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    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 17, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Claude Terrell does have a sore left thigh. It’s categorized as a bruise. He had an MRI today. We do not have any results from it, but we don’t anticipate anything other than that. Randy (McMichael) has a tight right hamstring that he pulled on the first catch of the game. He played with it, but it’s fairly sore today. Milford Brown did come out with a left ankle injury. Unless he has issues with it on Wednesday, as far as it being too sore to play on, we’ll assume he’s going to be okay. If he does have any problems at Wednesday’s practice we’ll MRI it, but he seemed to be getting better. Drew Bennett came out of the game okay. Pisa (Tinoisamoa) and Richie (Incognito) will be evaluated each practice this week as to how realistic they will be for being up this game. Both of them are still in question.”

    (On DE Leonard Little)

    “He has a sprained toe. He’s okay. He’s played with it, on and off throughout his career. He should be fine. I wouldn’t even anticipate him missing any time in practice.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger)

    “He just has sore ribs. He’s been hit a lot. It’s not just the line not blocking. We’ve been in some situations where we got third down and they (San Francisco) got free on a couple of their blitzes. He got a couple of them off, but he got hit on two. That’s a normal day’s work for a quarterback. I’d like to keep it to a minimum if we can. That’s going to be the key to our success in upcoming games.”

    (On the game vs. San Francisco)

    “It’s a similar story to the week before. We entered halftime with a lead. We came out of the blocks with the ball and we weren’t able to add to a six-point lead eventually. We had opportunities two weeks in a row to make it a two-score game, twice. Both times we turned it over. That will always come back to haunt you. I don’t know if it’s a lesson learned. We haven’t learned it yet. If we’re going to win these kinds of football games we’re going to have to take care of the ball better and we’re going to have to play better in the second half.”

    (On turnovers)

    “It can’t last because we can’t allow it to last. It’s happening because we’re too loose with the football. That starts with coaching. We say that we practice it, but it’s not carrying over in the games. To me, you play in games like you practice. Hopefully it’s a lesson we’ve learned the hard way and won’t continue it.”

    (On if he wished WR Dante Hall had called a fair catch on the muffed punt)

    “We trust his judgment and we’ll always trust his judgment. It’s easy to say now that we rather he caught it and returned it. Fair catch or not – a lot of times what people do is push and distract the returner by pushing the blocker into them which is a legal play. That’s really what happened. He got distracted. I’m not making excuses for him or anything like that. He’s trying to make a play there. As you look at it in hindsight, it would possibly be better to fair catch it. I don’t want to question any of our players and their judgment. There will be games coming where he’s going to make a big return when we need him to.”

    (On if he second-guessed his decision not to go for it on fourth down)

    “No. I would go for the field goal again in that situation just because of our kicker, based on how he hit his first 53-yarder. It really carried pretty good. Because of Jeff (Wilkins), the adrenaline, the situation of the game, the person kicking and indoors, I would do it again. The biggest thing I was thinking about after the game – I’ve been going back and forth, having an extra down. In general, without any timeouts in a two-minute drill when you’re down there, at some point you have to stop the clock. I always liked as a play caller, when you didn’t have timeouts, to have two to three downs to just organize your thoughts after you get the mark for the first down. It was probably around a minute, a minute fifteen when we clocked it. I go back and forth because at some point you’re going to have to get the clock stopped and you want to make sure you have a good plan for your next plays. In that situation you have two plays to get close enough for a long field goal or three plays to get another first down, then you’re doing it again. It’s easy to go back in hindsight, but as far as the field goal, I would do it again.”

    (On if the game tape showed how close the field goal was)

    “I looked at it last night about 10 times and it looked like it was about two feet every time. It was that close, maybe a foot. A TV copy would show better. I haven’t seen that. It landed on the other end of that white border behind which can’t be about a foot to miss it. It’s a game of inches.”

