FSN Midwest drops Hadley
By Dan Caesar
Of the Post-Dispatch

There has been relative peace on the local sports airwaves in recent days after a week of controversy, but some notable personnel moves are taking place.

FSN Midwest has dropped John Hadley from its lineup of commentators because he recently took a job with the Rams. He had provided analysis and commentary about the team and the NFL in general, as well as other sports.

“We had to go in a different direction,” said John Venneman, who oversees FSN Midwest’s news operation. “When a person works for a team, it makes it difficult. ... It’s kind of unfair to everybody, especially our audience, to put him on.”

KTRS (550 AM) doesn’t have the same view about the conflict, in part because he talks about more than football, and Hadley remains there as a sports-talk show host.

Meanwhile, he is providing statistical analysis to the Rams’ coaches. He also has been doing research to help formulate game plans and trying to shine a positive light, media-wise, on coach Mike Martz.

“When you’re doing a Rams specialty show, if they’re uncomfortable with that, I don’t want them in a bad position,” Hadley said. “I completely understand. ... I wouldn’t want them feeling they were compromised.”

FSN Midwest forges on with holdovers Bernie Miklasz, Jeff Gordon and Howard Balzer.

“While John was here, he was outstanding,” Venneman said. “He was loyal, he helped build the (‘Midwest Sports Report’) show from nothing in the early stages to now the start of our fifth year. I’m sure he’s being fiercely loyal to (the Rams) now.”

Hadley said he’s glad he joined the club.

“I’m convinced this has been a strong move,” he said. “When you get right down to it, (members of the media) have had more and bet´ter access” since he joined the staff.