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    Haslett goes about business as usual

    By Jim Thomas

    Jim Haslett's contract doesn't expire until Feb. 15. So until he hears otherwise, he's showing up to Rams Park every day and doing the things he normally would do as head coach.

    On Monday, Haslett and the rest of the coaching staff graded game film from the Rams' season-ending 31-27 loss to Atlanta.

    "We tallied the final grades for the year," Haslett said. "We met as a staff; met with the players throughout the day. So that took up most of the day."

    On Tuesday, the staff began the process of ranking the team's players:

    1. By position.

    2. By offense, defense and special teams.

    3. From best to worst player on the entire roster.

    "We wrote up their strengths, their weaknesses, and then a summary," Haslett said.

    They were also categorized.

    "Core players who you can win with," Haslett said. "Ascending players that are getting better that you can win with. Descending players — players you're looking to replace.

    "Are they 'even,' meaning they are what they are — they're not getting any better, they're not getting any worse? Are they 'minus' players that you just don't want on your football team?"

    That process took all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, the staff was sent home for the rest of this week and all of next week.

    "It's what most coaches and staffs do," Haslett said.

    The only thing Haslett didn't do, and won't do, is meet individually with assistants to evaluate the coaches themselves.

    "Usually, the coordinators will write up all the strengths and weaknesses of the assistant coaches," Haslett said. "And then you sit down and go over all that with the coaches. I didn't do that because I didn't think it's my place to do that."

    Although he wouldn't go into specifics, Haslett said he's also looking at tape of other teams. Not to look at opposing players, but to evaluate the work of coaches on those teams. Those coaches could be potential hires if Haslett is retained as Rams head coach. Haslett already has contacted some potential assistants about the possibility of joining him in St. Louis if things work out that way.

    Doing all this amid reports about a search committee and advisers, and potential coaching candidates, isn't a problem, Haslett said.

    "I think the organization should go through the process," he said. "I think that's the right thing to do. You go through the process and filter out what's good and what's bad."

    And then what?

    "When the whole process is done, I still think I'll be the best candidate," Haslett said.

    Haslett has specific ideas on coaching staff changes that he'd like to make, and player personnel needs. He did not want to address those topics Wednesday.

    But it is expected that Haslett will want to hire new offensive and defensive coordinators plus a new special teams coach, if given the Rams' head-coaching job.

    Most of the player personnel needs are obvious. The Rams need upgrades on the offensive line, particularly at tackle and center. They need a fullback and a strong backup running back, and possibly a big receiver and a quarterback of the future.

    On defense, they need a run-stuffing defensive tackle, a middle linebacker and a strong safety.

    "Over the last three months, (general manager) Billy Devaney and I have been sitting down on a daily basis, sometimes two and three times a day, talking and discussing what we think this team needs to turn it around and have an opportunity to win our division," Haslett said.

    Haslett said he and Devaney already have developed a good working relationship.

    "We've been together, and we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things," Haslett said. "I think he does a good job. He brought in some guys at the end of the season that helped this football team and that I think will be pretty good players. So I trust him in his decision-making and, really, his evaluations."

    In a media briefing Tuesday, Devaney said that Haslett will be a finalist for the job, along with as many as three other candidates.

    When asked about his "finalist" status, Haslett said, "I don't know what that means. I'm not really sure of the whole process yet. That's just something where I'll wait and see what happens."

    But whenever his job interview takes place, Haslett said he'll be prepared.

    With the firing of Mike Shanahan on Tuesday in Denver, there are five other head-coaching openings in the NFL. The league's annual coaching carousel is in full swing. Has Haslett gotten any nibbles from other teams, be it for a head-coaching job or defensive coordinator position?

    "I don't want to say anything yet," he said. "Coaches talk all the time. I think the big thing is if this could work out, this is the best city for myself, for my family and I think for the organization. So I'm just going to take that approach and see what happens with that."

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    Re: Haslett goes about business as usual

    All things considered, this actually works out very well for the Rams, in that we have a potential lame duck coach who is STILL WORKING as opposed to the Lions, Jets, Broncos, and Browns who all do not have working coaches and staffs, and in Denver and Cleveland's case, no functioning head of player personnel.

    The Rams have both, and even if the man who ends up as the Head Coach wouldn't agree completely about the ranking of the players that Haslett is doing, Haslett knows the players better and is the best apt to evaluate them versus another, outside candidate, in my opinion.

    I, for one, am just happy that we still have a fully employed team who is starting the offseason process while we search for the new coach.

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    Re: Haslett goes about business as usual

    I have to agree with you Teke.

    Other teams have fired coaches, making the process their priority. The Rams are looking for a new coach AND profiling our players. Even if the Haz isn't retained, we have the work done for the new coach.

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    Re: Haslett goes about business as usual

    Thats where y'all are wrong, He won't show them the notes untill the interview process which is smart on his part.

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    Re: Haslett goes about business as usual

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    Has Haslett gotten any nibbles from other teams, be it for a head-coaching job or defensive coordinator position?
    Who wouldn't want this guy calling their defenses?

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    Re: Haslett goes about business as usual

    If the Rams are smart they'll keep Haslett

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