Head Coach Jim Haslett

October 1, 2008

(On today's practice)

"I thought it was good. I thought it was smooth, we put the ball on the
ground one time which is unacceptable but obviously our point is, we are
trying to keep turnovers to a minimum and we are going to try to get
some on defense. If something bad happens, don't worry about it, lineup
again and try to overcome those things because there are great teams in
this league, you have been around teams that have been here before that
turned the ball over seven or eight times and still won a game. That is
part of the game and that is something that we are going to work on as
we go here. "

(On how the team responded to practice today)

"I thought they did a nice job. They stood back in the huddle and lined
up and played again."

(On if the bye week came at a good time)

"I think it probably is. Again, it is a unfortunate situation but I
thought they dealt with it in great manner and these next two days they
are going to get some time off to reflect on it and hopefully they can
come back here with some rigor and see if we can get this thing right."

(On why the team is not using the bye week to get more work in)

"I don't think work is a problem. These guys do a nice job, they work
hard. With everything that happened they probably need some days off."

(On what he will do during the bye week)

"I will do a few things this week. I am going to go watch my son play
football this Friday and do something Saturday but I will be here for a
couple of days."

(On the status of T Orlando Pace)

"(T) Orlando (Pace) practiced and he did a nice job. Like I said,
Tuesday is normally their day off and so for us to go out there and
practice, you are still a little bit sore. You go out and play 70 plays,
it takes you a little while to get back but I thought they fought
through it yesterday and then I thought it was a pretty good day today

(On the status of WR Dante Hall)

"(WR) Dante (Hall) had a little hamstring he did yesterday and so we
just held him out but he will be ready to go Monday. He is inside. He
and (T) Orlando (Pace) decided to do a little extra running and some

(On why the team has been conditioning so much lately)

"There is a reason why we haven't played well in the fourth quarter and
I don't know what it is but I am not going to let conditioning be apart
of it. So, I thought we conditioned two days, we are going to condition
Monday and Wednesday during the season."

QB Trent Green

October 1, 2008

(On the change in starting quarterback back to Marc Bulger)

"Jim (Haslett) is the new head coach and that is his decision and I told
him I support it. I was brought here originally, eight months ago, to be
Marc's (Bulger) backup. I appreciate the opportunity. I told Scott
(Linehan) thanks for the opportunity. It was fun to get back out on the
field again. Every time I get an opportunity to play, it just reconfirms
that I made the right decision in coming back. I really enjoyed myself,
it was a lot of fun. I think the guys rallied around it. I thought we
moved the ball well, but we weren't able to finish some drives. I felt
the guys responded well to the change and I was proud of the whole

(On the interception intended for Torry Holt and if that pass was
completed what changes could have been made)

"There are a lot of ramifications from the pass. I put it to the spot I
thought he was going be, he ran to the spot he thought he was supposed
to be and that's football."

(On how he thinks things went in the game against Buffalo)

"We didn't win so that's the bottom line for every position, but
ultimately for the quarterback and that tends to weigh a little bit more
heavily on the quarterback. It wasn't good enough to get the win and
when the team has made a head coach... I had a feeling that was what was
going to happen."

(On why that was)

"I think it was pretty clear last week that the one behind the whole
thing was Scott (Linehan) as far as getting me in there. I think
everyone else was pretty supportive of Marc (Bulger) so that's why."

(On if the decision bothered him)

"Oh no. Like I said, I just like playing. Like I said already, I just
told Scott (Linehan) I appreciate the opportunity and I gave it
everything I had and I tried rallying the troops and I thought they
responded well."

T Orlando Pace

October 1, 2008

(On if he is ready for bye week)

"I think everybody would like it at about Week 8, but Week 4 is fine
too, just with everything that's happening too kind of just getting into
a new frame of mind and try to go down the stretch and win some games."

(On if the bye week came at a good time with all the changes happening

"From that angle it's a great time to have it. It's still early in the
season, we still have a chance to come back and get into the mix of
things, everybody come back rejuvenated and ready to go."

(On if he thinks it would be better to stay and work under coach Haslett
instead of having a break)

"I can't say that, we still have to go play, we still have a week of
preparation to get ready for the Redskins. I think this week with so
much going on the bye came at a good time and guys can really clear
their heads, come back and be focused."

(On if he remembers the heated rivalry with the Saints when Coach
Haslett was there)

"Yeah, it was pretty heated. I know we had some pretty good ball games,
a lot was said in the media between the two, but he's on our team now
and all those things are behind us."

(On his impression of him as a coach)

"I think he's been here so he knows what to expect. I think he'll be
good for the team. I think guys respect him and things like that. He not
only played, but he's coached before, so I think guys will be ready to

(On if the atmosphere has eased up in the last two days)

"Yeah, I think so. I think with the past couple days, knowing the
circumstances that happened, we have to move on, guys are focused and
ready to go."