Head Coach Jim Haslett

October 8, 2008

(Opening remarks)

"I will give you the injury update first. These guys did not participate
in practice; (WR) Drew Bennett, (WR) Dane Looker, (CB) Tye Hill, (RB)
Antonio Pittman, and (WR) Keenan Burton. I think (WR) Keenan (Burton)
should be ready to play next week. (WR) Drew (Bennett), I am hoping in a
couple weeks. (WR) Dane (Looker) is going to be out this week. He has
some symptoms with his concussion so we are just going to hold him for a
week and (RB) (Antonio) Pittman, I am hoping he will be ready to go.
(LB) Will Witherspoon practiced, (WR) Dante Hall did everything, and
(RB) Steven (Jackson) did everything."

(On activating WR Derek Stanley from the practice squad)

"You can go into a game with four receivers; Buffalo played us with two
tight ends, two backs and four receivers. That is all they had, so you
could do it. I would like to get (WR) Derek (Stanley) up if we can find
a spot, but he is working like he is going to be playing."

(On the status of CB Fahkir Brown re-signing with the St. Louis Rams)

"He had a snag, I really don't understand it so you probably want to ask
(President, Football Operations/General Manager) Jay (Zygmunt) when he
comes back tomorrow or ask (Executive Vice President/Players Personnel)
Billy (Devaney). It is something that has to do with the players'
association and (CB) Fahkir (Brown). I really don't understand the whole
thing. I know that other teams are interested. Hopefully we can work
something out but I am really not sure to be honest with you."

(On why he was released by the St. Louis Rams)

"That was a decision that was made. It was not my decision but obviously
I lived with it. I think that if we could get him back, that is the most
important thing because I would like to have five corners. Right now we
are going to go into the game with four. (CB) Ricky Manning (Jr.) will
be in the nickel, (CB) Jason Craft and (CB) Ron (Bartell) will play the
corner spots and (CB) Jon (Jonathan Wade) will be the fourth."

(On how CB Ricky Manning Jr. and CB Jason Craft have played so far)

"I thought they both played well. (CB) Jason (Craft) gave up the deep
ball on the double move but Jason is a guy I had in New Orleans. He is
very experienced, he knows the system, he has good speed, and he has a
great understanding of the game. What Ricky brings to the table is that
he is tough. He is a hard-nosed guy. He had a sack in the other game, he
has a good feel for football, and he tackles well. I don't know what
happened in Chicago, I really don't understand, there are a million
reasons why guys get let go but he brings some good qualities to the

(On what happened with releasing and re-signing WR Eddie Kennison)

"That was a strange one; that was an unfortunate thing. We were going to
let Eddie go to bring (WR) Derek (Stanley) up under the assumption that
(WR) Dane (Looker) was okay. And not a half hour after we did, I caught
a call from the doctor saying he would like to hold Dane and just do a
couple more tests on him this week and I said what's the situation with
him playing? (The doctor said) "Well, I'm not really sure, maybe, maybe
not and so we waited for a second and then we called the league office
to see if we could get a recall on the transaction and it was too late.
So, it was like (released) and then 14 minutes later we re-signed him.
So the important thing is it was the decision that we made, but we
didn't get any information on Dane until after the decision was made."

(On if he was surprised that the doctors wanted to keep WR Dane Looker
out for further testing)

"Yeah, we were surprised. First of all, I thought maybe hold him out a
day or whatever, but they said they would like to sit him out the whole
week just to make sure he's okay and they're going to do a couple more
tests on him."

(On what he sees from the Redskins QB Jason Campbell)

"It's the same thing he did in college. One, I think he's very poised,
nothing really rattles him. I went down and worked him out at one point
and he's got a big time arm. In fact, he can throw 80 or 90 yards in the
air, but the thing I like about him is that nothing really rattles the
kid. You can blitz him, you can play coverage, you can show him
different looks and he's got that laid back, nothing really bothers him
attitude, which is kind of nice as a quarterback. He's doing a nice job
of stepping up in the pocket. Obviously, he's making good decision with
the ball because he doesn't have any interceptions and they're doing a
nice job in the running game. So, he's a perfect compliment for what
they're doing right now."

(On why he thinks Washington's offense is having success)

"When you have pretty good players that helps. They have two really good
running backs, an experienced offensive line, skilled receivers, a very
good tight end and a quarterback that kind of compliments everything.
It's the same offense as we played when we were in Seattle with some
different wrinkles, but basically the same type of offense."

