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    Hargrove 0 tackles????

    What does everyone think of Hargrove?

    Jax had 222 yards rushing and Hargrove has zero tackles and got slapped up side the head by Hedgecock for a stupid penalty the announcers said if another team had slapped him like that it would have been a penalty. The penalty was him trying to get his mug in the action again when the play was over he hit the guy after he called a fair catch.

    I think Hargrove has not even come close to being as good as every one was talking in spring training. Green had three tackles and a sack.

    On a good note Green had three tackles and a sack today. I am not saying he is the answer but we definitely need to get better at the DE position.

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    Re: Hargrove 0 tackles????

    In fairness, he didnt see the guy put up his hand to make the fair catch. Be patient, he is very inexperienced and will improve. These guys are not going to be probowlers over night. He was a third round pick with almost no college experience. We all should have realized that it would take some time. This is all about expectations.

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    Re: Hargrove 0 tackles????

    I realize it maybe a little early but I hope we don’t wait for three years and remain patient to the point of hurting our team at that position for the next three years. You really dont have but about a year to stick with a starter that has potential before you have to make a decision. Every win and loss means so much in the NFL.


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