Saturday, October 16, 2004

(On DE Tyoka Jackson’s hamstring injury)
“He’s got I think a grade two hamstring. When these guys get hamstrings, about a week later they feel pretty good, they feel like they can go. But it’s not ready, you have to make them sit down on this thing. He’s played with everything, he’s like Adam Timmerman, they just play. But this thing was pretty hard, pulling a hamstring.”

(On if Jackson’s injury put a stress on rotating the defensive line)
“A little bit. It just means Tony (Hargrove) is going to get more repetitions. Really our starters play most of the game. We haven’t rotated like we did a year ago.”

(On DE Anthony Hargrove)
“He’s fine. He’s going to be just fine, he’s going to be a real good player. He’s learning, but he has the effort and physical ability. We just have to keep working with him, and getting him in there. The only way you learn that stuff is to play, and unfortunately sometimes you’re going to make mistakes, but that’s the only way you’re going to get them better.”

(On it being confusing for Hargrove moving him from right defensive end to left)
“Yeah, that is confusing, it’s confusing for everybody. It doesn’t sound that difficult for people. It’s like tackle, going from a left-hand stance to a right-hand stance. It is really bizarre. It’s not an easy thing to do for anybody.”

(On Tampa Bay DE Simeon Rice)
“He has speed. His get-off is pretty incredible, it’s like Leonard’s (Little). You have to be focused, because he can get you at any time, I don’t care how good you are.”

(On T Orlando Pace)
“I think he’s playing extremely well. I think this is as well as he’s ever played since he’s been here, to be honest with you. That whole line has just gotten better. They have really just all come together. They have a terrific attitude, they’re doing things right, and are paying attention to all the little details. I’m just tickled with their progress and where they are.”

(On G Scott Tercero playing with an injury)
“It’s just one of those things that everybody is hurt in the NFL today this time of the season. Everybody has an ankle, a rib, or a wrist, or something, but you just have to play. Young players have to learn to do that. In college you get to sit out a week or two, it doesn’t work like that in the NFL.”

(On QB Marc Bulger’s shoulder)
“He’s fine. He threw yesterday. He really wasn’t strong yesterday, but he needed to throw yesterday. He said he felt great today, and he’s back to normal. I was very concerned originally, but there is no effect on it at all.”

(On Bulger’s performance at the end of the game)
“He’s been pretty good. He’s gotten better every week. He had one get away from him. He underthrew one, and one took off on him, he lost the ball, it slipped off his hand. The first one was my fault, we were just trying to lay one for Torry (Holt) and see if he could go get a play on third and medium. We thought they would sit on the run and they didn’t, they played it pretty well.”

(On him not wanting the players to dwell on the Seattle game)
“It’s a distraction. We want to keep that good feeling of winning, the confidence, and the great feeling that has. But one game does not make a season, we have an entire season left. We enjoyed it, but it’s still a distraction for this week. We have to stay focused on Tampa Bay. It’s a great feeling, and a boost of morale. Most importantly it has given this team confidence and energy. But we need to move on and focus on Tampa, that’s what’s really important at this point.”

(On him reinforcing to the team that they are never out of a game)
“I was so proud of the way that they played that game in every phase, special teams, defense, and offense. The coaches kept coaching hard, they just kept trying to make a break. Players make plays, not coaches. There wasn’t any magic play on offense, or magic defense, or return, we just had guys step up and make plays. That’s what winning is all about, players making plays.”

(On Tampa Bay)
“They’re not the same team offensively that they were, and that’s what I told our football team. This football team will be very good on offense. (Brian) Griese is very accurate, gets rid of the ball very quickly, and their running game now is up and running. They’re going to be a very substantial offense, it’s not the same offense that they were earlier. Now they have given life to their defense. This football team coming in here is going to be an excellent team.”

(On LB Robert Thomas)
“That ankle is still bothering him a little bit. So we’ll rest him like we did last week.”