Head Coach Jim Haslett

October 16, 2008

(Opening Remarks)

“(WR) Drew Bennett will be out for the game, (RB) (Antonio) Pittman will be out, (CB) Tye Hill’s out and then (T) Orlando (Pace) we’ll see what he does tomorrow if he does anything and then he’s still questionable. He just did some individual stuff today.”

(On if T Orlando Pace does not practice tomorrow could he still play on Sunday)

“Yeah, I’m fine with that. If he feels he’s ready to go then yeah he’ll play.”

(On if T Orlando Pace will be a game day decision)


(On what he thinks about Cowboys QB Tony Romo deciding to play this Sunday)

“You know what, if you’re going to play a great team, this is a great football team with a lot of talent, if you’re going to play them, then play them with their best. I know he’s a tough guy and he’s a competitor, so if he plays we’ll deal with it.”

(On if their preparation will change if Cowboys QB Tony Romo decides to play)

“It’s not going to affect any way we prepare because we prepare the same way for (Cowboys QB) Brad (Johnson). Brad’s going to run their offense and do a nice job and if he’s the guy that’s in there it won’t change that much.”

(On how important it is to have a guy like T Adam Goldberg on the offensive line)

“He’s a nice player because he can play either guard and either tackle and he’s a tough guy, he’s competitive, and he’ll do a good job when he’s in there this week. I feel good about him being in there.”

(On what kind of bounce he has seen in the team this week)

“Well, every time you win in this league you get a little bit of bounce, but these guys feel good about themselves. They practiced hard, they’re fun to be around and like I said last week, we’ll play hard, I can promise you that and we’ll give them everything we got and we’ll try to win this game and then we’ll go out and lay it on the line and whatever happens, happens.”

(On if he thinks the team is a little more confident)

“I hope so, they deserved to win the game last week and hopefully we can have a good game this week and win this one, but we got our work cut out for us, this will be a great challenge, this is a great football team.”

(On if he thinks LB Pisa Tinoisamoa is playing so good this year because he’s healthy)

“I think that’s the number one thing, he’s healthy. He’s playing with great pad level, the guy is playing with power for a guy that’s not big in stature, I mean, he’s extremely fast, obviously. But the guy is doing everything right and that’s the reason he’s not getting knicked up and hit because his mechanics and techniques are just, you know, he’s doing everything right for the first time since I’ve been here.”

(On if there is no issue for QB Marc Bulger’s finger injury)

“He’s throwing the ball well. It’s black and blue and puffed up, but he’s a tough guy and he’s doing a nice job of running this team. He’s the leader of this team and he’s stepped up the last couple weeks and he’s kind of taking over. I’m proud of him, I’m glad the way he’s doing things.”

(On if QB Marc Bulger is taking on more of a leader role)

“We talk all the time and he does a nice job. He talked to the team Friday before the game and he talked to them Sunday after the game, so he worked the sideline, I though he did a nice job there. I see Marc really kind of trying to take over.”

(On how it is facing a top-10 defense for the fifth time in the last six games)

“We’ve got a bunch of young guys out there and we’re still kind of learning and I think our offense is just going to keep getting better and better. We have a way to go, we’re just not scoring enough touchdowns right now. But we’re working hard, they’re trying, we’re going to get the running game going and obviously everything will feed off of that. We don’t make the schedule we just have to play it.”

(On what he thinks is the biggest reason why the team stepped up and won last week)

“Well, they played well with Buffalo too. The guys were just doing things right, trying to get to the ball, you see the effort is outstanding and guys are playing with good technique. I think the big thing in this game is you have to make sure you don’t give anything up cheap, nothing over the top and you have to contain this runner because it’s a heck of a running back.”

(On if he is concerned that the offense hasn’t been able to score 20 points in a game so far)

“Well, we need to score more points obviously. It’s hard to win with 10, 12 points in the league, but you know what, if we score 19 and defense has to score one and we win the game, we’re alright with that also. Whatever we have to do to win the games. Obviously, we’d like to score more points, but if we can’t we have to play each other’s strengths offense’s, defense’s, and special team’s.”

RB Steven Jackson

October 16, 2008

(On if he is looking forward to playing against another top 10 defense)

“We have drawn a very interesting first couple games but I think we are going to match up well against the Dallas (Cowboys) defense. They are going to run their 3-4 defense, two great end rushers that puts a lot of pressure on our quarterback, but I think we have built our way up to this match up and in my opinion, I think we are going to match up well.”

