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    Chrisbob Guest

    Greetings Rams Fans

    Redskin fan here. Looking forward to the match-up this coming week.

    Both our teams were involved in close games this past week, heck of a comeback your team pulled off there........what about the kid Fitzpatrick huh! Not such a great finish over in DC (for me anyways!).

    Does it look like he'll start this week?

    Hard to see how this one will go, the Skins are on a 3 game slump and have a habit of losing heartbreakers at the moment. This week was a lesson in how to not sit on a lead. The Skins have also struggled on the road, apart from a wacky (but beautiful) MNF @ Dallas, the Skins are winless on the road since.

    I don't caim to know a bunch about the Rams, but I know on offense they have some first rate weapons in Holt, Jackson, Bruce and Curtis. How's the D this year, I know it struggled with turnovers last year (to get them I mean) because if that's the case the Redskins might be the prefect tonic. Looking at the results and from what I've seen of the Rams, it seems you don't know which team will turn up until the game gets going, the one that can light up the scoreboard or the one that sort of kills itself..........would that be a fair assessment?

    Anyway, look forward to the game and I'll try and pop back duringthe week to chat about it. Here's to a good game and no injuries!

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    Re: Greetings Rams Fans

    Welcome to the clan ChrisBob. Yes Fitzpatrick did a fine job of leading the offense. He looks real good and confident. I think there is a good chance that he will play.

    Our offense always puts up some points. The Rams defense is the weak spot of the team and the performance or non-performance of the defense is the deciding factor in our wins and losses. We can lose big when they don't play. We do have injuries, blown coverages, uninspired play, and lots of penalties which prevent our defense from stopping either the running or passing game. We do have a DC with a horrible track record. We are missing our head coach. It is not the best of times for the Rams, but the games will continue.

    The skins always seem to play close games, except that Giant game, and they have lost some last minute heartbreakers this year. They are close to making things happen. They started out nicely, but have been stumbling lately. I know Gibbs and the fans are struggling with the losses.

    I expect this will be a close and exciting game. I don't think we will see a blowout. I hope it is good one. cya around Chrisbob.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Greetings Rams Fans

    Wassup man. Nice to see you.

    To answer your question I'm pretty sure Fitzpatrick is starting this week. Atleast I hope so since he pulled that off last week he should get another chance.

    Hows the D this year? Its ranked 29 so its horrible you guys should put up a big score against us with Brunell 2 Moss all day and you could easily run over us with Portis. We still can't get any turovers we only have 13 this year. Thats bad. We have no shut down players on D again.

    I look forward to the game to man. Good Luck!

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    Chrisbob Guest

    Re: Greetings Rams Fans

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Sounds like your defense is frustrating you again but the Skins have been very average on offense the last couple of weeks. Vs the Chargers they got 17 points then Gibbs shut up shop, leaving the defense to win the game but because the offense never controled the ball and hardly got even a first down after Cartwrights score the D just worn down. For 3 quarters, LT was held to 66 yards and Brees had his worse day of the season but LT broke loose in the 4th and took the game.

    The match up of the Rams receivers vs Skins DB's is interesting, I think the Rams hold an edge because the Skins need to sen people on the blitz to get pressure, the front four are a good run stopping unit but get hardly any pressure. Expect the Rams to try and work Walt Harris though.

    Offensively, the Skins are limited in the passing game with Moss, Cooley then little else. Moss is still doing well but has been quieter in recent weeks. Cooley is the guy to watch, when the Skins get good drives going, he is usually a big part of it, getting underneath and finding the hole in the zone and while he ain't fast, he's a load to bring down.

    The Skins also have trouble with turnovers, so many games this year the Skins have turned the ball over in the opponets red zone, it's so frustrating. Saying that, they actually won the turnover battle 3-0 last week and still lost!!

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    RamJackson39 Guest

    Re: Greetings Rams Fans

    I like this matchup a lot. Moss is a welcome rest from all of the big receivers that the Rams have been forced to play. He falls right in place with a smaller DB like Dejuan Groce. If Cooley has a big game, then I think that we will lose.

    Clinton Portis hasnt done much this season, and I really hope that the Rams dont let him here. If we can stop the run, then we will win this game.

    You can run on their defense. I expect them to come out and play hard, but if we stick with the run I think Jackson may have a big game.

    I dont know where Carlos Rodgers is on the depth chart, but if he finds himself lined up against Bruce or Curtis, then the Rams need to audible and go deep against him. He doesnt have great speed and can be beat bu speedy receivers.

    I just want too see if we can get any pressure from the right or left side of the D-Line. The D-Line has to show up in pass rush. Also, Jimmy Kennedy needs to start in this game. I havent seen him do anything on the field to warrant losing his starting job. He's done what he's supposed to.

    This should be a good game. The teams seem to matchup really well with eachother. The Rams need this one though to keep even their smallest playoff hopes alive.

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    Chrisbob Guest

    Re: Greetings Rams Fans

    Rogers is still officially the 3rd corner on the depth chart. He is having a steady season and him and Walt Harris pretty much split time at that 2nd corner spot.

    I hoping I'm not jinxing Carlos here, but I think he's up to the challenge. In his first start vs Seattle, the 'Hawks went after him........they didn't get much luck. The following week in Denver, he played pretty well too. Last week, the Chargers went after him, he had a pick and should have had two more. The corners get good support from Sean Taylor who can run with anyone although he is a little nicked up with a sore foot.

    Curtis is the guy that worries me, he has speed to burn and lines up all over the place. I wouldn't like to see Walt Harris against him.

    As for Portis, he tends to be a bit up and down, but I'll say this, while his stats aren't what they were in Denver he has become a better all round player, throwing his body around blocking and doing the little things well. He's not the biggest of backs but he's proven to be very durable.

    Jackson is looking good for you guys and if Fitzpatrick is starting, I would expect to see plenty of him early. The Skins generally play the run well but have had a nasty habit of allowing some long runs, almost a boom or bust type run defense.


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