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    Hagans helps roster bid

    By Bill Coats

    Veteran wide receiver Dane Looker caught five passes Thursday night — all on the Rams' opening drive — then settled back into a ringside seat for the final rounds of the fight for the sixth, and likely final, wideout spot.

    "We have to have the deepest receiving corps in the league," Looker said after the Rams' 10-3 victory over Kansas City at the Edward Jones Dome. "It's unbelievable how Dominique (Thompson) and Marques (Hagans) and (Derek) Stanley have battled it out. We'll see how it goes."

    The coaches have until 3 p.m. Saturday to crown a winner. That's when NFL rosters must be down to the final 53. It won't be an easy decision.

    "That's what it's all about; you love the competition," Hagans said. "I think everybody raised their game up and had a great preseason. Now we'll just see what happens at the end."

    Hagans, a second-year pro who spent last season on the practice squad, strengthened his bid again, with four catches for 53 yards and a 20-yard touchdown from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Chiefs.

    He finished the four-game exhibition schedule as the team's top receiver, with 13 catches for 166 yards and three of the four touchdowns the Rams registered.

    "It's just hard work paying off," said the 5-foot-10, 205-pound Hagans, a quarterback in college. "I've got a good receiving corps around me that helps me every day and a great coaching staff."

    The change in positions took time, Hagans said. "I definitely feel a lot more comfortable this year," he said. "I think I've been consistent. But at the same time, I know there are a lot of things I still need to work on."

    Hagans also has increased his value with an effective showing on returns. While Dante Hall joined the other regulars on the sidelines, Hagans brought back two kickoffs for 45 yards and one punt for 19.

    "I think the schemes are a little bit better this year," he said. "It also helps when you have a great return guy here in Dante Hall who can give you little hints. Just being around a guy like that, soaking up all the information like a sponge and trying to apply it to the field is nice."

    Stanley, a 5-11, 170-pound rookie drafted in the seventh round out of NCAA Division III Wisconsin-Whitewater, had just one reception vs. KC, but he finished the exhibition season with six catches for 80 yards.

    Thompson, who spent most of the past two years on the practice squad, hadn't seen live action since suffering two displaced ribs in the exhibition opener at Minnesota. He took painkillers before Thursday's game and then caught four balls for 35 yards.

    "I told the training staff and coaches that I wanted to give it a try," said Thompson, 5-11 and 205. "I'm feeling pretty good right now. We'll see how I feel in the morning, though. ... But I was glad I was able to actually get out there and make a couple of plays."

    Now comes the hardest part.

    "Everything's done with now," Thompson said. "It's just a waiting game."

    Said Hagans: "At least I know I went out and gave it my all. I left it all on the field, and whatever happens after that is meant to be, and then I'll go on from there."

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    Most of this training camp, everyone seems to think that there is only one WR spot open.
    Hall (Kick Returner)
    Looker (Wilkins Caddie)

    I am not as sold on Looker as a WR as some of the you are. So my question is, Hagens played QB in college and as such should have excellent hands. One of the first priorities of a holder is to catch the ball. Hagens should be able to handle this. Not sure if he did it in college or high school. You opinions, and please don't say we don't want to upset Wilkins. We have 53 spots to fill. This is the NFL and we need to field out best players.

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    I can't see Linehan cutting Looker. Although as you ask Hagans could probably handle the holder responsibilty. The question from me is did anyone else try the holder position during training camp? I do expect to hear that Hagans has made the 53 man roster.

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    LaRam (as usual) hits the nail on the head. Looker wont be cut, he is wilkins' holder. If we were thinking of cutting looker, another holder would have been working repeatedly with wilkins during training camp and we would have read about that. Its not a switch you can just make without plenty of practice in advance.

    I agree we need our best 53, but to me, that means our best 53 man team. The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts. Thats why massey makes the roster as the long snapper when he doesnt do much of anything else. The parts all have to fit together and looker is one of those parts. The logic isnt unsound, i for one wouldnt have been surprised if we tried during camp to transition wilkins to a new holder, but that apparantly wasnt done and i am 100% sure that we arent going to try to make that switch in the week before the season opens.

    Hagans is now a lock to make the roster. His return ability separates him and his performance has been outstanding. We may or may not lose stanley to another team, i wouldnt be surprised if both stanley and thompson were on the practice squad.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    As gc stated, Hagans is a shoe-in for the roster and I have to say that he really deserves it. He has made the transition to a whole new world by becoming a WR and has earnt his spot by his performances on the field. I look forward to saying on saturday, well done Marques! and good luck like all the other 52 Rams..

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    I agree we need our best 53, but to me, that means our best 53 man team. The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts.
    I agree GC and that's a great way to put it.

    I along with others have said Looker makes the roster because he is Wilkins holder. Also it's not like he's a bad WR, we could do better at WR for that spot, but a holder is important just ask Tony Romo and the Cowboys, and since we didn't try anyone else out for the holder spot Looker is a lock.

    I would be shocked to see Hagans not get the last WR spot the way he played this preseason.

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    I agree, Hagans has the spot. He has impressed me all preseason and even in training camp, and last night's performance was outstanding. Pretty good for a QB eh?

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    Hagans is playing with a great deal of confidence and has been making plays. He's made great strides this preseason and has shown good hands, good instincts and solid return skills. If he doesn't make the team, something is not right.

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    Hagans also has increased his value with an effective showing on returns.
    There isn't much question about Hagans being on the resulting 2007 roster. I welcome him with open arms as I'm sure each of the Rams will.

    Looker? I too have always maintained the smartness of the coaches in keeping him as WR depth and, especially, as part of the Massey / Looker / Wilkins machine -- "Money" machine.

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    Re: Hagans helps roster bid

    I think Hagans will make it, i'd love to see some Randel el like gadget plays, perhaps they're planning it already.

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