Sunday, August 15, 2004

(On getting back to practice)
“With that time off they ran and lifted this morning, kind of got the blood going a little bit. We’re out here in full gear, and it’s hard to get use to that after you’ve been off for a little bit. I thought they did a good job trying to get into it.”

(On having so much time between the first and second preseason game)
“I think it’s good for us, because it’s the week we’re breaking camp. It’s also late in camp where you can continue to use a lot of your two-a-days. So there is a great deal of time here and that gave us an opportunity to give them a couple of days off. Normally you can’t do that and let them recover. They’ve recovered pretty good, we should have a real good week of practice.”

(On the weather conditions being so cool)
“I’m not worried about the heat, we play indoors and it’s air conditioned. The conditioning part of it is the cardiovascular condition, not endurance to the heat. If you played in the heat all the time, you would have to condition for it, we don’t play in it. If you play in all this heat, you just get run down, and the work doesn’t come out as well. That’s why when it’s real hot we go indoors.”

(On CB Travis Fisher’s injury)
“He thought he would be ready to go, but he’s still got a little bit of weakness back there, he just doesn’t feel right. He’s frustrated, obviously. Over the years, with all these hamstring injuries, if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. So until that thing feels the way it should, we’re going to be very careful with him.”

(On G Chris Dishman not being at practice)
“When we signed Chris he didn’t get a chance to say bye to his family. So we gave him a day to get back and kind of get his things in order, like everybody else has a chance to do before they come to camp. He needed an opportunity to get back, and get some things squared away.”

(On RB Joey Goodspeed’s performance)
“As a fullback what’s so terrific about Joey is he’s really a good lead blocker, but when you throw him the ball, as you could see up at the scrimmage, his mobility, he’s a good runner. That’s something we haven’t had in a fullback in quite sometime. I think he’s a complete player.”

(On RB Marshall Faulk playing in preseason game against the Chiefs)
“If he did it’s because he really wants to. We’re on pace not to play him. We sat down with him before camp started, and we went through this and mapped it all out, and he’s very comfortable with it. But we’ll see.

(On DE Anthony Hargrove)
“Anthony’s family was in that hurricane, his girlfriend was missing, he’s got some people that were missing, so he flew down there. Fortunately, they had gone to another town, and were accounted for once he got down there. He’s got a lot of things to do with his family, to help them get back on their feet into a hotel, because their house is gone basically. He should be back tomorrow night.”

(On G Scott Tercero’s performance at LG)
“I don’t know I haven’t looked at the tape, we’ll look at it tonight. He’s going to do everything you ask him to, I know that. He won’t make mistakes, we’ll let him get adapted to it.”