    (On what RB Steven Jackson was frustrated about towards the end of the game)

    “Probably not winning the game. It might have been a protection miscue that we had out there. I think if that is what you’re talking about, that is probably what it was. I’m not sure exactly, but being that time of the game there was probably something happening on a protection on that fourth down.”

    (On if Jackson was yelling it him)

    “I don’t know if he was yelling at me. I didn’t take it that way. I honestly didn’t. This is news to me. Sometimes players get emotional and I understand that part. You just have to let it roll off your back. I don’t have any issue at all with Steven (Jackson) sometimes he gets a little animated because he is a competitor. Heat of the battle. Didn’t say anything to me that I heard.”

    (On the different issues vs. San Francisco, particularly against the 49er defense)

    “They are a really, really improved defensive team. They have gone to a scheme that is pretty en vogue in the league, the 3-4 and a lot of teams like we do, we get into that and we call it an odd front, three down lineman and move people around. I’m not making an excuse for our guys because we’ve got to get it, but they were able to dazzle our new offensive group in there a couple times with some looks that we adjusted to though, frankly, at the end of the game. I think we made some good pickups on a couple of those sideline throws that we made on the last drive. But they were able to cause enough indecision for us that we were not able to set ourselves in the best position to pick up what they were doing. It was good by them. We definitely made the adjustments that we needed to make but they did cause us some problems with that look, especially on third down.”

    (On if an opening is left somewhere when the defense is coming off the edge)

    “Well it leaves the middle. You could certainly get some good yards running the ball right behind the guards. But they pick their spots. It’s usually going to be in a situation where you could run a draw, or screen or some kind of play to slow them down. Things like that can help those kinds of blitzes. We have talked about that. When your playing a pocket quarterback it’s definitely the kinds of blitzes you’re going to get, ones where they come screaming off the corners. We are going to have to definitely make the proper adjustments so that we don’t have those kinds of struggles with those kinds of teams and we will see more of them.”

    (On maintaining the running game for four quarters)

    “Well it has to be an attitude thing. We have to stay with it. We stayed with it in this game as much as we had planned. They definitely know that stopping Steven (Jackson) is going to be a big part of stopping us and making us not 50-50 or balanced as much as you want to be. I think we broke out this game and definitely hooked up in the passing game better and had a number of big plays in the passing game, but what we got to be able to do is find ways to come up with big plays in our run game. Steven running the ball, he will continue to run better, and as we settle in on an offensive line here and hopefully stay healthy enough to where we can get some continuity in there, that will help. We just have to continue to be kind of hard headed about it and keep turning around and giving it to him. Just like last year he got better each week.”

    (On the offensive line’s performance against San Francisco)

    “We will evaluate that. One of the issues, potentially, is Claude (Terrell) having this injury this week. If he is limited significantly for the next two practices, we are going to have to look at another potential rotation, unfortunately. We will decide what we are going to do with that Wednesday and then based on how he feels we will continue to do it. Adam (Goldberg) came in a couple of situations and played guard one series, played tackle when Milford (Brown) came out, so that is one of the reasons that Adam is really the swing guy there. But we would like to settle in with five guys that are going to stay together.”

    (On T Alex Barron’s play at left tackle)

    “For his first time, it wasn’t a bad game. It was new and he had been pretty darn solid for us over on the right side but for the most part held his own. But he, just like the rest of us, is going to have to play a lot better than we did.”

    (On if turnovers the lack of touchdowns in the first two games can be attributed to turnovers)

    “Some of it I attribute to that, at least chances for touchdowns. I’m not saying if we hadn’t turned those over, we would have definitely gotten in the end zone. But I believe our odds are going to go up on both situations. You take the ball out of our hands on the five yard line that takes away your chance to score on a big drive. Same goes the week before, we were on the 24-yard line, first down after about a 10 yard run and you take the ball out of our hands and that is another big part of it. We don’t go in there with the idea that we are taking threes, we want to end the drive with a kick and all the points end up at the end but we have to maintain the intensity we have had at the beginning of the games through out the game. Especially coming out in the second half, we have to play much better and be much more oriented to executing and we haven’t done it or we would score I believe and taking care of the ball is a big part too.”

