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    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    (On game)
    “The game was a real close game for the first three quarters. We spent a good deal of our time defensively on the wrong side of the field and offensively on the wrong side of the field. It is tough to overcome the field position battle. You spend the whole time playing on the long field or the short field. I don’t have the numbers in front of me of how many plays we spent on the minus part of the field. I know that 41 of their 53 plays were on the plus side of the field for them. You are not going to beat a good football team like this doing that. We had some plays that weren’t made, and we can go back and say ‘if we made that play here or if we finished that drive before the half’ we could have at least tied the game up. Again we have to give them credit for executing better than us.”

    (On why the kick cover units are struggling)
    “We have to keep looking at who is on there. We have done a lot of shuffling and moving people in and out of there and we have not found the right combination. It has not been a bright spot for us, we have made some adjustments and made some progress for a few weeks, but we have not been consistent. We all need to take credit for that.”

    (On scoring in the second half)
    “We are working on it, we haven’t been able to execute it. When you jump off sides and getting holding calls and give up a sack and you have to overcome that plus go 80 or 90 yards each time, it is hard to score points. We have not played good as a team in the second half. You can focus on offense, defense or special teams but our team has not been a good second half team. Our fourth quarter scoring and our ability to stop people in the fourth quarter has not been good enough. You have to win fourth quarters if you want to win in this league.”

    (On the defense breakdown on the Greg Jennings TD catch)
    “There was zero man coverage and I think we had a miscommunication between a couple of players as to who was going to take the vertical and who had the underneath coverage. Obviously you can’t do that.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger’s play in the first half versus the second half)
    “I credit their defense for tighter coverage, they got an early interception and that factored into it a little bit. Once we got behind we got into a little bit of a passing mode, more than what we had anticipated. I thought Bulger played very good except for a couple of plays that could have been made, but he is the quarterback and he throws the passes.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson)
    “He is a great football player, and I think that game time is when you give him the football. I think we did a good job of getting him involved early and being able to run the ball. We still continue to try and mount some drives in a the run game.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan

    These coaches need to grow a couple, and blast the officials when they have such a negative impact on the flow of the game.

    I didn't expect the RAMS to be able to keep up with the pack, but I didn't think the pack should have all the help the officials gave them to get past the RAMS.

    This year the RAMS are perfectly capable of losing games, they don't need any help from the officials, and they got PLENTY today.


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