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    gordos report card and more martz bashing

    someone post the stupid report card.

    coaching "Way too conservative on defense and it almost cost them in the end" C minus.

    What a joke. classic example of why average fans are always bashing martz. tough win on the road. Defense gives us NO TDs to fitz, boldin etc and plays great against the run, while getting two turnovers and its a C minus for the coaches? We get a couple of drives stopped on dropped passes after hits and thats the coaches? Martz shows continued use of the run, maybe not as much as some of us would like, and the coaches get a c minus? Too conservative but a blitz at the end to win it? Stupid penalty for delay of the game on the last drive that gave them extra time and that is a c minus of the coaches?

    What an unfair review of the coaching staff. i am not suggesting that they are the greatest in history, but how can you not give them some credit already.

    NO TDS ON THE ROAD TO WARNER AND THREE GOOD RECEIVERS, basic shutting down of the running game, not real big plays, two takeaways, and marmie gets a c minus. what a joke.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: gordos report card and more martz bashing

    A agree GC, the front seven had a great game, Pickett and 'the bear' kennedy just over powered their interior line, OUR makeshift DB's to me did a superb job against those tall recievers, nice Bliz at the end, gutze call there...... Red zone D was great, to keep Kurt out of the end zone I think it was four times NO BAD atall....



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