(On if he thinks Washington RB Clinton Portis is one of the most
complete running backs in the league)

"You know what, you don't know how big he is; he's 240 (lbs.) the way he
runs. He's 205 (lbs.), he runs hard, he finishes plays, probably one of
the best blockers in the league, tries to hurt people on chip blocks,
catches the ball, he does a little bit of everything. He's a heck of
back. And (RB) Ladell Betts is another guy. (He) runs hard, he can catch
the ball, he's a heck of a blocker, so they've got a good one, two, and
actually (RB) (Rock) Cartwright is a good football player, they've
really got three good running backs."

(On how much more difficult guys like TE Chris Cooley make it as far as
game planning goes)

"Chris is a guy that actually when I was in New Orleans we traded with
them to get him. They wanted to get him and we were going to take him
and they decided to trade him to them. We liked him because he's a good
receiver, he can get down the field, runs good routes, tough enough
block, does a lot, can play anywhere. In college he played receiver, he
was a fullback; he kind of played in four or five different spots and
does the same thing with them. They have a lot of weapons on offense and
they utilize them pretty well."

(On what this week has been like as head coach as far as game planning)

"Yesterday you mean. We really game planned yesterday."

(On if he did game planning on Monday)

"Not that much. We watched more film and I did other things Monday.
Actually, (on Tuesday) I sat with the defense for maybe the first half
of the day and then I sat with the offense and the running game and then
I went back to the defense and then I went with the special teams for
probably about an hour yesterday and kind of went back to the offense,
so I bounced back and forth yesterday."

(On if he is picking up the verbage of the offense)

"No, I can't call plays. I can't even get it out of my mouth. Zip right,
zoom, nine, 22, no, can't do it."

(On if there's any excitement in being a head coach again or if it's
like riding a bike)

"At least when I get on a bike I know where the pedals are and can get
going. There's some things you forget. Like today somebody said, "Where
are we practicing at?" (I said), "I think outside." You think about the
field conditions and just think like that, but it's all coming back
pretty fast."

(On how the players are taking to the running/conditioning at the end of
practice or if there are complaints)

"Players, complain about running? Come on, that's what they do. We ran
them pretty good last week and before they left we gave them I want to
say 12 100-yard dashes. It will benefit them in the long run and we'll
be smart; we're not going to do every day. I think enough to keep their
conditioning up. I think once we get into it we have to be careful with
the receivers and defensive backs because they run all day and on
special teams. But I think guys like the offensive and defensive line,
the quarterback, guys that don't get a lot of running in they probably
need to do it throughout the whole year."

(On if he thinks Washington is one of the most complete teams in the NFL
at this point in the season)

"I would say one of the better offenses we've played, other than
Philadelphia, the Giants, the whole East is good, I've already watched
Dallas. To me, I think they're the elite team in the league for myself,
right now. Philadelphia, Giants, the Redskins, you can lump them all
together, that's four very good teams. The Redskins have good defense,
they've got great special teams, great speed and the veterans are right
on it. That's a heck of a battle. Whoever wins that division will have a
chance to win it all, that's a great division."

(On what he sees on the defensive side of the ball for Washington)

"Great corners, the safeties can go get it, the young kid is a good
football player, (S) (LaRon) Landry's, you know, I saw him play in high
school at Hardinville High School, he's a heck of a football player,
linebackers that can run; it's just a complete football team. (DE) Andre
Carter's a good player, their inside guys, (DT) (Kedric) Golston and
those guys can go get it, so this is a great challenge for us. I know
that we're big time underdogs with point numbers, so we've got nothing
to lose, so we'll go out and just play and have some fun and see what

(On if he is content with keeping WR Dante Hall on punt returns)

"Yeah, right now. I think the guy has special qualities. I'd like to see
him have an opportunity to get one. This group will be hard to get one
on because they're really good at coverages, but Dante has that quality
that if he gets through he'll be hard to contain."

QB Marc Bulger

October 8, 2008

(On how important it is to get the ball in play makers hands)

"Yeah we did some of that two weeks ago, getting (WR) Donnie (Avery)
active and getting him plays. With younger guys like that, you have to
design plays for them because if you just go in with the whole game
plan, they may know later in their careers, how it may look like you are
back side but you are the main receiver. They don't understand that
concept yet, but (WR) Torry (Holt) will get the ball, Donnie will
certainly get the ball and (RB) Steven (Jackson) will get the ball.
Losing (TE) Randy (McMichael) is going to hurt but we want to spread it
out. If we could get it to seven different guys that will certainly be a
good thing."

