on special teams. His unusual athlete ability would jump out in kick coverage. But his citizenship issues and rookie struggles will put him on the outside looking in as camp starts. He has to REALLY show, because Linehan loves McMichael and Klopfenstein's talent and Walker's dependability.


Howard F.: Hey Gordo, I am a Baltimore Rams fan, so I don't get much info on them unless it is through the NFL Network. I have two questions. First, what are the chances of us getting Sam Adams, I know he has weight issues but I feel like his presence would solidify our dfensive line. I worry that Linehan will burn Carriker out by asking for too much, too soon. Not because he isn't capable, but because he is a rookie, Adams presence would help him and maybe even Kennedy. Second; Living in Baltimore, it seems as if St.Louis, the RAMS especially doesn't get much national exposure. Our stories are limited and they seem shorter in time allowed. Am I being overly sensitive or is their some type of media hush rule for the Rams?

Jeff Gordon: They are pretty set at DT heading into camp, with Carriker getting the early nod to start. The Rams haven't made much news because sanity has prevailed on Linehan's watch. They haven't made flashy moves, just solid ones.