Greetings, my children. I haven't really been away, I just kept quiet until this game.

I wish to speak of our team. Yes, those wonderful men in the horns we tune in to watch each and every week. Right now, I feel safe from the slaughterhouse since I have been looking more like a jackass than a cow for picking the Rams to win, but I'll be a Homer.

It almost paid off today. One less dropped ball, one less penalty, and we should have had that game in our grasp. I thought it funny that the media proclaimed our offensive line hamburger at the hands of Haynesworth, but from what saw, our guys did just fine.

Two things surprised me this game - I don't recall the ref saying anything about Barron having a false start, or Richie having any temper tantrums. I am truly moo-ved by this development.

I do wish we could have won. However, I did see some improvement from last week...make that a LOT of improvement. Now, with the Rams coming home next week to play the Packers, one can only ope the Packers stink it up like some old Limburger.

Oh, and if you're going to the game, try the chicken sandwiches. I hear they are a lot better than the burgers.