Head Coach Mike Martz
Friday, January 14, 2005

(On the team's excitement)
"I think the extra day off helped. They have their energy going. They are excited about playing. I think they needed that extra day off to help them recover. We've had a good week. It's very upbeat. This is a loose group."

(On WR Isaac Bruce's status)
"We'll see how he's doing. I think he'll be fine. We'll just check him out before the game to be sure."

(On G Tom Nütten's injuries)
"These are significant injuries. It's not, like some guys, who need a little attention. He continues to play, and play well. He's there for us, that's all I can tell you. He's always been there for us."

(On putting the regular season behind them)
"We've always had the attitude here that we are always looking forward. What's done, is done, whether it's a win or loss. You have to continue to get better, even if you are on a roll and you're undefeated. You can't be happy with yourself, in that respect. You are always trying to get better, and that was our focus all along. We had a long way to go. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome, and at this point we are just looking forward. We are pleased to be where we are."

(On DL Tyoka Jackson's status) "(He's) probably not (going to play). He has a high ankle sprain, so probably not."

(On if it will be hard to keep Bruce out)
"He's got a small muscle strain in his stomach, which he'll probably play with. I'm not really concerned about it. We'll see at game time. It's just the smart thing to do, to keep him out."

(On RB Marshall's Faulk's play against Seattle)
"Big players make big plays, when they have to make them. That run in the fourth quarter, that set up the final touchdown, was outstanding. His blitz pick up, when you watch his blitz pick up, he throws his little body in there and knocks a guy out, or knocks them down so QB Marc (Bulger) can stand in there and throw. He didn't have great statistics, but his contribution was very significant in other areas. Who knows, maybe this week he'll have a lot of catches and rushing yards."

(On DE Anthony Hargrove)
"He was a quarterback in college and really sat out a year before the draft. He has come such a long way. He's accomplished so much. He's gone way beyond everyone's expectations at this point. That's Tony, and it's also (defensive line coach) Bill Kollar, getting him ready. When these guys start to taste success and do things well, and do things right, then they are really enthusiastic and I think that's where Tony is right now."

(On DE Leonard Little's status)
"He seems to be back, completely. I don't think there is an issue with him at this point."