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    Gordo's post game

    Damon: This is the worst offense in the NFL! Look at the scoreboard: everyone has a better offense. Our team has all of those stars, and all they do is let us down. The defense played their heart out and held the Niners all day, and our big money guys on offense can't EVER repay the favor by putting up points of their own. In football, all sides of the ball are connected: if the defense is giving food to the offense, the offense needs to give some back. Each side of the ball feeds off of each other. Our "money players do nothing but give games away. Last week it was Jackson's fumbles, and this week it is Torry Holt and Dante Hall. I wonder how long our offensive "stars" will continue to give games away. They have been doing it ever since 2000... fumble, FuMblE, FUMBLE!! If they can find a way to lose, they will. It is also pathetic how our WR's never get yards after the catch. All they do is tiptoe out of bounds.. Isaac Bruce should have gotten the first down. Oh, I forgot, when we go for extra yards, we fumble. It was 4th and two and we sent out our kicker to attempt a 56 YARD FIELD GOAL! I guess our coach knows we can't gain 2 measly yards when we need it. "Big Game" Holt, "Action" Jackson, BRUCE!!! They all suck! We never get touchdowns, and field goals won't cut it. The season is over.

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, a check of the scoreboard today definitely makes Rams fans feel worse. A lot of once-bad teams (Cleveland! Tampa Bay! Houston!) put up some points.


    David: I thought one game changer was the running into the kicker foul that wasn't called. This would have given us the ball. Instead we kick the ball and commit a penalty on the kick giving SF great field position. I was at the game so we were not able to see the replay. It looked to me like the guy ran into the blocker and then ran into Wilkens while he was out of control. Shouldn't this have been a penalty??

    Jeff Gordon: That was a borderline call. But there was also holding against the Rams on that play, so the Rams weren't getting a first down out of it.


    Ed Johnson: Jeff
    Ask Greg Olsen is he more concerned with public opinion of his play calling or winning football games, please. You can give him my email address and tell him I am the one asking. And I know you have to be politically correct, but the play calling was just so-so, with no countering of the heavy dose of blitzing that the ***** gave us. Another words we did not deserve to win with the mistakes, improper tackling techniques, ad certain individuals worried about their own stats. You don't have to be a genius to figure that someone from the coaching department on down is not doing their job. One of the viewers made a comment about not picking up the right free agents, if you teach the proper technique and with a decent athlete at the NFL level there should be no excuses. The O-Line coach in my view either needs to get his act together or replaced.

    Jeff Gordon: Again, I liked the game plan. The playcalling evolved the wrong away once the O-Line issues were exposed.


    Grimmsta: Gordo,

    Why not put McCollum in somewhere on this O line? he has the experience... what worse can happen? On D, we played good today, I hear, BUT that means NOTHING if the ONE BAD PLAY COSTS US THE GAME.. Another problem that has plagued us over the years: TURNOVERS!

    Also, Special teams, How was the coverage and return teams today?

    Jeff Gordon: Andy wasn't excited about playing back-up guard, so Goldberg got that chance when Terrell suffered a thigh bruise.


    Mark Jones: Hi Jeff

    What is your gut feeling about next week's away game against Tampa Bay, who are full of steam after stomping all over the Saints 31-14? Are we looking at an 0-3 start?

    Jeff Gordon: Barring an upset, yes.


    WIRAMFAN: I'm am an out of state Ram fan.. Always have been.. Can you tell me what the over all feeling is about this Rams team and its poor management. Being a lifetime fan it sure is hard to stay interested. I live and die with each and every game but I truely don't get that feeling from the coaches and players... Ans especially from the ownership!
    Please clue me in and talk me off the edge!

    Jeff Gordon: The ownership cares. This regime is 8-10, though, so there is a real sense of urgency out at Rams Park. Let's see if that finally translates into the game itself.


    jjg: i wonder how many fans would take Martz back (on one condition in his contract.....he does not bring back marmie nor any of his relatives>>>>>Martz looks like he may get the last laugh.>>>>>would you take him back as off coordinator/head coach,,,,,like they do in Tampa bay with KIFFIN.


    Jeff Gordon: Martz would be a very popular choice with fans, but we can only joke about this because the dust-up between Martz and his superiors here. But Mad Mike very much IS getting the last laugh, isn't he?


