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    Haslett/Players October 22

    Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett

    October 22, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)

    “I would like to congratulate Coach Craig Collins from Timberland High School he is the coach of the week. Congratulations and good luck. Injury report real quick, (WR) Drew Bennett is probably out another couple weeks again with his foot. (DL) Adam Carriker didn’t practice today, he’ll be day-to-day. (CB) Tye Hill did some individual work. Obviously, you guys talked to (RB) Steven (Jackson), he’s day-to-day. (S) Todd Johnson’s out for the game and he’ll get re-evaluated on Monday. (T) Orlando Pace practiced and he’ll start. (RB) Antonio Pittman will practice and if Steven can’t go Antonio will be the starter. (WR) Derek Stanley did individual and he’ll be another one that will be day-to-day, we’ll decide what we’re going to do with him at the end of the week.”

    (On if S Eric Bassey will be taking on S Todd Johnson’s role)

    “Yes, we brought him up. He’ll be the third safety and also play Todd’s spot on almost all the special teams. We’re shuffling it around a little bit to put him in a little better position than Todd, but he basically replaces Todd.”

    (On if he has to see something from RB Steven Jackson or if he leaves the decision to play up to him)

    “A little bit of both. The game plan was to take today off. He worked inside with the strength coach, he’ll go out and do walk-through tomorrow and then we’ll see where he’s at on Friday. Hopefully, he’ll get a few reps in on Friday based on how he feels. We still have four days, so if he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go.”

    (On if it felt good to have T Orlando Pace back at practice today)

    “Yeah, it’s nice. I thought (T) Adam (Goldberg) did a nice job in his spot, so it makes you as a coach have some confidence that guys can step in and fulfill their role and do a good job. So, if for some reason (RB) Steven (Jackson) can’t go, then (RB) Antonio (Pittman) and (RB) Travis (Minor) and (RB) (Kenneth) Darby will fill in and we’ll be fine.”

    (On using DE James Hall inside since he’s never played that position before and how big of a challenge that is)

    “Well, we’ve been playing (him) some inside anyways. He’s never played any where but the right side. He’s never played left side, he’s never played inside, so it’s something new for an old dog, but the guy did a nice job. He’s feeling a little more comfortable with it every day and he had some power rushes inside, he did a good job. I think he feels a little bit better about it now. It helps when you get some success in there.”

    (On if it was sobering to watch the Patriots win 41-7 on Monday night)

    “Well, they played extremely well. You have to remember this team won a lot of games last year, they were undefeated all season. They have a lot of good football players; they have a heck of a line and a great coach. It will be a good challenge. They played with energy last week, they were into it, they made big plays. On the offensive side they had big runs, on defense they were stout and (they have) really good special teams.”

    (On if he knows Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick well)

    “Yeah, I know Bill pretty well.”

    (On his relationship with Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick)

    “Well, I mean we don’t really have a relationship. We spent some time together in the offseason when we were down in New Orleans. He’s all business, he’s all about football and he does a great job of it.”

    (On how the game plan changes going against Patriots QB Matt Cassel instead of QB Tom Brady)

    “Well, their offense changes obviously and you change from the people you have. (QB) Tom Brady may be one of the all-time best quarterbacks that played the game and it’s not going to be the same, but I think the kid’s doing a great job. He’s managing the game well, they’re getting the ball to the guys he has to get it to and they have a good running game. So, is there a drop off? Well’ it’d be crazy to say there wasn’t, but the guy is actually doing a great job of handling the offense.”

    (On how much of a chess match it is between the two coaching staff for this game)

    “Well, I don’t know, it still boils down to 11 players out there verses 11 players. We know each other, we’ve played each other in the past. (Defensive coordinator) Rick (Venturi) actually worked with Bill, so they have a good relationship, so I don’t know if it’s a chess match coaches-on-coaches, it still boils down to players-on-players.”

    (On if it is comparable to him vs. Mike Martz when he was in New Orleans)

    “That wasn’t really a chess match either that was more of a shouting match. It wasn’t really a chess match that was like two teams that disliked each other more than anything.”