(On what head coach Jim Haslett brings to the offense)

"I think from a philosophy stand point, he is telling us we want to
protect the ball and run the ball, get our run game going and get a
lead. He is not getting into the X's and O's and things like that."

(On how big Sunday's game is against the Washington Redskins)

"It is big but they are all big. Playing a great team like that, in the
best division in football, on the road, it is going to be tough but we
will see where we are at. If we can somehow go in there and win and turn
things around but it is not going to be easy."

(On having the bye week in week 5)

"It was good timing. Ideally, if you are playing well, you want it in
the middle of the season but I think, with the way things have started,
it probably came at the perfect time."

(On if head coach Jim Haslett has been in the offensive meetings)

"He may have been but I am in the front and you don't want to turn
around when (Offensive coordinator) Al (Saunders) is speaking. But he
has not been in the quarterback meetings; he may have been in the
offensive meeting. Next time I will turn around and check for you."

(On if practice has change since Jim Haslett has become head coach)

"He has pushed our offense more to get in the huddle. I think that coach
(Scott) Linehan, understood with some of the verbiage and head
communication things but he wants it crisps, he wants us to be on time
with our periods and keep our rhythm going. So from that aspect there
has been but it has not been a whole sale change."

(On if he has a different relationship with Coach Jim Haslett than he
did with Coach Scott Linehan)

"He's a defensive head coach and Coach Linehan was offensive, so he can
be more macro and Coach Linehan was more micro, because he understood
the offensive terminology. He says, 'don't turn the ball over and check
the ball down.' There's a logic to it and he understands that, but like
I said, he's just more from a bigger perspective."

(On the Redskins containing Cowboys RB Marion Barber and Eagles RB Brian
Westbrook and on how the Rams can do what those teams couldn't with RB
Steven Jackson)

"I just told the Washington media, on film there are so many things you
think you can do and on paper we should be able to run the ball, we
should be able to throw it. Then you get into a game and their guys make
plays. Like Coach (Jim) Haslett says, don't turn the ball over and it's
really important this week. The time of possession has been really
lopsided every time they have played. The offenses just haven't had the
ball a lot. When we get the ball, we have to make first downs and keep
our defense off the field. I don't want to oversimplify it, but we can't
just sit there and let them go for 12-play drives and we go
three-and-out. That's not going to work and it will get ugly if we do."

(On the Redskins being so good with having the turnover margin in their

"Their one safety (Chris Horton) has three picks, which is pretty good
for the first four or five games. You can't go into a game worried about
turning the ball over. If we make a mistake, we just have to move on, we
can't sit there and worry about it. You can't go into a good team like
that and turn the ball over and give them a short field and expect to

(On what the biggest challenges are defensively)

"They're really, really complicated. Everyone does things. (LB) London
(Fletcher), he was here and everyone knows that energy he brings. Their
corners are playing well. Their young guys, for being a first or second
year guy and a rookie, they are playing well beyond their years. They
are playing with that confidence that we are looking for. Cover one,
cover two, they play some man and any time you have the confidence to
play man, you know you are pretty good at the corners."

(On seeing what the Redskins did with a first time head coach and if
thinks that with the coaching change that the Rams can do that same

"I haven't thought about that. We have a lot of fish to fry here, so I
just concentrate on what we do. He's (Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn) done
a heck of a job. To go win in that division, to win in Philly, to beat
Dallas, it's a good football team."

(On TE Joe Klopfenstein's adjustment back into a starting role)

"Joe, the good thing is that he was our starter for, I think, 15 games a
couple of years ago, so it won't be too big for him. It's a shame for
Randy (McMichael) who was having a great year and I think we were going
to get him more and more involved, but like I said, Joe has been there.
I think he has learned a lot, he's taking a ton of reps right now. We
are a little low on our tight ends, but we can't change our offense now,
it's in, so he's going to be a big part of it."

(On him and TE Anthony Becht renewing their West Virginia Mountaineer

"I didn't throw the ball to the tight end there, but I'm confident."

(On Becht saying he was Bulger's favorite target at West Virginia)

"You have to check the stats on that one. He was a first round pick

WR Dane Looker

October 8, 2008

(On the status of his concussion)

"They are not really sure. We are going to do some test on it today and
tomorrow and try to diagnosis what it is."

(On if he did not pass a test)

"It was just something that showed up on the CAT scan that was a
concern. I thought I was cleared and then the highest guy in the Neuro
department said that he thought it was cause for concern, so they are
keeping me out."