    Brandon: It is just unbelievable how we cannot seal a team off and keep momentum. There is an opportunity every week and the same with last year and the first two games this year where the Rams had a chance to distance themselves from the competition but failed to do so and when they got down, they do not have a person on the team that can stand up and make the gritty play they desperately need.

    Jeff Gordon: Why can't this team maintain momentum? In don't know. There are some fiery guys here, as we've seen with Jackson and McMichael getting animated during games. The D made a bunch of gritty plays in this game, but the offense didn't take advantage.


    Grimmsta: Are there any trades available or F/A right now who could come in and help this offensive line and defense? There HAS to be something! we need toughness and intelligence on this team.. We have either "wet behind the ears" OR "nursing home residents" on the team. We need some help, is there any available in your opinion? Has this been asked of Linehan in the media?

    Jeff Gordon: The team will keep looking for O-Line solutions. Newcomer Brandon Gorin could get his look at tackle once he gets a handle on the offense. That is the trouble about adding someone -- it can take weeks to learn the offense well enough to help more than hurt.


    Dave f***: Who would be a really good head coach for this team to target?

    Jeff Gordon: Detroit's offensive coordinator is doing a heck of a job this year.


    gjsandifer: Jeff, it seems a lot of fans want to blame linehan, for how the team is executing plays, I do not like the coach seemingly not wanting to go for it on 4th downs either, but I do get wh he chooses not too, a bad o line and players not executing their plays, ie routes not ran, blocks not being made, how long do you think linehan will last this season if this keeps up?

    Jeff Gordon: John Shaw isn't one to take drastic action. Linehan will get every chance here. Would "every chance" extend past this season if the team doesn't turn on a dime? Can't say that.


    Brandon: Jeff,

    It has been the same week in and week out since linehan has taken over this team. There are so many mistakes other teams just do not make that keep reoccurring with the Rams. Dante Hall needs to catch that punt. Dropped passes, fumbling out of the endzone, The key missed tackles. (Chavous) At some point enough has to be enough and changes need to be addressed. Obviously the fans see it as a result of attendance. It is just getting unbearable to watch as a fan and the mistakes are almost predictable when I am watching the game.

    Jeff Gordon: There is no denying the sloppiness. Linehan keeps talking about correcting it, but he is 8-10 as a head coach.


    Harold Lewis: Jeff,
    With all that time at the end of the 2nd quarter why did we not at least call a timeout and try to get into range for a field goal?

    Jeff Gordon: Since the Rams were getting the ball to start the second half, that was probably a needless risk. The fans here booed, but I had no beef with hit.


    Ed Johnson: Dear Jeff
    The excuse by Scott Linehan is that is my fault is enough. He is starting to sound like a high school coach. When are we going to teach proper techniques and start benching players for stupid plays. I teach Youth tackle football and my kids at age 12 know proper techniques pls I expect them to make mistakes, not a million dollar pro!

    Jeff Gordon: Perhaps, but it is tough to bench people in the NFL. The guys on the bench are usually on the bench for a reason. Coaches have to make their best players their best players. This adage rings true here, where the top names have let the team down.


    Pete: As a season ticket holder since 1995, it's getting very old watching the Ram's steal our hard earned ticket money. I, for one, have had the "we'll fix it" mentality. It's time these pampered "superstar" players like Jackson, Bulger, Holt and Hall experienced some real consequences of their fumbles. Fine them, sit them down or cut them; I don't care which, but they need to be held accountable in a tangible way. Our money is too hard to come by to continue to let the Ram's put this kind of poor entertainment on the field.

    Jeff Gordon: These guys are all pros. They aren't reckless out there. They do care. As I noted earlier, sometimes they try too hard and force plays. That leads to trouble. Hall should have called for a fair catch, Holt should have gone down after making his catch and Bulger should have covered up on his fumble. But they were all looking to make something happen.


    David: I thought Clifton Ryan played a great game. Overall, I was happy with the defense. The offense still looks rusty. My biggest concern though is that "star" players like Holt, Hall, and Jackson have cost us two games in a row with turnovers and in Jackson's case some missed blocks as well. These veterans need to start standing up and leading this team instead of losing the football. I know they will eventually, but I hope it is not too late.