    (On what he has implemented so far as a second time head coach)

    “Well, really I haven’t done anything different just because I didn’t have a whole offseason to really do what you would do if you had changed practice schedules, meeting times, you know all that stuff. Basically, I’m going off the old practice schedule with some changes and really kind of keeping on schedule with what we were doing, but with some of my thoughts, but nothing major because when you walk into a job in the middle of the season, it’s hard to say, “Hey, I want to do this, I think I’m going to do this, I’m going to start this in the offseason because we really didn’t have that luxury to do that.”

    (On if the current schedule is far off from what he would like)

    “Yeah, it’s different. I like the schedule if I had to do it from the get-go, I would do something different, but that’s here or there. Football’s football. You come in at 7 in the morning, you leave at 4 in the afternoon, you come in at 8 in the morning, you leave at 5 in the afternoon, you can come in at 9 and leave at 6, you only have so much time in the day to get the work in, so it’s just different ways how to structure it and I always did something a little bit different.”

    (On S Oshiomogho Atogwe)

    “Well, I think he’s a heck of a football player. I’m not really sure where he is rated or he’s not rated to be honest with you. I thought he should have made the Pro Bowl last year, if that’s what you’re asking. The guy had that many interceptions, but obviously a lot of them came at the end. I think people understand that he’s a playmaker. He made an unbelievable interception last week and as long as he continues to keep growing and the guy’s a good tackler, he’s always looking to get the ball out, he’s good in the box, he’s good in space, he’s got great speed and he’s got good size for the position. The guy’s got a lot of good qualities and he’s smart; good kid.”

    (On what he thought of S Oshiomogho Atogwe’s celebration)

    “Yeah, I wasn’t real crazy about that part of it, but I’m glad he caught it first.”

    (On if he talked to S Oshiomogho Atogwe about his celebration)

    “Yeah, I talked to him a little bit about it. I talked to him about all of them. He brought one out last year at Green Bay about 10-yards deep in the endzone. Everybody thinks they’re going to score a touchdown.”

    (On the injuries the Patriots have at running back)

    “I don’t know, I don’t know who’s going to play, (RB) (LaMont) Jordan might be back, (RB) Sam(my) (Morris) might be back, he’s a good running back, then you have the young kid from Louisiana (RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis), he played, he had 65-yards rushing, so they have a lot of good running backs. Obviously, not having (RB) (Laurence) Maroney makes it a little easier, but even with all those guys they had 250-yards last week with the guys I was just describing, without Maroney.”

    (On what some of the elements are of the Patriots defense that makes them so good)

    “I think the scheme, the players; obviously they’re huge up front. They have three first-round picks up front. They have playmakers on the back end, they have good pass rushers. I had (LB) Mike (Vrabel) in Pittsburgh a long time ago and (LB) Adalius (Thomas) is a heck of a player. (LB) (Tedy) Bruschi, everybody knows him and they have a young guy they drafted in the first round (LB Jerod Mayo) that’s a fantastic linebacker, so the front is really made-up of a bunch of playmakers, a lot of first round picks and a lot of quality talent and I think that’s where it starts.”

    (On if their defensive scheme is similar to Dallas)

    “It’s a little bit different than what Dallas does, they do a little more blitzing, they do a little more movement, they’re off the ball a little bit, they’re a true two-gap team. They’re truly a two-gap football team, which they can be because they have (DL) (Vince) Wilfork’s about 340 (lbs), I mean he’s a big guy and (DL) (Richard) Seymour and (DL) Ty Warren, he played that in college and so their perfect players for those positions.”

    (On C Nick Leckey’s performance against Dallas)

    “I thought he did pretty well. That’s another guy that’s a good player, but I thought Nick held his own and he did a nice job. The guy’s smart, he’s quick, he’s got good lower body strength. I thought he did a nice job last week.”

