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    Have to stop Alge Crumpler!

    The way that Itulu Milli carved us up this past Saturday, and the way TE's all over the league ran all over us Marmie needs to make sure we have a plan to cover Crumpler or we are in trouble. If we can do that we have a great chance at a win. Oh and this season we are undefeated on Saturdays

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    Re: Have to stop Alge Crumpler!

    i guess its unrealistic to say that we can shut down every player on every offense we play against. e.g. Alexander ran all over us during the season but we still won, Hasselbeck had a great game but we still won last saturday... The key is to contain one of their weapons (either Vick or Crumpler).. if we try and work both we WILL get burned. The key must surely be Vick...

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    Re: Have to stop Alge Crumpler!

    Tackling after the catch, and making the tackles in the running game, is a critical component defensively, something we are night and day better at over the last few weeks. You cant stop everything for sure, but when you are in position to make the tackle, you have to make it because that is a big part of what prevents the big plays.

    Remember the first rams falcons game where archuleta missed the tackle on the sideline and it turned into a long gain down the sideline? Thats what we need to try and avoid.

    For me, i just hope that when the ball hits us in the hands and we have the shot at the INT, we make the play. The ball butler didnt catch against atlanta the first time that led to the huge crumpler gain in the fourth quarter after we tied it was the key play in the game.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Have to stop Alge Crumpler!

    Gotta blitz, blitz, blitz! Last game Vick was running all over us whenever we just sent a 4 man rush. When we blitzed he was less of a threat. He's gonna get his yards, can't help that, but we've gotta make him throw up the ball a few times. If we have Polley on Crumpler all game, maybe we can have Pisa spy?

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    Re: Have to stop Alge Crumpler!

    Crumpler is much better than Mili. The linebackers will need to stay on Crumpler all game.


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