(On where the concern is)

"It is not actually on my neck, it is on my brain so they are a little
concerned about that."

(On if this is connected to the day that they were waiting on test

"It is connected to that. I had one doctor that felt I was cleared and
he passed it up to the top of the line guy and he found some cause for
concern. I think the biggest problem is that they don't know what it is.
They can't tell what it is."

S Oshiomogho Atogwe

October 8, 2008

(On what the bye week meant to the team)

"It allowed us to freshen up our body and freshen up our minds to allow
us to come back and get refocused."

(On any changes with Jim Haslett as head coach)

"It is just coach (Jim) Haslett's demeanor. He switched up the tempo
that the team practices at because of his character and the way he goes
about doing things. Those are the only changes I can point out."

(On if the coaching change was a good thing)

"It is too early to tell, we still have twelve games to go. It is a long
season. We just have to keep plugging in and see what we come up with."

WR Eddie Kennison

October 8, 2008

(On what happened with his contract situation)

"I am here because it is unfortunate what is going on with (WR) Dane
(Looker). I told Dane) that my prayers are with him and hopefully it is
not what they think it is. We wish the best for him and hope that he is
healthy and that the tests aren't what they think."

(On what he did for the six hours when he was released)

"I was actually going to pack up last night and leave this morning and
that was the whole deal. (Head coach) Jim (Haslett) called me back and
said don't move around too quick, so I just stayed put until he called

(On if he was surprised by the situation)

"In this business I am never surprised, that is just the way it is. I
think you guys know better than I do but I was going home yesterday and
then it was after 3 p.m. that they found out the test results from Dane
and they called me back. I say it again, God is awesome. He is testing
my character and that is who I have my faith in. It is not in any man
walking the earth, it is in God and He is building my character."

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

October 8, 2008

(On how it feels to be 4-1)

"It feels very good but it is very hard."

(On what it means to be 4-1)

"It takes a lot to get everything going right. I would say nothing goes
perfect in a game but you are just working to stay in there and that is
what we have done. We feel fortunate in where we are sitting."

(On if he is surprised with how well they are playing)

"I think people would think that with me being fresh into head coaching.
We have virtually a different philosophy on offense from the last few
years. Anything with a new change, there is a cost and a start up, there
are different types of things that happen that you have to work with and
I think that is what I attribute to the players. Wanting to do well,
wanting to pay attention, wanting to be good and I think they have
worked to be that because it really takes the players, more than
anything that I could say to them or do with them to get them to

(On some coaching philosophies changes he has incorporated)

"I just brought in this offense from Seattle and really from Detroit,
some of my own little nuances if you will, but a handful of it in the
passing game, has been from the west coast philosophy. I think another
coaching philosophy, from my standpoint, is that we did not change our
run game terminology; some of the blocking schemes are exactly the same
from the group that was here before. (Offensive coordinator) Al
(Saunders) has a pretty solid foundation so we left some of those
elements in the run game."

(On how he describes QB Jason Campbell and RB Clinton Portis)

"I think (QB) Jason Campbell I would describe as a QB that is learning a
lot. I think he's been trying to do everything we've asked him to do,
he's disciplined himself and then he's got a, what I would say, is a
degree of talent that you can't coach, I mean, he throws the ball well,
he's throws it hard, he throws it accurately, those things are
benefiting us and then with the stuff that he's learning from all of us
and taking it to the field I think we're being benefited by that and his
discipline. Obviously, with no interceptions and stuff, I think we're
fortunate there. But, on the other hand, we've got (RB) Clinton Portis
who is more of a seasoned veteran. He's been an established player in
the league and he is just, I think, a complete ball player. He runs
hard, he is very willing to block and he tries to do his very best at
all the things he does and really caught a key third-down pass for us
last week to keep a drive alive and so I think he's our most complete
player on offense."

(On if the Rams are more dangerous because they want to get their first
win of the season)

"Yeah, that's a good question. I don't even think they're more dangerous
because of their record I just think they're dangerous period, honestly.
When you watch them play and if you didn't look at the end result, the
score at the end of the game and you think this is a very, very good
football team and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. I had
faced them as an assistant coach in Seattle for seven years, so I know
what's there, it's not any surprise and so I don't think we're taking
this game as, 'let's look at the record so we can just sort of enjoy
this'. It's a matter of not looking at the record and just looking at
the video that's all, you see good athletes."