    (On the amount of turnovers the Rams have gotten in the last two games and if he stresses getting defensive turnovers to the team)

    “I try not to talk about it because they might flip it on us. Actually, I think we’re third in the league with the least amount of turnovers on offense and I think we’re plus three right now in that area, which is pretty good for being 2-4, but the guys are making a conscious effort of holding on to the ball, being smart and then the defense is doing a good job when they’re running the ball and if the ball pops out, we have guys there. I think more of it on a defensive side is effort, guys just trying to get to the ball and trying to make plays and I think when you’re around the ball… like the other day we got a fumble because actually two guys ran to the ball, hustling, it was (DE) Leonard Little and (S) Corey Chavous made a play from behind, stripped the ball out and got a fumble. That’s wasn’t like it was a scheme or anything else, it was great effort by those two.”

    (On how CB Ron Bartell is playing as a starter)

    “I’m glad for Ron, he’s a guy that was kind of lost and wasn’t really sure what position he would play. We were playing him at safety and corner, moved him around and then we actually gave him the nickel spot and he did that well and then when we got Jason we said let’s just put him outside, let him play out there. He’s a long-levered guy, he doesn’t panic on the ball, he can go up and make plays and he’s done a great job and he’ll tackle, bring people down, but hits hard to throw over guys that size and he’s been doing a nice job, he has to keep it up.”

    (On if he has been getting feedback from fans in public at gas stations for example)

    “I really don’t stop. At gas stations you just go put the card in now, they have this new thing out. You always get a little bit of that, but I really don’t go out that often.”

    (On if his wife treats him better now)


    QB Marc Bulger

    October 22, 2008

    (On Patriots S Rodney Harrison not being able to play this Sunday)

    “We caught a break there. Unfortunately for him, you don’t like to see anyone get injured. He brings that energy like (LB) London Fletcher brings to Washington’s defense. He’s a key guy for them.”

    (On the defensive front featuring DE Ty Warren, DT Vince Wilfork and LB Adalius Thomas)

    “Their front seven is probably the strength of their defense. I watched them on Monday night and they were pretty effective so we have our work cut out for us up front.”

    (On being on the Rams team in 2001 and if he remembers what it felt like in the Super Bowl with the shocking ending)

    “I was third-string so I was kind of along for the ride, but it was the first time they showed that they could beat a superstar team with just a team. I don’t think they have changed much over the last seven to eight years. Four Super Bowls later, losing (QB) Tom (Brady), probably the best player in the league, definitely hurts their team. They’ve won as a team the last seven to eight years and that’s the one thing that hasn’t changed for them.”

    (On the respect that the Patriots have around the league)

    “They do. That’s why it’s almost a privilege to go play them up there in their home field. You win four Super Bowls like that and go undefeated, playing a season like last year. It’s one of those deals where you do it one time and say you want to beat them and prove they are not that good, but they have gotten to the point where they are the bar. They are the standard in the NFL that everyone tries to get to.”

    (On if there is something besides just repetition that has allowed the timing with WRs Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton to improve)

    “It’s a combination of things, spending time now with them. They were both hurt for a little bit. Sometimes the defense dictates what kind of style they play and the safeties last week cheated up a little bit and that’s why we were able to get behind them. Every week, it’s going to depend on which defense we face, but nonetheless, the more time I spend with each of them, the better.”

    (On how comfortable he is with the offense without RB Steven Jackson and what changes if he cannot play on Sunday)

    “I don’t think anything is going to change. He’s our best player, so that maybe changes a little bit. Our offense is in and we’re going to game plan as if he’s playing. We’d love to have him, but at the same time, we are not going to change anything. We hope ‘Pitt’ (RB Antonio Pittman) and ‘Traver’ (RB Travis Minor) can step in and play well and we’re all praying that (Steven Jackson) will play but our offense will be where it is.”

    (On if he thinks TE Daniel Fells may fill the role of a receiving tight)

    “He’s learning right now, but he has a lot of basketball skills like you’re seeing with his hands and his great body movement. Losing Randy (McMichael) was a huge blow but I think if we can get him going the next couple of weeks, he can be that receiver at that position.”