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson missed some blocks, but, in fairness to him, he wasn't drafted for his ability to read 3-4 defenses and pick up blitzes from every angle as a blocker. Perhaps in desperate situations like this, Leonard would be a better choice in the backfield for passing downs.


    jersey lamont: hey gordo can we please up the tempo go no huddle get hagans into the game in other words bring back the martz play book

    Jeff Gordon: The no-huddle couldn't hurt, as far as getting the tempo going. I'm a Hagans fan, because he does have some play breaking ability.


    Grimmsta: Hey, Gordo... I wasn't able to see this game today, but my opinion of this team after watching the past few seasons AND last week's debacle, I've always noticed that we weren't "tough".. We don't have that "attitude".. I sense it thru the ENTIRE organization, EVEN when we were "winning". Everything is so casual. I'm one of your more optomistic RAMS fans around (being from STL, but living in LA) but it's getting hard to have faith in this team.. They are never fired up and never seem ready to play... At least with MARTZ we were AGGRESSIVE. I did believe in Linehan, but he and Haslett are making me lose all sense of hope in this team..

    Jeff Gordon: I thought they came out firing in this game. I thought the defense just kept battling. But the protection breakdowns took the life out of them.


    MIke: It seems Claude Wroten's indiscretion may cost him playing time when he gets back. Ryan looked good. The defense as a whole looked good save for 1 play. It gives me hope for the future. Unfortunately, the play of the Oline takes some of that hope away. What is the time frame for Incognito's return.

    Jeff Gordon: Richie ought to be another week or two, barring another setback. His return would add some intensity to a unit desperately needing it.


    Glenn: Hey Jeff, Bulger looked good this week. I really think we're a lot better than the niners, can we recover? How can they protect Bulger better, Bulger's going to be with Pace if they don't do something. Can we save the season?

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson was working hard as a blocker, trying to sniff out and neutralize the blitz. That is a start. They have to get the starting front five to play better while Steussie and Incognito heal. There is no other choice. That is the only way to save the season.


    steve h.: Jeff....based on what you've seen. What are the chances of being competitive against the Bucs next week?

    Jeff Gordon: I was stunned by the Rams' futility and surprised by Tampa Bay's outburst. There is not a good vibe around the Rams right now, so I can't be optimistic about a turnaround.


    grahame bell: A fumble, muffed punt, dropped pass, someone always finds a way to lose the game. Then a coach with no confidence in his offense. Going for a 57 yard field goal is fine with less than 10 seconds left, but not with over a minute left and two yards to get a first. What a mess!

    Jeff Gordon: That's a good desciption: Finding ways to lose. Hall's play was especially bad, given the timing.


    MIke: If Linehan is taking the blame for this loss then what did he say he did or didn't do to lose it?

    Jeff Gordon: Scott didn't offer much specific info during his brief news conference. It was a blanket mea culpa. He said the team just didn't take advantage of opporunities and didn't finish off drives -- and the game, for that matter.


    GARY DRIEDGER: I have been following the Rams for 30 years. They are not going to make the playoffs. They are likely a doormat this year. Too bad. I had a lot of optimism and excitement before I watched the first two games. Special teams effort has indicated that they are not well coached. The offensive line is broken. Sell your tickets. Tune in next year.

    Jeff Gordon: I wish I had a cheerful comeback to that, but I don't.


    Steve: Who do you put at fault for the turnovers the Rams offense is continuing have. The one to Holt was a back breaker. Is this a coaching issue.....or should we expect these professionals to keep the ball? Last week it was it's Holt and Hall. I give bulgar an alibi cause the poor guy was beaten down like he tried to steal the Golden Gate Bridge. Go Rams!

    Jeff Gordon: The fumbles fall on the individuals. By now, the lack of work during the preseason is moot. The Rams had last week to get their heads on straight.


    Glenn: Olsen calls a reverse in the red zone? What are you thinking!!!! The season is over because we'll be 0-3 after next week. PROTECT BULGER, everything else will fall into play. Do you think we can go 8-8?

    Jeff Gordon: Can't say that the end around pleased me. Martz tried stuff like that, too, but he also had a bunch of plays that worked. I understand trying to catch the Niners overpursuing, but with the way the Niners were pouring in there play after play, I dunno.


