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    First off great win

    Our guards stink it seems like they get more of a negative push than a possitive one. Bell is pretty good in pass protection but gets zero push in the run game. Goldberg isn't particularly good at either. Are Hank Fraley and Grecco really that bad, because Goldberg needs to take a seat. The only logical reason for starting Goldberg IMO is line continuity but outside of that sit him down. Goaline and 3rd a short running plays are always getting blown up.

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    Re: Guards

    Agreed, even though we have already dumped a lot of money into the o line, we need to either sign or draft a "high profile" guard. It seems like they are a much better pass blocking unit over a run blocking one. Which is interesting as it almost marks the ending of the Steven Jackson Era and the start of the Sam Bradford Era.

    But yeah, Goldberg getting pancaked down at the goal line was terrible. I remind everyone he is a finesse tackle playing the mauler position at right guard, and in that sense he has played admirably if not very good.

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    Re: Guards

    Quote Originally Posted by C-Mob 71 View Post
    Agreed, even though we have already dumped a lot of money into the o line, we need to either sign or draft a "high profile" guard.
    If we so happen to make the playoffs with a 7-9 record, we might be in position to do just that. Mike Pouncey, please!

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    Re: Guards

    I have a guard thread in the Draft/FA section with some prospects for the draft.

    But I agree, we are much more of a finesse blocking line now. We need to get a mauler at the RG position at least.

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    Re: Guards

    The Goldberg play at the goalline where he got lit up by a linebacker said it all. We also haven't been able to run where he pulls out and blocks on the left side. He failed to either get to the edge or seal the edge multiple times in the past few weeks. Jackson has no choice but to dance when 2 or 3 guys are right in his face. Greco is a really phsyical guard and has opened up holes for Jackson early in the season. I wonder why Fraley is beating him out to be active on game day.

    The pass blocking was pretty good. Bradford had large pockets to throw in. We pretty much have the same line as last year, which was a good run blocking line. This year it seems like an Oline Martz would create. I hope Greco gets a chance and runs with it. If not, we definitely need to upgrade in the offseason.

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