What a wonderful journey this has been. As I took my wife to work this morning, I told her how proud I was of the way our franchise has rebuilt itself from the ground up. She is a Packers fan, so it made sense to her, as they have always built through the draft and by acquiring hard working vets to fill the holes. Winning 6 games in 3 seasons was not easy, but it was all part of the master plan. I was very hard on Spags and company last year, because I felt they should have found a way to win that last game and get us into the playoffs. But at the end of the day, I wasn't seeing the big picture.

With that said, be grateful that you are here and able to enjoy another season of Ram football. R.I.P. Randy, and we know you are watching, and will give your Rams an extra kick in the pants today to get the job done. I hope that everyone on the board has a blessed opening football Sunday, and hopefully we will be able to come back here and celebrate all day and week.

And take an extra moment to think about those that lost their lives on 9/11 ten years ago. The images, sounds, and thoughts of this day still haunt me from time to time. It's amazing how fragile life and everything we know actually is.

With that, lets go kick some Eagle ass!