from TruBlu at the RRF board... (thanks)

"Spoke w/ Linehan today; as you stated on your show that he was sited at Rams Park - he is aware that he is deactivated for the game..

"He is not in any legal or financial trouble -- dealing w./ several issues, just overwhelmed him the past couple days, is aware he made a serious error in judgment by missing practice with the Rams.

"He was mentally trying to clear his head - tried to give Linehan a call after missing the 6 pm meeting last night to see if he could come in the morning and couldn't reach [Linehan] - knows that is not an excuse.

"..Young men shut down, and when you are a pro player in the NFL, obviously you can't do that, and Tony understands that. is looking forward to getting back and playing for the Rams.

--How soon do you expect this will take him?

"It will be a very short absence - he'll be ready to go on Monday with his hard-hat on and ready to 'rock n' roll.' There are some things he is going through, and it is a matter of working these things through.

"..Tony's a very outgoing, fun guy - he truly knows that you can't just make decisions like when you're 18-19 yrs old.. He just had to really settle down and talk it through and get everything in perspective, and I think he realized the magnitude of what went on.."

--How did his conversation with Linehan go?

"Very brief; [Linehan] wanted to be sure he was safe and sound, whether he is still committed to the organization.. outside of that I am not certain on how the Rams will handle it.."

"The first thing he needs to do Monday - the team the Rams organization are the first people he needs to address. If he looks them in the eye the same way he did with me, I think these things will work themselves out."