    Drew: I am sorry but to not go for it with 4th and two is not a smart move. Isn't that why we have such a big running back in Steven Jackson to get those 2 yards when needed??? We had plenty of time on the clock and put into the hands of Jackson for 2 yards. Simple Simple Simple.

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson was struggling to get much down all game. He averaged 2.9 yards per carry. Running there would have been a bad bet.


    Glenn: If Bulger could get some time to throw, we'd win 90% of the games we play, when will they (rams management) go out and get some linemen that can protect Bulger?

    Jeff Gordon: They had the linemen . . . and they got hurt. Losing Pace, Steussie and Incognito at once was a lot to overcome. Claude Terrell got banged up in this game, too.


    jersey lamont: i am not mad at the defense bartell played well c.ryan made plays where is the high powerd offense is it going to take 8 weeks to kick it in gear the ***** are 2-0 and have done nothing on offense

    Jeff Gordon: True, but teams can still win with defense -- even after what Mike Martz did to this league.
    Go Rams!! Go Jr. Bills!!
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    PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 4:34 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

    Will: Jeff, I think the O play calling is way too conservative. Why was Jackson not in on the 2nd to last drive? Also, I can not remember seeing a team opt for a 56-yard FG w/1min left in the game, even on 4th down. What was that about? Is the O really that bad, or has Linenhan no faith in his (once) high-powered offense?

    Jeff Gordon: They came out trying to make some downfield plays and, in fact, they hit some. But the constant ***** pass pressure took a toll. I believe the Rams should have tried even more quick hitters, because the slower developing plays had no chance as the game progressed.



    Jeff Gordon: In the not-so-old days, the Rams moved downfield rather easily in their two-minute drill. These days, not so much. The decline is amazing.


    jersey lamont: mcmichael and bennet were supposed to help out with red zone scoring to many fg kill the offense and shawn mcdonald looks great as the 4th reciever in detroit go lions?

    Jeff Gordon: Go Lions, indeed. Bulger tried to go to Bennett in the red zone, but the Niners were sitting on him.


    Dave f***: It was great to see the Rams finally use their tight-ends some this week. However, this team looks like it is putting pieces of their offense together a little each week. Isn't that what what preseason and training camps are for? At this rate, we'll get into the mid-twenties in points sometime around week 6 or 7. I really don't want to hear any more about their "weapons", as each week we see our weapons misfire. Last week, Jackson, this week Holt and Hall! This coaching staff has successful halved the\is teams point production on their watch and are building their own legacy. Either the Dead (red) Zone or the sloppiest show on turf. My question is this - what can be done to save the fans sanity and with the falling economy (along with any hopes of winning at home) will the Rams continue to pick-up the loose tickets so we can stay home, watch on TV and switch to a different game if the misfires continue...

    Jeff Gordon: I'm guessing that we'll see lots of blackouts this season, so folks jumping off the bandwagon may have to tune in some other teams to get their NFL fix.


    Jeff in San Jose: Jeff, what was up with the meltdown by Jackson in the 4th?

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson left without speaking to reporters, so we don't know exactly. He had lot to be furious about.


    Rich: Gordo:

    This loss hurt, but I thought we looked great in all aspects of the game...except those fumbles. In your opinion, do we still have a chance to make the playoffs after such a devastating defeat?


    Jeff Gordon: Is there a chance? Yes.
    A great chance? No. The absence of Pace and Steussie really hurts. That middle part of the schedule is brutal. It lightens up late, but by then it may be too late.


    Joe Knight: Isnt it time to end the Dante Hall experiment.I've been a Rams fan since 1966 and we have always picked up these players past their prime who are too old to contribute. It is time that we give Marques Hagans a chance.He showed that he was more than able to be a strong returner but also someone that can catch and run in the passing game.Issac had a good game but on his last catch,why didnt he run it past the 1st down marker?All he and Torry do is catch and fall or run out of bounds.What about the last 2 drives?On the 1st one-why not punt with 2 TOs and the 2 minute warning?On the last one,go on 4th and 2 because a 56yd FG is a stretch for anyone.Just some thoughts from a loyal fan.

    Jeff Gordon: Hall was NOT impressive today. He made the big mistake and he didn't come close to busting a big play. I like Hagans, too, and would like to see him in the offense. I'm not for pulling the plug on Dante's returns, but we certainly need to see more from him ASAP. It's hard to devote a roster spot to him if he doesn't best a nice return each game.