    (On if the team is more confident after being able to win without a key player like they did last week against Dallas without T Orlando Pace)

    “Any time you win, you feel more confident. Not having Orlando (Pace) and being able to win, that is big. With a guy like Steven (Jackson), your best player, you definitely want him in there. At the same time, it’s not going to be an excuse. We played all of preseason without him. We didn’t play great at times, but they were other times we moved the ball and played pretty well. We have confidence in the other two guys. I’d love to have Steven (Jackson) but we don’t want to jeopardize him for two or three games just for one game.”

    (On where WR Donnie Avery ranks in speed among receivers he’s played with)

    “He’s up there. I played with Torry (Holt) and Isaac (Bruce) when I first got here. They were pretty fast guys. Kevin Curtis was definitely one of the fastest guys. Top four, I would say. I don’t want to say he’s the fastest because those guys were pretty fast.”

    (On the length of New England’s injury list)

    “Our list isn’t short either. It’s something you have to deal with in the NFL. Every week, we’re going to have injuries, other teams are going to have injuries. That’s why the first couple weeks of the season, it is tough to judge who’s going to be good and who isn’t because the NFL is a lot about who reacts to injuries and adversity well. Hopefully, we can keep it going. There are plenty of good players over there, though. They have a pretty good receiver over there that can change the game. They have a lot of Super Bowl rings on defense. Like I said, it’s going to be one of those games where if we go up and play like we did last week, it’s going to be a 60 minute fight.”

    (On if he thinks the team is perceived a little better around town now and if he senses any excitement or if any girls have noticed him more)

    “I come here and I’m home, so I really don’t see it. Around the locker room, guys are getting more upbeat and there’s more confidence. My wife probably wouldn’t be excited if there were more girls.”

    (On what makes the Patriots defense so effective)

    “People like to say how they are getting older and with a short week and you know what, the Rams saw them play Monday night and they haven’t slowed down a bit. When you’re in a scheme like that for so long, whether it’s 4-3 or 3-4 or the Tampa 2. Tampa was great at what they did because that’s all they do. They’ve been doing it for so long. In New England, those guys like (Richard) Seymour and (Mike) Vrabel and all of those guys have been up there so long, they know exactly what they’re supposed to do in every situation. We’re young at a couple of positions and that’s where they try to get the matchups and you can’t substitute for the experience they have up there. We have to be ready. Our guys have to spend more time in their playbooks, more time on their assignments this week because they don’t make mistakes.”

    RB Steven Jackson

    October 22, 2008

    (On being honored as the NFC Offensive Player of the Week)

    “It feels good. It is a reward that is meaningful for the whole team. The offense, as a unit, did a great job. I don’t know if you saw it but on the long run (WR) Torry (Holt) threw a big block and all game our offensive line established the line of scrimmage and sealed the edge when we decided to run to the outside. The three touchdowns and 160 yards is just as much them as it is my own ability.”

    (On his chances of playing Sunday)

    “We are going to take it day-to-day. Today I rehabbed with the weight coach and we did some light leg work on the weight machine and than we go into the pool to get the range of motion and make sure that the soreness wears itself out. It is no need to rush. It is Wednesday and we have until Sunday to make a game-time decision. If I could tell anybody, my fans that are concerned, it is definitely going in the right direction.”

    (On what percentage he would say he is health wise)

    “I don’t know percentage wise; I just know that it feels good.”

    (On what happened on the play he got hurt)

    “I thought it may be something serious. It kind of got bent up funny on the tackle. It kind of over stretched itself and it was a sharp pain right away. I got to the sideline and the doctors checked it out. We kind of thought the worst first and once we got the chance to look at the MRI and it confirmed that it wasn’t anything, I guess the mind kind of goes to ease and the body starts to feel its way out. Today, being able to get the light work out is really promising. It really feels good.”

    (On how important practicing is this week)

    “Practice is very important to get the timing down. Each defense is different and each defense presents a different threat and for us to face New England, they are a sound defense. They are pretty responsible and stay in their gap responsibilies so I definitely want to get a feel of what they are going to try to do and what they are going to try to take away from us.”

