By Jim Thomas
Thursday, Oct. 02 2008
As soon as Scott Linehan was fired Monday, Trent Green said he "had a pretty
good feeling" that his tenure as Rams starting quarterback had ended.

"I think it was pretty clear last week that the one behind the whole thing was
Scott, as far as getting me in there," Green said. "I think everybody else was
pretty supportive of Marc (Bulger), so that's why I anticipated it."

Did it bother him that he wasn't necessarily the people's choice at Rams Park?

"Oh no," Green said. "I just like playing. I just told Scott I appreciate the
opportunity, and I gave him everything I had. I tried rallying the troops and I
thought they responded well. We just didn't get it done."

For whatever reason, the Rams seemed to be playing with more urgency and more
precision with Green in the lineup last Sunday in place of the benched Bulger.
At least that was the case during a first half in which the Rams outscored
Buffalo 14-6 and outgained them 210 yards to 96.

But momentum started to change in the third quarter. Buffalo took the
second-half kickoff and marched 76 yards in 5½ minutes for a touchdown. On
their only full series of the third quarter, the Rams reached the Buffalo 25,
but a sack pushed them back and then Josh Brown missed his first field goal of
the season — a 51-yarder that sailed wide right.

Then came one of the most telling plays of the season, an interception thrown
by Green that was returned for a touchdown by Jabari Greer on the first play of
the fourth quarter. It gave Buffalo a 20-14 lead in a game the Bills eventually
won 31-14.

Who knows what happens if that pass, intended for Torry Holt, is completed? Or
even falls incomplete? Maybe the Rams win the game. If that happens, Linehan
almost certainly would still be coaching the Rams. And Green probably would
still be the starting quarterback.

"There's a lot of ramifications from the pass," Green said. "I put it to the
spot I thought (Holt) was going be. He ran to the spot he thought he was
supposed to be — and that's football."

On the sideline earlier, Green and Holt had talked about adjusting that
particular route to take advantage of the Bills' coverage. Obviously, something
got lost in translation once the play was called and ran.

That was the only glaring blemish in Green's performance — his first
regular-season action in nearly 12 months. He completed 17 of 32 passes for 236
yards — a season-high yardage total for the Rams' passing game this season.

"I thought we moved the ball well," Green said. "We weren't able to finish some
drives. But I felt the guys responded well to the change, and I was proud of
the whole group."

For Green, the overall experience only reconfirmed his belief that he made the
right decision in returning to football after concussions had marred his prior
two seasons.

"I enjoyed myself," Green said. "I took some hits. I'm sure my wife was glad to
see that I took a few hits and was able to respond — respond well. It was just
fun being back out there.

"The disappointing thing is we were very close to getting a win, and that
momentum swing (with the interception) cost us. We're not at a point right now
where we can handle that. And we will be at some point in time."

Jim Haslett replaced Linehan as head coach Monday, and informed Green he was
reinstating Bulger as the starting quarterback. Green is back to No. 2 on the
depth chart.

"Jim's the new head coach and that's his decision," Green said. "So I told him
I support it. I was brought here originally, many months ago, to be Marc's
backup. I appreciate the opportunity."

Green has talked to Linehan since the firing, and said Linehan is doing OK.

"He's leaning on his family, which is what you do in a time like this," Green
said. "It'll give him an opportunity to spend more time with his three boys and
with his wife. He's obviously disappointed. You wish things had ended
differently. But you know, you just take it day by day. He's looking at the
positive aspects of it, and the positive aspect is, he's going to be able to
spend more time with his family right now."