(On if he feels the offense is ready for a break out game)

“I think we are close to a break out game. We are still plugging away just trying to get some of our guys back in. We are still without (WR) Drew Bennett, which would take away some pressure from (WR) Torry (Holt). We are going to have (WR) (Keenan) Burton back this week. So we are going to have some guys back into the lineup and once we get back healthy in a week or two, I think we are going to be explosive and I feel that it is coming. The running game is slowly but surely coming and I think it is due to the tough defenses that we have faced so far and we have another tough opponent this week.”

(On the adjustments he has made to the new offense this season)

“Coach (Al) Saunders allows for the running back to touch the ball in many different ways and we have been doing that so far. We are lacking in touchdowns but we haven’t been in the red zone that much this year. We are hoping that, with the emergence of our young receivers and (WR) Torry (Holt) starting to get hot in the middle of the season, everyone will benefit from us stretching the field and getting into the red zone.”

(On the offenses pressure to score touchdowns this week)

“We just have to play a smart game and try not to have any turnovers and try to grind the clock and stay on the field as long as we can so the defense can rest up. Last week we saw what our defense could do rested up, they swarmed to the ball and they were attacking the ball carrier pretty well. Whatever we can do, by staying on the field and sustaining long drives and putting seven on the board will be a benefit to us.”

(On if he expects T Orlando Pace to start in Sunday’s game)

“I am already in the mindset that (T) (Adam) Goldberg is going to start at left tackle for us. He stepped in during the game last week and played a little left guard and a little left tackle and he did a great job. I have all the confidence in the world that he is going to do his job and if need be, we need to help him. We need to slide back the protection towards him, I think coach (Al) Saunders is prepared to do that.”

(On what type of swagger the team has had this week coming off a win)

“I think guys are upbeat. That definitely helps out around here. I think now once you have that first win against a big opponent that team becomes red hot, like the Redskins. Now you have that feeling that now we can beat anybody and I think was what we really needed around here.”

(On if a team that has faced turmoil playing against a team facing turmoil)

“Well, I think it really depends on the mindset of the locker room. We’re fortunate around here that we have guys that are kind of level headed and keep guys under control. So the biggest thing though when you’re going through a tough situation is on Sunday you should focus on your job and try to do your thing at 100 percent and at the end of the day you’re trying to encourage your teammates as well.”

(On if he feels like things have settled in with Head Coach Jim Haslett)

“It sure feels like it. Our defensive guys, they’ve known coach Haslett for a while, but as an offensive player, I’ve been able to get to know him over the last couple weeks. We definitely feel that he’s real settled in and he’s kind of settled us down. The thing that we’ve talked about, and he’s talked about with you guys, is once something bad goes on in the game not to get so down and really helped us trying to get that fight and kind of that swagger believing in ourselves.”

(On if Coach Haslett is getting the team to enjoy the game again)

“Enjoying it, instead of being afraid of what’s going of happen if I do something wrong. Am going to lose my job or how is the reaction of the media and the crowd? I think now he’s telling guys to go out and be football players and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

(On if some of his teammates have feared losing their jobs at times)

“No, I don’t believe that. I’m just (saying) in general. No, I’m not saying that.”

(On if QB Marc Bulger is becoming a vocal leader on the team)

“He addressed the team last Saturday and he gave a few words of encouragement and telling guys what he expected out of us and it was good to see Bulger do that.”

(On how bad he wants to win a game at home)

“The home field advantage is huge in any match-up. When you’re facing a team that travels so well, you’re really going to try to use the St. Louis Rams home, the dome, to our advantage. So we definitely want it loud on third downs and quiet while the offense on the field is going to help us out a lot.”

(On what he thinks about Cowboys RB Marion Barber)

“He’s a tough runner. He has a nose for the end zone and each week when you look at highlights from Dallas, he’s a guy that stands out. He’s definitely a tough runner and is going to be a big match-up for our defense to step up and stop him.”

(On if he thinks he runs similar to Cowboys RB Marion Barber)

“I mean he made a Pro Bowl, so at least we have that much in common.”

(On Redskins saying it looks like he weighs 255 lbs.)

“No, I’m 233 (lbs.) actually. If I’m 255 (lbs.) I’m getting fines. No, but I feel healthy and my offensive line, like I said last week, they’re creating some holes now. And now I’m having the confidence in running behind those guys.”