    (On what he sees in the New England defense)

    “They are a veteran team playing in the postseason every year so those guys, if you really look at them, they probably play an extra one or two seasons in postseason games alone. They are really sound and a veteran group and the young guys that they do have playing are play makers so they are going to get those guys lined up. Sometimes you face a team and they have blown coverages but this is something that you will not face. It is going to be a patient game and you are going to have to really stick to the game plan and in 60 minutes hope that we play sound football and take care of the ball as an offense.”

    (On what he expects traveling to New England)

    “You never know. I think we have faced two talented teams that both present a lot of threats as a defense. Washington and Dallas can put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and our offensive line has done a great job of protecting (QB) Marc (Bulger). If we can continue that way and keep turnovers down to a minimum that always votes better for us to win the game. So we want to continue in that direction and continue to build our confidence and take it each game at a time.”

    (On playing with pain)

    “Anybody could be tough in someone else’s body. If it is something that I can let rest a week and be able to play the rest of the season without injury then it is something that you have to take into consideration. We are day-to-day on it.”

    DE Chris Long

    October 22, 2008

    (On playing the Patriots and trying to stop Bill Belichick over there)

    “They are the four-time Super Bowl champs. I’m very familiar with the way they do things, playing under (Virginia Cavaliers) Coach (Al) Groh, that’s one of (New England Patriots) Coach (Bill) Belichick’s guys. I have a great deal of respect for the way they do things. I know we’re just going to have to go up there and bring our ‘A’ game, play our best game to date, to be able to play with these guys in a hostile environment. You saw what they did on Monday night and they are capable of doing that any week.”

    (On stopping the run and if it is more about discipline or understanding what they are up to)

    “Discipline. Nothing anybody does is rocket science. We have great coaches, they have great coaches. Our coaches will be able to give us a proper game plan. It’s going to be up to us to be in the right gaps. Usually when a team gets a great amount of yards like they did Monday night, guys are in the wrong gaps and such. We just have to focus on our fundamentals.”

    (On if he feels like he is getting better every week)

    “A little bit. You take some steps backwards sometimes, but overall you just get more and more comfortable. Sometimes, somebody can tell you something a thousand times, but the only way you can get better is to screw it up once or play through a game and that is what I’m going through right now. I’m having fun and I’m getting comfortable.”

    (On how often he talks to his Dad)

    “We talk a lot. Just imagine how much a kid talks to their parent anyways about whatever they’re doing and imagine if he played 13 years, he’d have some stuff to say. He’s done a good job, though, giving me my space and really it’s just when I have questions. We talk every day just as father and son.”

    New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

    October 22, 2008

    (On dealing with the short week)

    “It is not always the same. We have had different scenarios and when we play on the road that changes a little bit. Since we played at home this week, we are going to try to keep it as close to a normal week as we can. It will be a little lighter day this week compared to a normal Wednesday but we have a lot to get ready for with the Rams so we just have to push ahead.”

    (On QB Matt Cassel’s development this season)

    “(QB) Matt (Cassel) has had a lot of playing time this year. He started all the preseason games and took a lot of snaps in training camp as well. He has really, through the course of training camp, took a lot more snaps than (QB) Tom (Brady) did by far in the games and probably the same number in practice. I think the team is pretty comfortable with him as far as the mechanics and the operation of the offense and so forth. (QB) Matt (Cassel) has had the opportunity to play with live bullets in the regular season and he has improved every week due to his hard work and preparation. Hopefully we can keep building on that and the entire offense can continue to improve every week on the things that we don’t have quite right and still build on the positive things we are doing and keep those as a strength for us.”

    (On if he has seen an in-season turn-around as dramatic as the Rams have this year)

    “Well, it’s been very impressive, the last two weeks especially against Washington and Dallas, two quality football teams. They’ve played extremely well and (are) just doing a lot of things well, good in the kicking game and making plays on offense and shutting two good offensive teams down on the defensive side of the ball. I’m very impressed with them. I think all of us have a lot of respect for (Rams Head Coach) Jim (Haslett) and what he’s done both as a head coach and as a defensive coach. His teams are always well prepared, they play hard, they’re physical, they’re fast, they pursue well and they hustle and that’s what I’ve seen the last couple weeks.”

