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    Have recent millions made Orlando Pace soft?

    I'm concerned at the number of false starts, which he rarely if ever did before. Also, It's been my observation that Orlando has been beaten more often, especially when there is only a three man rush. As was the case today, I've seen Orlando being overpowered back into the pocket by the defender or flat out beat and run around. In any event, it doesn't appear he is the dominate player he once was, and it would be a mistake for the offensive line coach to leave him on an island to fend for himself in the future.

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    Re: Have recent millions made Orlando Pace soft?

    Pace got his contract in spring of 2005 after the '04 season. In 2004 he had 9 false starts. In 2005 he had eight. From 1997 through 2005 he averages six a season. Not sure how many he's had through six games thus far, but I doubt he's had an abnormal amount.

    But getting beat is a bit concerning. He didn't look good today at all. Maybe the concussion is still having an effect on him? Who knows. A week off couldn't hurt though.

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    Re: Have recent millions made Orlando Pace soft?

    No,but I think his recent concussion might.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Have recent millions made Orlando Pace soft?

    Thanks for the stats Nick (always can count on you for those). Interesting observation about the concussion issue. That can effect vision, especially peripheral, and reaction motor skills.
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    Re: Have recent millions made Orlando Pace soft?

    Big O was man-handled by a fierce Fisher today. :x One of Pace's worst games?

    I too am a little worried about the penalties, perhaps a lack of concentration. And I too hope he's okay health wise. Bulger was pressured and/or sacked too many times!

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    Re: Have recent millions made Orlando Pace soft?

    i would have to go with that hes still have some affects of the concussion,he's the big man and as soon as he is 100% he will dominate again.


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