(On if he thinks the opposing defense gets a feel for the way he runs as the game goes on)

“I understand that I get most of my yards (in the) third, fourth quarter. The defense comes out excited, they’re playing with their crowd, once you get the wear and tear of a defense to wear them down, the things that we see on film start to happen late in the game and that’s why I have a chance to take advantage of it.”

T Orlando Pace

October 16, 2008

(On how his leg feels)

“It is cool. It is getting better. I haven’t done any pushing or anything on anybody. I think I am going to be fine. I am going to get out there tomorrow and practice a little bit and see how it feels and go from there.”

(On if he is going to play in Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys)

“I feel good just walking around. I did a little running, a little quad extension and all that today, so I felt pretty good on that.”

(On if he plans on practicing tomorrow)

“Yes I am going to practice tomorrow and see what I can do. See how it feels and go from there.”

(On why he has not practiced this week)

“I felt pretty good the last couple days. Like I said, I haven’t pushed or hit anybody since the game but it feels pretty good.”

(On playing against LB DeMarcus Ware)

“In this league everybody is good. (LB) DeMarcus (Ware) is having a good year this year, it is going to be a good battle. He is a young talent coming into the league so it is going to be a good challenge for us.”

LB Pisa Tinoisamoa

October 16, 2008

(On if his performance this season is because he has been working on his technique or his improved health)

“Kind of a mix. Listening to the coaches last year and I wasn’t healthy, working it harder and coming into this year I felt like my technique was really good, but a lot of it was coaching. It wasn’t anything that I was doing. I worked hard, but coaches knew which technique they wanted me to use in certain situations and I think that is favorable when you’re playing in their defense to know their technique.”

(On if he has done anything in particular during the offseason to get more fit)

“Spend more time with my family. It’s really the truth. A lot of times people think that football is on the field, but a lot of times it’s off the field. Not to say that I was a bad guy off the field, but spending a lot of time with my family, realizing what’s important to me and realizing I like my lifestyle the way I’m living. So in order to maintain that I’m probably going to have to play good especially when they’re firing people around here.”

(On what the defense has to do to keep Dallas WR Terrell Owens in check)

“I think T.O.’s a big cog in that ship, but they have a lot of guys out there, so we’re going to try to stop them period. I’d like to keep the points low. We did that last week and that gave us a great chance. I don’t know if that’s realistic in some people’s eyes, but I think whenever you keep the points low you allow your team a chance to win.”

(On how it changes the game plan depending on which Dallas quarterback plays on Sunday)

“(Dallas QB) (Tony) Romo you know he can move around, he’s real athletic. But then (Dallas QB) Brad Johnson’s a savy veteran, so we don’t sleep on him either. So either way it’s like pick your poison. Both of them are good quarterbacks, we just have to go out there and execute, tackle well. They’re great run after catch and execute our defense, not really give up those big plays because they’re really explosive.”

OL Adam Goldberg

October 16, 2008

(On Cowboys OLB DeMarcus Ware being just a good pass rusher)

“I think that would be selling him short. He’s a good player all around. He’s obviously gifted athletically but he’s got good hands, he’s a good technician and studies the game pretty well too, because he’s really good at taking what the offensive linemen give him. He’s the total package, he’s a good player.”

(On how much fun to walk off the field in Washington with a win)

“It was a great feeling, especially against a really good team, which everyone knows Washington is. It’s nice to kind of find a way to get a win and band together as a team. It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but you band together as a team and you find a way to get a win and wins like that are extra sweet.”

(On if it is more fun to come to work during the week after a win despite getting paid the same amount)

“Absolutely. Everyone has pride in their job and if they don’t, they should find new work. We want to win. We want to win our individual battles and as well as obviously the most important thing is that the team wins, but all you have to do is hang the locker room of a winning team and then hang around the locker room of a losing team to see that everybody wants to win.”

(On if the atmosphere of the locker room is different this week after the win)

“It is, but a great way to look at this job is never too high, never too low, just keep going to work and keep doing your job, correct the things that need to be corrected because whether you win a game or whether you lose a game, there is certain technique things and certain things you watch on film that are great and you should build on those and then there are certain things that aren’t up to par and you need to get those corrected, whether win or lose. So, it’s good especially at the offensive line position. It has to take a workman-like attitude. Show up to work, build on the good things, correct the things that need to be corrected and move on to your next challenge.”