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    Haslett = Lame Duck Redux

    At this point, I don't know what to think or who to believe when it comes to Jim Haslett's future with the Rams.

    I've seen in print opinions that range accross the entire spectrum. Some assert that Haslett is being considered as a mere courtesy. Others assert he is the likely choice for HC. I'm certain the truth is somewhere in the middle, but I have to ask...

    Why are the Rams even considering him?

    Its not as though he earned the job. He went 2-9 this year. While I don't blame him for the hand he was dealt, I also don't think he displayed anything that warrants his return.

    The bigger problem, though, is what Haslett's return would mean - another "lame duck," "on-the-hot-seat" regime. I can't imagine that Haslett would be given an extended grace period like Lin#@& was. Rather, another bad season and we would likely be having the coaching debate all over again in 12 months.

    The only logical reason I can think of to bring back Haslett would be if the team is in play to be sold, and Chip thinks the team would somehow be more marketable if the new owner is not saddled by a new, lucrative, long-term coaching contract.

    But let me be clear... I DON'T THINK THE TEAM IS ABOUT TO BE SOLD. Therefore, to me, even interviewing Haslett is a head scratcher, to say the least.

    Hopefully, this is a serious search, and the Rams will hire a quality Head Coach for the future.

    Doesn't the fan base deserve that, after all?

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    Re: Haslett = Lame Duck Redux

    Great point Avenger. If the Rams have another unsuccessful season, which is a very strong possibility, I'd hate to miss out on one of these coordinators this year. I could be wrong but it seems to me that with all the head coaching vacancies this year, most of the good candidates would be gone by next year..

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    Re: Haslett = Lame Duck Redux

    Haslett has run his course and has proven not to be even a good DC anymore. If the Rams bring him back- it won't be because of what's best for the franchise- it's because it's cheaper for the next owners. IMO, he didn't even do enough with his time with the Rams to warrant an interview- nevermind being pushed into the finalist category.

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    Re: Haslett = Lame Duck Redux

    I'll tell you, after all that's transpired this past week, I really have no clue at all what Devaney is going to do. Leslie Frazier got a 2nd interview. Some believe Haslett will stay with the provision he make drastic changes in his coaching staff. Talk radio host Mike Francesa today said Jim Fassel had a good interview with Devaney- something I've heard nothing about on this board or elsewhere. Spagnuolo will begin his interviews this week, now that the Giants are done. Rex Ryan interviewed today. Who knows?

    I'm not going to drive myself nuts worrying about it- hopefully Devaney and his "committee" have the foresight to hire the right guy. I'd say by next Monday, we will know who will coach the Rams in 2009.

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