    (On why he thinks six of the last seven teams that have lost in the Super Bowl have had losing records the following year)

    “Well, I can just comment on our team, I don’t know what everybody else went through and so forth. I’d say the main thing, we’ve been in that position, we’ve won them and we’ve lost them and no matter what happens you move on in the next year to the next season and the new challenges that that brings and that’s really what we’re trying to do. We’re not too concerned about the past one way or the other, just the present and how we can make the most of our opportunities going forward.”

    (On how he plans to fill RB Laurence Maroney’s shoes for the rest of the year)

    “With the players who are active that are playing. All the players that are at that position have had an opportunity to play this year and I feel like we’ve had production from all of them. Of course we miss Laurence (Maroney), we would love to have him and wish he was available, but that’s why we have the other players on the roster and when their number is called, I’m sure they will be well prepared and do their best to step up and give us the best quality play that they can. That’s what we expect from them.”

    (On if the Patriots have not practiced yet today)

    “That is correct.”

    (On if he expects RB Sammy Morris to practice)

    “We’ll release the injury report at the end of practice after we’ve been out there and can see what everybody can do, but Sammy (Morris) is day-to-day.”

    (On both he and Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett having success in their second chance as a head coach and why he thinks coaches do better in the second time around)

    “I think that’s probably kind of the way it is for everybody in everything. I think any time you do something and then you have a chance to do it again, you have experience from the first time around and you’re a little bit better prepared because you’ve been through it. The biggest thing for us, in this situation, in the games that we’ve won, has been because of the players. The players have gone out there and played well and made enough plays to win those games. That’s really what it’s about. (Coach) Jim (Haslett) was pretty successful in New Orleans, too. I would say that was a pretty positive performance down there, especially given some of the circumstances that he had to deal with. I know that myself from having been in a situation that was somewhat similar to that with the team moving in ’95 to Baltimore. So in the end, that makes it pretty difficult just to go through the normal day-to-day stuff, let alone comprise a football team. Regardless, I think (Coach) Jim (Haslett) was very successful in New Orleans and I’m sure he’ll be successful there in St. Louis as he already has been.”

    New England Patriots QB Matt Cassel

    October 22, 2008

    (On his development as a starting quarterback)

    “At the start of training camp Tommy (QB Tom Brady) was injured with his foot injury so I got a ton of reps and I was able to start four games. Obviously in the first quarter of the first game of the year against Kansas City, he went down with an injury. It has been something that I have been preparing for a long time and I stepped into the role and just kind of rolled with the punches from that point on. Week-by-week I feel like I am getting a little more comfortable and build on the things that I have done well and work on the things that I haven’t done well.”

    (On the offensive changes that were made since he has become the starter)

    “If you go back to Kansas City, we really did not change that much of the game plan. We went in with the game plan to spread them out and we were in empty and we did those things. I would not say the game plan has changed very much from the point that I went into the game. I am sure that they tailored it a little bit back but we are continuing to go and put together a game plan that we feel is best suited for us to win each and every week. It may change from one week to the next.”

    (On how he has handled the pressure of being the starting quarterback)

    “It is one of those things where you can’t think about anything else other than football. There is a lot of pressure with this position and who I am stepping in for, which is obviously the league MVP who threw for 50 touchdowns. I put a lot of pressure on myself but in terms of outside influence, I really don’t pay much attention to what people say outside this building. I respect what my coaches opinions are but other than that, I don’t really watch the talk shows and I don’t listen to the radio so I try to keep myself well grounded from that stand point.”

    (On how he has built the timing with his receivers)

    “I think it is just more repetitions. The more you work with somebody and you find out their strengths and weakness. The more you get in rhythm with those receivers you start to feel more comfortable with them.”

    (On the difference in the offense with QB Matt Cassel playing rather than QB Tom Brady)

    “You probably would have to ask (Offensive Coordinator) Josh McDaniels about all of that because he would be better suited. We are doing a lot of things similar that we did when (QB) Tom (Brady) was around but like I said before it is all about from one week to the next. What we think is going to be best game plan that is going to give us the W. Whether that is going to change drastically with (QB) Tom (Brady) playing or not, like I said that is a question you would have to ask (Head Coach) Bill (Belichick) or (Offensive Coordinator) Josh McDaniels.”

