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Thread: Greg Reid First To Arrive At Rams Volunteer Workouts

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    Re: Greg Reid First To Arrive At Rams Volunteer Workouts

    Height means very little because a 5'8 corner versus a 5'10 corner like Verrett basically generates a 4" extra reach. Want to know what's more important than those 4" in reach? most of these make a couple FEET of difference, not inches:

    Hand work at the line to prevent quick separation
    hip twist and back peddle speed
    straight ahead speed
    leaping ability (easily can make up those 4" alone)
    instincts and reaction time
    intelligence to read the play and anticipate before the snap. When Jenkins was playing 8 yards off the line, him being 3" taller wasn't going to do a darn thing.
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    Re: Greg Reid First To Arrive At Rams Volunteer Workouts

    You make good points, but all points you mention being equal, between two different CBs, I still prefer the guy that's 5'10" or taller. After all, how many times have we seen a key play or even a game boil down to mere inches?

    I'm sure there are different schools of thought on this and there are always going to be exceptions. For what it's worth the seahacks do not have a DB, CB, or S under 5'10" on their roster. Earl Thomas is 5'10" but the overwhelming majority of the rest of the secondary has guys ranging from 6'0 to 6'3". Only stands to reason since I have read and heard many times that carroll prefers the bigger backs.

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