    (On third downs)

    “We ended up third-and-long too much. When you’re third-and-six or less your odds go up to convert. What’s happened is either through lost -yardage plays, which we’ve had too many of on first down especially in the run game…that’s been a big maybe for our run game is taking plays that lose yards. A one-yard gain on first down is still a one-yard gain, and then you have the option of what you’re going to do on second down to get it to a manageable third down. I think both halves we put ourselves in third and long when your conversion rate goes down.”

    (On WR Torry Holt’s fumble)

    “He was running with it well. I thought the ball was put away. Right at the point where he was making a cut to go to the end zone the ball got away from him a little bit and (Nate) Clements made a great play on knocking it out. You can’t expose that football. A savvy player will play the ball in that situation because you already have a good gain and you’re already down , so he’ll try to get the ball away. Torry is not unlike the rest of us; we are not perfect and he’d certainly would like to have that one back, I’m sure.”

    (On the return game)

    “To me one person in this game, the return game especially, broke down, which makes it look like everybody’s breaking down because the return doesn’t have…you let a guy free run and you miss a block and you’re setting up a return a certain way, then he has to avoid that player right into people. It’s just like offensively – one guy breaks down, you can have them all blocked, but if you don’t block the nose guard it’s a dead play, and that’s what happened on the returns. We’re improving on what we’re doing schematically. We had a great opportunity in game one for a big return and in that case, really, the same thing – if one guy had maybe gotten the last block we would have probably scored the touchdown. That’s what we’re selling and that’s what we’re going to keep working on – everyone doing their job because you catch a 25-yard pass and you’re running into the end zone and it gets knocked away it doesn’t matter that it’s a 25-yard pass because it’s the other team has the ball. The same goes for the return game. If you don’t’ block the L3 on a kickoff return, everybody else might have their guy, but it doesn’t look so good; a returner has to stop his feet and avoid and that’s not what we want.”

    (On Frank Gore’s third quarter touchdown run on fourth and one)

    “They ran off tackle. They have a pretty good side of their line as far as they’re going to run behind Larry Allen and those guys. They basically hit it. It was really a good run. I think what happened was we actually thought he might have had the first (down). I think even Corey (Chavous) thought that he was wrapped up and was going for the football and that created a missed tackle because he was basically stopped in the hole, but he was still moving. In that situation, even though they got the first, we have to get that back down.”

    (On the play of the defense, particularly against the run)

    “I thought it was a really, really solid effort defensively. It was the best we’ve played since we’ve been here. If you take that (43-yard touchdown) run away, which you can’t – the run counts and it was a big play. You only need one or two big runs to have a running game. You might want to say you’re going to have 30 runs of four yards, but that’s not necessarily the case. You pop a run like that, they still got it when it counted. We really had two series that weren’t very good defensively. Other than that, I think our defense really, really played extremely well in this game.”

    (On the improved from Week 1 to Week 2 against the run was due to specific corrections that were made)

    “Yeah. We talked about the perimeter plays; I call them loose plays – the reverses and the misdirection plays that hurt us. A good example is how Ron Bartell played the reverse on the one play. There were a couple other plays where they were designed to get to the perimeter and we got them tackled. We knew this game was a little different. We knew they were going to run more downhill at us because we’ve played these guys a few times, so I think it was a good plan by Jim and the defensive staff and I think the players executed it really, really well.”

    (On DT Clifton Ryan and if his increase in playing time was in response to DT Claude Wroten being suspended)

    “One guy’s out, the other guy moves up. Cliff played more and we played Adam (Carriker) more in that nickel package on third down and Cliff was able to get in there and sub some and get more snaps. Unbelievable production for the amount of snaps he played. It was really encouraging to see a young player like that come in and play like he did. He was obviously one of our recognized players on our team out of this game.”

