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    Hard work is Adeyanju's forte

    By Jim Thomas
    Saturday, May. 13 2006

    Like millions before them, Joseph and Deborah Adeyanju were looking for a
    better life when they came to America 30 years ago.

    "They heard America's a great place to be," son Victor Adeyanju said.

    For Joseph, the "better life" has consisted of driving a cab for three decades
    in Chicago.

    "He's been robbed, had a gun put to his head and all that stuff," Victor said.
    "It's a little bit safer now, because they've got the shields (in the cabs) ...
    but it's still kind of a crazy job."

    Despite those occupational hazards, America has proved to be a great place for
    the Adeyanju family, which is of Nigerian ancestry. Five of Joseph's and
    Deborah's six children are either in college or have college degrees.

    Count Victor among that group - he received his bachelor's degree in general
    studies from Indiana University in December. Even his mother, after years of
    working as a secretary, recently earned a degree in sociology from Chicago

    Adeyanju, a defensive end, may not have to use his degree for a while. Not
    after the Rams selected him in the fourth round of the NFL draft, No. 113
    overall, on April 30.

    As a second-day pick, Adeyanju won't make enough money to allow his dad to
    retire. At least not right away. But that's the goal.

    "As soon as I sign a contract and get some money, I'll definitely try to
    contribute as much as possible," Adeyanju said. "But he is not one to stop
    working. I told him, 'At least find another occupation.' He said he'll consider

    Adeyanju realizes this will be easier said than done.

    "He's old school," Adeyanju said. "A hard worker, blue-collar type of guy. He
    does not want to stop working for anybody."

    Which kind of describes Adeyanju as a football player. His numbers weren't
    flashy at IU. His highest sack total in four seasons as a starter for the
    Hoosiers was 6 1/2 - last season. But he frequently did the dirty work for the
    Indiana defense, fighting off double teams and stopping the run.

    He was drafted with the idea of filling a similar role with the Rams, backing
    up Leonard Little at left end.

    "One of the things we wanted to address (in the draft) was our ability to line
    up toe-to-toe with some of these people that get into these two-tight-end sets
    and run the ball at you," Linehan said on the day Adeyanju was drafted. "We
    have spent a lot of time figuring out a way we could get to him."

    They got to him with a fourth-round pick acquired from San Diego in a trade
    that sent tight end Brandon Manumaleuna to the Chargers. In essence, the Rams
    traded one tongue- twisting last name for another.

    Victor's last name is pronounced "ah-DAY-yahn-jew." But some of his Indiana
    teammates had so much trouble getting that out that they began calling him
    "Hakuna matata" from the song in the Disney move "The Lion King."

    Contrary to information in some draft publications, Adeyanju is not a native of
    Nigeria. Although his parents emigrated from Nigeria in the mid-1970s, Adeyanju
    was born in Chicago.

    But he was sent to Nigeria, along with the rest of his brothers and sisters, at
    age 3. Adeyanju has older brother Richard to thank for this. According to the
    Chicago Tribune, Richard was involved in a near-tragic accident at home when he
    got into some chemicals in a sink.

    Mom and Dad both were working at the time, and the incident slipped past the
    baby sitter. So it was decided to send the kids to live with their grandmother
    in Nigeria while the parents continued working in Chicago.

    "Obviously, it was cheaper to live there, and there was somebody to watch us 24
    hours," Adeyanju said.

    Adeyanju and the rest of his siblings returned to Chicago four years later and
    have been there ever since.

    "I don't remember too much (of Nigeria)," Adeyanju said.

    Soccer and basketball were his sports of preference growing up. He didn't start
    playing football until he was in high school. Again, it was brother Richard who
    was behind the switch to the gridiron.

    "My brother told me I better go to the football team because I might not make
    the basketball team in high school," Adeyanju recalled. "I ended up making both
    teams. I told him he was a liar."

    Entering his senior year at Curie High, Adeyanju was attracting a lot of
    interest from college football recruiters.

    But he suffered a broken fibula midway through his senior year, and a lot of
    colleges lost interest.

    "I had so many letters (from colleges), but you don't know who's really
    recruiting you," Adeyanju said. "But I had a bunch of letters. All I know is I
    went from about 20-30 calls a week to like four calls a week. As a young kid in
    high school, that was pretty hurtful."

    But Indiana stuck with him, and that's why Adeyanju will never say a bad word
    about the Hoosiers. After all, they have helped bring him a big step closer to
    getting his father out of that cab.

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Hard work is Adeyanju's forte

    I love this pick for Big Vic,he filled an area of need,ok he may not be a sackmaster(yet!) but i think he will be a good player in the NFL for us,he has a lot of upside,has a good attitude and will help us out from day one in the rotation and before long(say 2 seasons) will IMHO be a starter for us!

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    Re: Hard work is Adeyanju's forte

    Getting a gun pointed to ur head and getting robbed..........i would of quit, i hope Big Vic gets enough money so his dad can retire

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Hard work is Adeyanju's forte

    I love this pick! He is special! Watch his interviews!
    These are two diffrent ones.


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