(On how he rallies the team after being down 14-0 early in the first

"What we did was we definitely stayed the course because it was early in
the game. If that would have been two touchdowns and it was the last two
minutes we'd have to make up some yardage and scores quickly, but in
this case there was nothing we could do about it. They came out and
really got after us and it was quite a surgical drive that they had on
their first drive and put the ball in and then they returned a punt
really quickly, so I don't know if the players were shocked and I think
we all were a little bit taken back, but then you just take a breath and
say ok and we get to go out again and try to move the ball and we did.
We only got a field goal right from the start and then we got another
field goal and then we got another field goal. So we sort of just
chipped away and we got back into the game after halftime and we ended
up on top."

(On if St. Louis Rams new head coach Jim Haslett can spark the team like
a new head coach has done with the Washington Redskins)

"Well I know he is a very good head coach and I know it is very
difficult to take over with the circumstances but he is going to pay
attention to detail, he is going to be very aggressive. I know he loves
what he is doing there, I think he is a tremendous leader and he is easy
to talk to, so he can relate very well with the players. Everybody will
respond to him and under the difficult circumstances he is going to make
the best out of it."

(On the reasons why the Redskins have not had any turnovers this season)

"I think it is good fortune. I don't know how that happens. We are not
trying to get turnovers either but this ball bounces so funny and you
just can't help how the ball bounces sometimes. We had a couple plays
earlier in the season where we were actually in great position on
defense and we have done a great job tipping the ball away from the
receiver and either another receiver has caught it or that same receiver
caught it for a touchdown. So we have had some unusual things to happen
and I think it is in the same way that we have not had that turnover
yet, with just a tip or batted ball or even on a last second heroic
throw to the end zone and the defense picks one off."

(On why the team has responded to him so well)
"I am hoping that it is part of what we have to bring to the team but
they have to buy into and they had to adjust to me. They had to adjust
to our offense; they had to adjust to a new defense coordinator as well,
although he was already on staff here. It is a real tribute, in my mind,
to the staff that was here before. (Offensive coordinator) Al (Saunders)
had these players discipline and Greg Williams as a defensive
coordinator and Joe Gibbs who is a legend, a living legend with all the
things he has done. I think it is a real tribute to come in and have
this team that they were working so hard to bring wins to, maybe they
were just ready."

(On how he would describe his coaching approach)

"I think my approach would be, upfront and very truthful to the players
if you will. I try not to be at fault, but I don't mince the words. If a
players needs to be fined because we have a rule that some of the
players just blew off, once they saw that they got fined for that, I
think that was a statement in itself. That is the way it should work. I
try not to have a lot of rules but the rules that I do have, I want
those guys and the whole organization to know, it means something to
have a direction and if we all go in that direction we are all good and
if we are not then that is bad."

Redskins RB Clinton Portis

October 8, 2008

(On if this is his first player of the week award)

"No, I doubt it."

(On what head coach Jim Zorn has done to change things around)

"I think he's just brought what he is use to and showing people how
knowledgable he is to the game and for us to go out and respond

(On what he attributes the 4-1 start to)

"I think just team effort. I think as a team everybody's coming together
and grinding it out. Everybody's always you know, when you lose games,
throw you under the bus, but I think as a team for us to respond the way
we did was great."

(On QB Jason Campbell's contribution to the team)

"He's actually played great and he was one of the main people being
thrown under the bus after Week 1. So for him to come out and respond
the way he is responding and really getting comfortable in his game and
elevate his game is carrying us a long way."

(On what the mindset of the team was when they were down 14-0 in

"We were down 14-0, they had a great first drive offensively and they
returned a punt for a touchdown, which never took us out of our game
plan. We had only had three plays and was done 14-0 after three plays,
so I think it was just sticking to the game plan, readjusting and
getting ready."

(On how he keeps the team level-headed as a 4-1 team playing a 0-4 team)

"We're taking it one week at a time. What we did last week is not going
to go out and this game for us and not looking over the Rams because
this is probably one of the most dangerous teams in NFL right now,
coming off the bye week, new coach and of course they have talented and
skilled positions or talented players period. The Rams coming in here
looking to get their first win is a dangerous team, we know it's going
to be a dangerous team, so for us we have to come out focused and not
think that because we have been doing so well all the sudden the Rams
are going to bow down to us they are not and we know that. We'd be
fooling ourselves to actually think they would."

(On if he views head coach Jim Zorn as an aggressive play caller and if
you do, does the offense get excited that he might do something
different or special)

"It's real exciting, to be honest, to me for him to be aggressive
because he always say that no matter what the down or the distance is,
no matter what the score is I have a play that is going to get us back
in the game. We (are) starting to find out that's really true."

