I think it could be.

I have commented before about Hargrove for his lack of plays and then doing a dance when he finally makes a play. I know his stats were up at the end of the year as far as sacks go but IMO he still was out of position too much at the end of the season. Tackles and sacks don't show how many missed tackles or plays he was out of position. With all that said I am growing more and more optimistic about him having a break out year. I was happy to here that he gained over 10 pounds of muscle that will help him out in the running game. I also think that the more aggressive D and supporting cast will help him this year as it will others. I think Little focused on football along with Glover will help him by providing a lot of pressure on the defensive line. I also think we will be stronger in the secondary this year which will give the DL more time to operate. I like Hargroves positive attitude but I would like to see him model Little more on the field and not act like every time he makes a play its a big deal. I would like to see his big plays become routine. Which I think they will if he continues mature like he has so far. He has shown maturity this off-season by working hard to improve himself physically. Lets hope it pays off for him on the field.