    (On the secondary’s performance without starting CB Tye Hill)

    “I thought they played extremely well. I think we matched up well, stayed very close in coverage. We had some individual plays that were made in man where the bottom line is you have a guy you have to cover and not allow him to make a catch. I think when were challenged they were able to hold up.”

    (On Hill’s injury and reports that he may be out for four to six weeks)

    “It’s not broken ribs. He has a real painful injury in his lower back – transverse process, which is not really the rib cage. The best way to describe it is as an area where if you get hit there very hard, you can see that there’s some damage that’s done. Basically best-case scenario I would say would be two to three weeks and we’re doing it week-to-week with him because it’s basically how it feels. It takes four to six weeks to heal. It’s a pain thing and it’s extremely painful. Like I said, Dane Looker had it and he missed two games in preseason. I had (Daunte Culpepper) in Minnesota; he had it. He missed two games, but he missed most of the game he got hurt in, so he really missed two and a half games, then he played. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be that length. There’s no telling how Tye responds, though, so it’s kind of up to how he heals.”

    (On the Rams players of the game)

    “Offensively it was Isaac (Bruce). Defensively we had three: Will Witherspoon, Cliff Ryan and Ron Bartell.”

    (On the special teams player of the game)

    “Quinton Culberson came out in his first active game and played very well. He had the opening tackle, had a couple tackles and was really sound in special teams. He had a good game.”

    (On the perception that Week 2 was a must win situation and how big of a hole starting 0-2 puts the team in)

    “I didn’t necessarily disagree. I thought it was very important that we get off to a fast start in our division. Unfortunately we took a setback with a loss. It’s the second game of the season and there are 14 games left and we’re playing game three. If we go down and play the way we can play and take care of the football…I’m encouraged by how we played defensively, our special teams will come back around – they had a good Week 1 – if we take care of the ball offensively and start getting that baby in the end zone, we can start our roll in Week 3. Unfortunately it’s only going to happen in Week 3 because we’re two down. Again, you have to keep the perspective that if we get off to a good roll here we can still be in really good shape as the season progresses. To start a winning streak we have to get a win, so a must win for us getting our next win and that’s this week. Each week until we do that is going to be the same. As far as being in a hole, yeah, we’re in a little hole. We put a little more pressure on ourselves than we wanted to, but sometimes that good. Most often it is a good thing.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan

    We're in a little hole?:x

    We now go on the road for 2 games. I think that hole is a lot bigger than Linehan is willing to admit.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Quote Originally Posted by laram0 View Post
    We're in a little hole?:x

    We now go on the road for 2 games. I think that hole is a lot bigger than Linehan is willing to admit.
    credit his positive outlook,but then again what else can he say, I think your right this hole is a little deeper than he thinks,these are two tough road games coming up.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 17, 2007

    (On turnovers)

    “It can’t last because we can’t allow it to last. It’s happening because we’re too loose with the football. That starts with coaching. We say that we practice it, but it’s not carrying over in the games. To me, you play in games like you practice. Hopefully it’s a lesson we’ve learned the hard way and won’t continue it.”
    I am glad Linehan knows that coaching does impact turnovers. Many fans attribute turnovers to 'randomness' or 'bad-bounces' but discipline comes from the top down. I am encouraged by this press-conference, Scott Linehan knows what needs doing, now he needs to find a way to get it done. GoRams!

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Quote Originally Posted by BM_Face View Post
    I am glad Linehan knows that coaching does impact turnovers. Many fans attribute turnovers to 'randomness' or 'bad-bounces' but discipline comes from the top down. I am encouraged by this press-conference, Scott Linehan knows what needs doing, now he needs to find a way to get it done. GoRams!
    good point, i think Linehan knows what he wants to do,he just needs to put the puzzle pieces together a little quicker, right or wrong time is not in his favor,he was handed a team that can win now and high expectations are not being met,so he becomes the scapegoat and again right or wrong that goes with the job.

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