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    Wednesday, May 23, 2007


    A quick breakdown of the Rams 2007 schedule


    The Rams schedule guarantees a purposeful stretch drive. The schedule is setup mandating early survival considering the Rams will play 75 percent of their road games before Thanksgiving.

    The schedule while taxing has a few advantages hidden in the layers.

    If the Rams can play .500 football through the first 10 games, they'll be in thick of the playoff hunt. if the Rams are north of .500 after their first 10 games, the Rams will contend for best record in the NFC.

    Here is a game-by-game glance at the first 10 games:

    Game One: Carolina

    The Panthers offer a perfect season-opening opponent. One, the Panthers enter the season as a potential playoff contender hence a legit first test. More importantly, the Panthers can test in the Rams in three key areas. The Panthers kickers and coverage units are very good hence a terrific matchup for Dante Hall and the Rams new return blocking schemes. The Panthers running game will present the defensive front competition. and on the flip side, the Panthers defensive front remains one of the best in the business testing the young interior and presenting Alex Barron a test out of the gates.

    Game Two: San Francisco

    It hasn't taken long for Coach Scott Linehan and his counterpart Coach Mike Nolan to delve into the depths of detest in this rivalry. The smoldering rivalry ignited again in 2005 with the flames abundantly apparent in 2006. With both teams legit division contenders. this will be the season that one of the best rivalries in the NFC once again proves "white hot." Considering the Rams have won just three of it's last 12 divisional games, despite being game two. this is a must win, and a must see game.

    Game Three: At Tampa Bay

    If you have Randy McMichael on your fantasy team. you're a winner. Save an defensive epiphany, the Buccaneers rank among the worst in the league defending legit tight ends. The Bucs are coming off an emotional contest against divisional rival New Orleans. The Rams matchup very well against the Bucs on both sides of the ball. This game will prove one of three swing games in 2007 determining the pretender or contender status for the Rams.

    Game Four: At Dallas

    The Cowboys are coming off two road games including a primetime contest with the Chicago Bears. The Cowboys might not be the best team the Rams will contest however they will be the toughest matchup. The Cowboys receivers size and speed will test the Rams cornerbacks, tight end Jason Witten will test the 'backers, the power running game presents a titanic test for the defensive interior while the Cowboys front-seven will be as difficult a task the Rams frontline will battle all season. It will take a terrific effort and superb overall game plan for the Rams to emerge victorious in this game.

    Game Five: Arizona
    The Cardinals come to town having contested a wicked opening month. In addition to the quality of opposition, *****, Baltimore, Seattle and Pittsburgh, the physical nature of their first four foes will hopefully have taken a toll. The Cardinals coaching staff hopes to instill a mentally tough attitude which will tested in this game. The ground game could determine the outcome. Steven Jackson has averaged just 2.9 yards per rush in this last three meetings against the Cardinals with two fumbles and no touchdowns. In fact, in five career games against the Cardinals, Jackson has three fumbles, to lost fumbles, and just one TD.

    Game Six: At Baltimore

    It's not inconceivable the Ravens enter this game unbeaten. This game presents similar issues contested in Dallas. The Rams cornerbacks will be tested by one best quarterbacks of this era while focusing on a talented and strong runner in Willis McGahee capable of testing the perimeters. Having both Orlando Pace and Jonathan Ogden compete in the same contest will be intriguing. With Todd Heap and Ed Reed roaming the middle of the field on either side of the ball is always problematic.

    Game Seven: At Seattle

    Having to make the trek to Seattle is never an easy task. the fact that it's the fourth road game in five weeks with two of three previous battles contested against Dallas and Baltimore adds precipitously to the arduous assignment. Both Leroy Hill and Pisa Tinoisamoa must heighten their games for this contest. Note to Tonya Harding & Co.: His name is Josh Brown!

    Game Eight: Cleveland

    Chuckle if you must however considering the Rams are coming off a grueling stretch, combined with the Browns having a bye the previous week. this is the scariest game on the schedule. The Browns are 5-6 in their last 11 non-divisional road games, with five of the six losses by eight points or less. Are the Rams the better team. the answer is: No doubt. Are the Browns a playoff contender. that be a: No. However the term "trap game" applies from every angle in the game. The Browns have a handful of crafty veterans supplemented by a posse of underachieving younger players. should the latter group mature. this will be a much tougher game than most suspect.

    Week Nine: Bye

    Game Nine: At New Orleans

    Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Deuce McAllister, Marques Colston, in the Big Easy. Hopefully the bye week will provide the defensive unit ample time to recharge the batteries because they'll be forced to play at full throttle from the opening kick. This is a game that could prove one of the more entertaining of the season considering the Rams best matchups come in the passing game. take the over if under 70!

    Game 10: At San Francisco

    Give the wife shopping money, arrange for the kids to play at another house, bolt the doors because this is going to be a slobber-knocker. Both teams will have integrated their newcomers and veteran additions. This game could have implications related to the divisional title and playoff hunt. Despite the fact that Rams have a 19-minute TOP advantage in their last two trips, combined, to 'Frisco. they lost both games. The difference being the inability to convert on scoring chances settling for field goals; assessed twice the penalty yards and most importantly. the ***** ridiculous, 13-2 advantage in sacks. that's right the Rams have allowed 13 sacks, combined, in their last two trips to 'Frisco.

    If the Rams are 6-4 or better. it's going to be a glorious season; at 5-5, the future remains bright. even at 4-6 there is hope because the Rams have a legit chance to win minimally four and possible as many as six of their final six games.

    Eyeing the first 10 games with utopias lenses. Game 11, at home, against Seattle will be the biggest home game the Rams have played since January of 2004.

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    Javaman Guest


    Well put and thought out. Love the way you even looked at opponets schedule. Good reading!! Thanks

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    Very good read, thanks.

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    Bottom line is "WIN" the very winnable home games. (Carolina,SF,AZ,CLEVELAND)
    Oh by the way, I don't care what kind of spin is put on the Cleveland game. We will not lose that game.

    Of the 4 road games Tampa Bay and Seattle are very winnable. Also don't count us out at Baltimore or Dallas.

    I see us at 6-2, 5-3 at the worst going into the bye week.

    :r :r

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    It's too bad Hadley isn't a member here....I'd good rep him for this thread.
    Game One: Carolina

    The Panthers offer a perfect season-opening opponent.
    I agree the Panthers will be a perfect test team for the Rams. However, I'm not all that excited about taking that test. I'd much rather start the season with Detroit, Tampa, Oakland, Delaware Tech......someone a little less of a "test" than the Panthers.

    But hey, that's just me being a felinas genitalias.
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    I agree the Panthers will be a perfect test team for the Rams. However, I'm not all that excited about taking that test. I'd much rather start the season with Detroit, Tampa, Oakland, Delaware Tech......someone a little less of a "test" than the Panthers.

    But hey, that's just me being a felinas genitalias.
    I thought that exact thing last year when we had Denver as our first game and look how that turned out. So maybe it will be another blessing in disguise that we play a tough team in the first game, and we can pull a win out before the better teams of the league get rolling like Denver did last year after we beat them.

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