    TJ: I know the Rams offensive line is depleted, but can Mark Bulger win a game in the clutch? Are we giving Mark a pass because he puts up great numbers, and he's such a great guy? It just seems to me, and correct me if I'm wrong, that we blame everybody but Mark Bulger to get it done in the fourth. Am I just desparate and reaching for answers (again) because the obvious is too close to my TV screen, or do I have something to discuss?

    Jeff Gordon: Marc played pretty well, considering how beat up he was. Some QBs would have come out of this game with the rib injuries he suffered. The beatings did take a toll on him. Could he get the ball out quicker? Yes. Could he make better decisions in scoring position? Yes.

    But I thought he was en route to a huge game until the beatings took a toll.


    chris: Seasons over...watching and losing that game probably sinks this team. Linehan or Olsen make the worse playcalls. Maybe I missed martz. The team just doesnt look ready to play. All the fumbles and bad tackling will doom this team. And the way Tampa played today we'll be 0-3. Sad..

    Jeff Gordon: The team was ready to play. And the team had the upper hand in this game. What I don't get -- and what Linehan referenced after the game -- was this team's inability to finish off a winning effort. Linehan fell on the sword for this during his postgame news conference. And he probably should. Where did this team's swagger go.


    Jason: Hey Jeff,what is the rams problem when it comes to fumbling?
    Jackson lost us the game last week with his back to back fumbles..both recovered by Carolina.This week Dante fumbles the punt and rams lose again.Now they are 0-2 and face many road games ahead. The rams just cant get it together,injuries or not.

    Jeff Gordon: There is no one common denominator in fumbles. Other teams go for the ball, obviously,but the Rams fumblers in this game have a LOT of experience. They know the stakes. I don't think anybody was being careless. Both Holt and Hall got caught trying a little too hard to make a play, which happens when a team struggles.


    Curt: I've been saying this since last year, and I'll say it again; Will Witherspoon does not play the run like a MLB. Fourth and one from the Rams 43, the ***** run a predictable ISO (FB with iso block on the LB) and hand the ball to Gore. WW comes up and takes the FB on...with an outside move (gasp). While WW does make the FB miss and has a shot at Gore, he does not make the tackle and because he filled outside-in, he left the middle open where there was no other run support except for the too-old Corey Chavous. If WW fills inside out, and still misses, the OLB makes the tackle. Instead he goes outside-in and leaves the middle of the field wide open. ***** score a TD, Rams lose again. End of story. Your thoughts?

    Jeff Gordon: That one play was a fiasco, but otherwise the Rams D was pretty solid. I agree that leaving Chavous alone against Gore is NOT good, but the run D was other strong.


    Glenn: Hey Gordo, well here we go again. Fumble, fumble, fumble. That was a team that should beat, we out class them in every facet of the game. What's next? Do you think we can save the season?

    Jeff Gordon: There is always time to save the season in this NFL, because a lot of NFC teams will struggle. Look at Carolina and New Orleans this week. It would take a major reversal by the O-Line and a sustained offensive surge to make it happen. If that happened, the D could get better as Brown and Hill get back to play cornerback.


    Rick in PA: POOR Coaching! We go for it 4 and 7? The defense is playing good, the 9rs are playing conservative and we give them a gift! Coaching like a rookie! What's your thoughts?

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, to go for that, then not go for the shorter fourth-down play that came on the next sequence . . . that is bit a weird. Because you're right, the ***** were turtling.


    YoMurphy: Hey Jeff,
    My heart breaks for "money." Still I don't feel as bad as I did after last game. The D looked good, as long as they don't have to cover a good passing offense.
    What other pluses do you see in this game? Can we play like this and beat a Tampa Bay team that just slaughtered New Orleans?
    Does getting the mad man Incognito back make enough of a difference on the O-line? I winced at every one of those 4 sacks and 12 hits on Bulger.
    Thanks for answering.

    Jeff Gordon: No, the Rams cannot play like this and beat Tampa Bay. The only positive in this game was the defensive toughness. Except for the one running play, the unit was strong. There were a lot of stops in there. The D gave the offense every chance.


    jeff in california: 4th and 2, you have to be able to pick up two yards. Totally disapointed in Linehan. You can,t go o-2 at home especially losing 2 conference games. Bad teams can't overcome bad turnovers. Extrremely disapointed........

