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    I know it's just one win and there were some ugly moments especially on offense. Of course I think some of those moments are because Saunders keeps running the same plays over and over. Anyway I like him as a head coach. The guy has fire and the players do respect him. Did anyone see him when that Florence kid from the Skins got in his face he was ready to throw down. The defense played a lot better and got a lot more pressure on the qb than when he ran the defense. Some guys were meant to be head coaches and some guys were meant to be co-ordinators. Maybe Haslett is better when he runs the team rather than just the defense. All I can say is the team responded and we beat a very good team on the road. I'd give Haslett a chance I mean it's not like we are getting Shottenhiemer or Cower.

    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Haslett

    The D looked alright...what we need to do is limit big plays, and that's it. We had pressure, we forced turnovers, we got killed on huge plays.

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    Re: Haslett

    It's jsut one week, the first week, but it is a drastic improvement over the last 2.5 years. I saw fire and emotion for once. Hooah Haslett!! How enjoyable it is to see a coach with a pulse lead this team for a change...

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    Re: Haslett

    Again,,, I said it at the beginning of the Season, I will say it again...Linahan was way to soft....

    I was all for Hasslett tak'n over and Im glad he did, Now we got some tools......
    I live near DC and all week I heard how bad the Rams would loose!
    ON purpose all weekend I sported my Rams Jerseys...EVEN broke out the 99 Jersey for luck...

    I was in a store and 1 Redskin fan asked me If I seriously think the Rams would win..... I replied " Of course I do",, At Red Lobster last night just 15 min from FED EX, about six heckled me . and my reply was..." any given Team on any Sunday dude...But think about it..Saunders knows your weak spots, and you guys are way over rated..(((tounge in cheek))

    COACH HASSLETT i support you and congradulate your first Victory and thank god I can go to work tomorrow the Aggressor!!!

    GO RAMS!!! I like to think me being there helpped.... haaaa

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    Re: Haslett

    Quote Originally Posted by St.Louis Ram 56 View Post

    I like to think me being there helpped.... haaaa
    I know it did.

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    Re: Haslett

    I liked how haslett handled himself and team out there today. Awesome stuff.

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    Re: Haslett

    The D play better I wounder how much of it was Haslett giving up some duties to the DC. Again he is a better head coach than a DC.

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