    (On if the running game will change this week)
    “I don’t know exactly, we just started today. I know St. Louis has got a very good, active front seven and we just started on them. They are a team that we don’t know much about because obviously we don’t play them a lot. We have our work cut out this week but from the film that we watched so far, they are a team with a very good defense and they have played exceptionally well these last two games and obviously it showed up with these last two victories.”

    (On what RB Kevin Faulk brings to the Patriots offense)

    “(RB) Kevin Faulk always adds veteran leadership and he always adds something when he comes into the game. He has that spark because he is such a dynamic player. He can run, he can catch and he does those things that you need him to do and a lot of credit goes to all the backs that played in this week’s game and prior to that. They have been doing a great job all year.”

    (On if he has seen a turn around like the one St. Louis has had this year)

    “I really have only been concentrating on what we have been doing and so I haven’t been able to go around the league or find out if any other teams have been able to turn it around like St. Louis but after watching their games, they are playing really well right now on both sides of the ball.”

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    Well, this is where I'm real happy to be able to step in and correct both Marc Bulger and Chris Long: Belicheck and his shady crew of cheaters didn't win 4 Superbowls. Maybe they missed the big game last year - in that case I wholeheartedly recommend watching it, it's quite an experience and maybe the best Superbowl except 34 in my personal opinion


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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    Love this quote from Bill Belichek. Thats how I want to be known around the league.
    I think all of us have a lot of respect for (Rams Head Coach) Jim (Haslett) and what he’s done both as a head coach and as a defensive coach. His teams are always well prepared, they play hard, they’re physical, they’re fast, they pursue well and they hustle and that’s what I’ve seen the last couple weeks.”

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    Man. I am excited for this game. I think it will be the fun one to watch. Our offense can score, our defense can stop and our special teams is special! It's going to be fun to watch.

    I hope Jackson and Carriker are good to go!

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    I want us to win, but more importantly I want us to compete for the whole 60 mins

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    "(On using DE James Hall inside since he’s never played that position before and how big of a challenge that is)

    “Well, we’ve been playing (him) some inside anyways. He’s never played any where but the right side. He’s never played left side, he’s never played inside, so it’s something new for an old dog, but the guy did a nice job. He’s feeling a little more comfortable with it every day and he had some power rushes inside, he did a good job. I think he feels a little bit better about it now. It helps when you get some success in there.”

    We must be concern about Adam playing if we go him there, I hope we can be effective on the run with him playing the inside.

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    Quote Originally Posted by eldfan View Post
    "(On using DE James Hall inside since he’s never played that position before and how big of a challenge that is)

    “Well, we’ve been playing (him) some inside anyways. He’s never played any where but the right side. He’s never played left side, he’s never played inside, so it’s something new for an old dog, but the guy did a nice job. He’s feeling a little more comfortable with it every day and he had some power rushes inside, he did a good job. I think he feels a little bit better about it now. It helps when you get some success in there.”

    We must be concern about Adam playing if we go him there, I hope we can be effective on the run with him playing the inside.
    He got a sack last game playing inside. Hall is a beast of a man, more of a 3-4 type DE than anything ...

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    I wish everyone was healthy I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about this game.

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    Quote Originally Posted by eldfan View Post
    We must be concern about Adam playing if we go him there, I hope we can be effective on the run with him playing the inside.
    Concern? Probably... but also remember how the Giants ran their defense last year. On passing downs, they moved Tuck, a DE, inside to tackle. I can only hope we see a repeat of the super bowl with this lineup!

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    Re: Haslett/Players October 22

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    Concern? Probably... but also remember how the Giants ran their defense last year. On passing downs, they moved Tuck, a DE, inside to tackle. I can only hope we see a repeat of the super bowl with this lineup!
    Please, please don't mention the word "TUCK" when comes to an upcoming game against the Patriots.

    We can win this game....I LIKE OUR CHANCES!

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