    Jeff Gordon: Right now, at 0-2 after two home games, the Rams qualify as "bad." No question. Martz's teams could overcome some mishaps, but Linehan's teams cannot.


    journeyegb: I was disapointed, but if not for the one bad defensive play, we still would have won. My question:

    Will Jackson have any kind of chance to be half as good as he was last year, with this line?

    Jeff Gordon: Great question. I'd like to believe that Incognito's eventual return will help, as will Steussie's return later this season. Not sure about Brown at RT, though, so this could still be a struggle. Jackson could face a long, tough road during the remaining 14 weeks.


    David Gonzales: I know this loss was pretty disheartening for the Rams but I feel that Rams showed pretty good flashes of greatness! Smile How far do you think the Rams are from being a Superbowl Contender?

    Jeff Gordon: Sarcasm?


    trujillo: heck of an effort by the rams! But why can't they get more from Steven Jackson? 1

    Jeff Gordon: Again, gotta block for the man. Not much there today.


    Tom: Is it time to put Linehan on the hot seat already? The Rams are continuing to prove that they can't put the ball into the endzone even with all of the weapons they have. Martz may not have been loved by the front office, but his teams had no problem scoring.

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan actually used the word "sucks" in his news conference, so he already feels the heat. He has no other track record as a head coach, so fans won't be patient with him. Neither will media types.


    Bill: Jeff,

    First of all, our defense played great (with one exception). Made big stops at crucial times. Our offense definitely played with more rhythm than last week. However, how do we keep committing huge turnovers when we have an opportunity to gain a little separation? Also, do you agree with the call to try the 56 yard field goal at the end of the game when we have a 4th and 1? I mean I know Wilkins is good and everything and he did almost nail it, but...we probably could have gotten a few more yards and run down some more clock. Questionable to say the least. Another heartbreaking loss. Thanks for letting Rams fans vent.

    -Bill from San Diego

    Jeff Gordon: That Holt turnover, in scoring position, was devastating. So was Hall's fumbled punt return. He called it "boneheaded" and said he should have taken the fair catch. I have to agree with him. These are veteran players -- no excuses.


    Mark Mazz: Over 1 minute left, 4th & 3, you're down by 1 point BUT you're moving the ball and you've got more offensive weapons than coaches on 25+ other teams in NFL can only dream about but do you go for it, NO. You ask an excellent kicker from 40-45 yards to kick a 56 yarder instead. Why? Why, Why Why Gordo? Please tell me Why. Please tell this NYC-based Ram fan since 1967...Why?

    Jeff Gordon: Wilkins looked good kicking the 53-yard field goal, so Linehan believed he could hump it up there. Turns out Jeff kicked another 53-yarder . . . it just goes back to his lack of belief in his offense. Bulger got pounded all day and the Niners kept coming. He knew the field goal was a reach, but figured going for it was a greater reach.


    Micah: I think it's safe to write off the season now. The Rams will likely be 0-4 after the next two games. What do you think? When can we fire Linehan? Do we have to wait until the season's over?

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan was very emotional after the game, and for good reason. He is on the spot. Tampa Bay is suddenly a scary game and the Cowboys game was always scary. 0-4 is a real opporunity. His regime is now 8-10 with no turnaround in sight. Not good.


    Greg Olson: Hey Gordo, a lot of people were criticizing my play calling last week. Do you think it was better today?

    Greg Olson

    Jeff Gordon: The game plan was fine. A few of the play calls seemed odd, but the big problem, again, was the offensive line struggle and the general inability to counter the blitzing.


    John: Jeff-- I wasn't able to see the game. Generally, how did the rookies do?

    Jeff Gordon: Ryan starred, as we've noted. Carriker was fine. Brian Leonard got onto the mix as a pass catcher, which was good to see. The Niners were very conservative on offense, so cornerback Jonathan Wade wasn't tested much.

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    Re: Gordo's post game

    Sad to read that Cog may take another two weeks! But if that's what is needed, well, that's that. He, Richie, must be feeling terrible not being able to play. // Terrell should be okay for Tampa, I would think.

    How was Milford Brown? Did he play RT today?

    Interesting insights from Gordo.

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