(On what he looks for from the Rams defense)

"You have some guys that are going to fly around, they're going to
hustle to the ball and they're going to get to the ball, it's a physical
defense to be undersized, I think it's a pretty physical defense. You're
looking for guys that come out and make plays when you have a team with
that much talent whose behind 0-4 right now you know it's leaders on the
team that are in the locker room ready to step it up; we know we're
going to get their best effort."

(On if he thinks the same thing that happened with their coaching change
can happen for the Rams)

"Yeah, it can happen for anybody. I don't really think it's so much of
the coaching change as it is about when the players decide that they
want to do something and they're going to do something about it. Nobody
wants to be winless all season. I'm sure the Rams have enough guys that
have enough pride and used to winning on that team that somebody is
going to step up in the locker room and demand more out of the people
that are playing and I'm sure they're going to respond."

(On if the Redskins offense has changed much without offensive
coordinator Al Saunders)

"Our offense changed, but I think Coach Saunders is different. For our
offense, what we are doing right now, is really getting guys involved
and allowing guys to have the opportunity to make plays and it's doing

(On being labeled as an outside runner in Denver and in Washington
getting the tough yards and on if he always had both of those qualities)

"I think there was never anything I couldn't do, it was the opportunity
to do something different. Everybody points out the good. Oh, you broke
a big run. In Denver, its not like I had 60 to 80 yard runs and that's
how I got my yardage. I had some tough yards in Denver also. I just had
more big plays. Coming here, it was just a grind period. I was required
to play tougher football. In the NFC East, you are really not going to
run into a lot of daylight. With the schedules we've had, you play some
tough defenses. For us even to be in a position to do these things is
just great for me."

(On what he thinks the key is for his team to make it to the playoffs
besides winning)

"Just staying together and not overlooking, taking this thing one week
at a time like we've been doing. Sticking together and not overlooking
any of our opponents and remembering that at the beginning of the
season, we were the team that sucked and didn't have a chance. If we can
go into every week knowing that we are the underdogs, we don't have
chance, nobody is giving us a chance and don't believe in us, they are
jumping on the bandwagon because we are doing well right now. At the
same time, if another team gets hot and we lose a couple of games, they
are going to be gone. I think I was walking through the mall and a guy
told me, 'Yeah, I'm a Redskins fan again now that you're winning,
because I sure jumped off the bandwagon after you guys lost to the
Giants.' I just looked at him like, okay, what are you telling me that

(On what it is like playing in the NFC East)

"I think year in and year out, it is the toughest division in the
league. If you go through opponents over the years and look at the
playoffs, they are going to be two or three NFC East teams in it. I
think last year, we had three teams in the playoffs. The Eagles came
down to the last two weeks of the season in missing. It's a tough
division, anything can happen, so you just have to be ready to play."

(On the TV airing a statistic about their offense running to the left
more often and if he prefers running behind T Chris Samuels and G Pete

"I think they had that stat on TV and maybe the Eagles watched it,
because we ran to the right. It is great, our offensive line finally
being together as a whole unit gives us an opportunity to just play
football. There is really no left side or right side that we love to run
to. I think the left side just happened to be more productive, because
the right side has really been non-existent due to injuries. (G) Randy
(Thomas) and (T Jon) Jansen make their own and now that we have all of
these guys back healthy, it's basically just going out to play

(On if he pays attention to some media mentioning his name among the
best running backs in NFL and on if he thinks he deserves those

"I always felt like I was one of the best and I will always feel that
way no matter what other people say because I know what I bring to the
table as a running back I know the way that I prepare and the way that I
play. Maybe the yardage isn't there, but I think there's a lot more
meaning to being a top running back than just yards. You can have a lot
of yards if you just break some big runs, but I feel like I've been a
complete back. I feel like I'm the best complete back in the league.
There's some guys, (Saints RB) Reggie Bush probably one of the most
dangerous open field runners in the NFL. He is and I will give him that.
That's not me. I can be, but that's not my focus. I think I can (run in
the) open field, downhill, however you want it, I can give it to you. I
feel good about that."

(On what he thinks about Rams RB Steven Jackson)

"That's one of those downhill (running backs). He's one of the best
downhill, physical running backs in the NFL. He's gets up on you and
gets that opportunity and if you don't fill that hole right and you
don't get low enough, you're going to be in trouble."