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View Poll Results: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Make The HOF?

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  • Kurt Warner

    35 87.50%
  • Orlando Pace

    24 60.00%
  • Isaac Bruce

    34 85.00%
  • Torry Holt

    19 47.50%
  • Aeneas Williams

    7 17.50%
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    Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    Now that Marshall Faulk is in the HOF, which GSOT Rams are next?

    The candidates:

    Kurt Warner: Chances - Excellent
    Warner's story is a big plus, but I think the factor that gets him over the top is the fact that he was able to lead the Cardinals to the Super Bowl after his Rams days ended. It also does not hurt that he has little QB competition (thanks, in part, to Brett Favre's delayed retirement).

    Orlando Pace: Chances - Very Good
    Pace is one of the three or four elite OTs of his time. He'll be up the same year as Walter Jones, who is a sure fire HOF (though nobody will ever convince me that he was better than Pace, who played in a much more difficult offense for an OT).

    Isaac Bruce: Chances - Fair/Good
    Bruce's career numbers and Super Bowl winning catch should make him a lock, but there is such a backlog of WRs (See Andre Reed, Chris Carter) who have had to wait, he may find it difficult to get called right away. Hopefully, he'll eventually get his due.

    Torry Holt: Chances - Fair/Good
    Holt is ins a similar situation as Bruce. His career numbers are not as impressive as the Rev's but, for a 6-7 year span, he was the most productive WR in the NFL. Another case of should make it, but...

    Aeneas Williams: Chances - Fair
    Williams was one of the best CBs of his era, but he lanuished in anonymity in Arizona before his Rams years. My guess is that he won't make the finals in his first year or two, but may get close eventually.


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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    I think all will... eventually. I pretty much feel the same as you on most players with just a few adjustments.
    I think Bruce has a better chance than Pace. WE all know Pace was downright amazing, but sometimes the linemen get overlooked for the skill position guys. Bruce's numbers are also amazing, and he's got that SB winning catch to seal the deal. Chance at first ballot (probably SHOULD be first ballot) but it could be close.
    Holt is a shade below Bruce. Like you said, his run there for a few years was amazing, but I think it will take him some time.

    If I were to rank the guys I would go:
    1. Kurt Warner
    2. Isaac Bruce
    3. Aeneas Williams
    4. Orlando Pace
    5. Torry Holt

    Warner is a no-brainer. He may not get first ballot, but he so very well-liked with an incredible story and is one of the best postseason QBs ever.
    Already mentioned Bruce.
    Williams had a fantastic career, anybody who doubts him needs to go back and look at his numbers. He is among the best of the best and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame VERY SOON. I think he has come close to the finals, but hasn't got the support yet. There is just no way they can keep him out of there long.
    Pace and Holt have also been discussesd.

    But for a simple answer, I think all of the guys will get in the HoF (all of the no doubt deserve it)... a few will just take some time.

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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    I really doubt anyone of them besides Warner are going to get in.

    Not that the others were great players and deserve to be in. Theres just alot of things in the way of them getting in.

    Warner- should be first ballot hands down.
    Bruce- Great reciever did he ever drop a pass? But look at it this way chris carter is having trouble getting in and he has been on the ballot for years not to mention andre reed or tim brown.
    Holt- Same as bruce he was TOP and I mean top of his class for about 6 years straight but there are some recievers that will have to be in before holt so it will be awhile at least.
    Pace- was the best tackle of his day but as you stated jones is in the same class so it will be tough for him I dont know if he will get enough credit just because he was with the rams.
    Williams- as for him he was great but playing for the cardinals and then the rams I am not sure if he got enough spot light to be noticed.

    Like I said they all deserve to be in I just dont know if the voters are going to see it that way.

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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    Kurt Warner. To me this is a clear, 'hands down', definite, meritorious, obligatory, (etc. x3) choice.

    What he was, became, and did for the Rams -- and the NFL -- is remarkable, memorable; the true personification of FAME.

    If not now, his name will / should soon be enshrined in Canton.

    PS: BTW, Orlando Pace - I admired this great OL and yet, frankly, not sure of his deserving place in the HOF.
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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    My take:

    Kurt Warner- The argument against Warner is that he got a late start to his career and put up great numbers for a relatively short period of time. He lost starting jobs in NY and (initially) Arizona before eventually resurrecting his career. On the plus side, he was a two-time league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, won the SB with St. Louis and got to two others. His story is pure Hollywood- from stock boy to NFL hero. He gets in.

    Aeneas Williams- Despite primarily playing for poor Cardinals teams, Williams was NOT underrated or overlooked. He got his due every year and played in numerous Pro Bowls and named All-Pro multiple times throughout a great career. A leader and a quality person as well as player, he will eventually get in BUT not in the way we'd like to see: He'll enter as a Cardinal.

    Orlando Pace- One of the top players at his position for a decade who more than justified his place in the draft. Hard to think he wouldn't get in, but probably not a first ballot guy, as others have pointed out, with Walter Jones looming on the horizon.

    Isaac Bruce- The same things that are being said about Aeneas Williams can be said of Bruce: that he played on a bunch of bad teams before the Rams got better. Only then did the spotlight start being placed over Isaac. Until then, he wasn't appreciated at all in a division with Jerry Rice, John Taylor and the Niners. His 1781 yards in a season might be one of the most ridiculously under-mentioned achievements in receiving history. His SB XXXIV catch is fortunately etched in the minds of millions who started to see this guy for what he was. I think Isaac gets in, but will have to wait quite awhile, as the receiver position has other deserving candidates who have been temporarily shelved.

    Torry Holt- He had 1000 yard seasons 7 or 8 years in a row to start his career and I believe had the most yards of any reciever in the league from 1999-2009. A truly prolific player, who will be hurt by those who say he benefitted by having unbelievable weapons around him that drew coverage and attention away from him. That and the fact that he was not a dynamic (i.e. big mouth) player who physically imposed his will on people like T.O. and Moss means I don't believe he'll get in anytime soon. In my mind, however, he's as deserving as anyone who played receiver in the last 15 years.

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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    If Bruce doesn't get in his first year I'll be outraged but not surprised.

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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    Warner and Bruce have the Greatest chance of joining Faulk in the HOF.
    Speaking of GSOT....lets not forget about Ricky Proehl and Az-zahir Hakim, who were a big part of the "Greatest Show on Turf" and who were a essential parts in helping the Rams win their 1st and only Super Bowl Championship. Canton should consider openning a wing, in the hall, dedicated only to the GSOT!

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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    Warner should get in first ballt but not sure if the HOF gods will vote him in first year out. Just a feeling I have but I would love to be wrong on this. He will get in though.

    The only other strong candidate I see is IKE. Others may make it down the road (Holt, Pace) but not really very confident that will happen.

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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    I think they will all be Hall of Famers one day. This is arguably the best offense the NFL has ever seen and Aeneas was a perenial pro-bowler before he even came to the Rams. So to me, they are all no-brainers.
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    Re: Which GSOT Era Rams Will Join Faulk in the HOF?

    Warner and Pace. WR's can't seem to get in, it's like it takes someone special to throw it, but anyone catch it.
    This space for rent...

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