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    Head Coach Scott Linehan, Aug 10

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    August 10, 2008

    (On CB Justin King’s injury against Tennessee)

    “(CB) Justin King will have surgery. He’ll be put on IR; he’s out this year. He’s got a torn ligament in his big toe.”

    (On if King’s injury is similar to what DE Leonard Little had last year)

    “It’s not the same. How it was described to me was, as traumatic, but a little different part of the toe, more underneath, (DE) Leonard’s (Little) was on the side. (T) Brandon Gorin’s injury isn’t as serious, but requires surgery to be rehabbed. I’d say it’ll be a couple weeks. It’s a slight tear of the rotator cuff, some part of the rotator cuff not where the general tears that happen, but with surgery it’s something that can be healed.”

    (On if T Brandon Gorin’s injury is similar to Fakhir’s injury)

    “I don’t know for sure. It sounded a little less serious than that.”

    (On S Jerome Carter’s injury)

    “(S) Jerome Carter has a slight strain in his groin. It will day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month.”

    (On other injuries resulting from the Tennessee preseason game)

    “We had (LB) (Marc) Magro come out and bruise his knee, but he’s alright, the MRI didn’t show anything other thing than it was a bruise.”

    (On how T Orlando Pace held up in Tennessee)

    “He held up good. Knocking the rust off, but I’m sure he probably feels it today. I haven’t talked to him. Today is a day off for the players so I’ve only talked to a selected number of players that I have run into, but I’ll meet with some of those guys tomorrow.”

    (On if there are any players meetings tonight)

    “No, it’s an off day. The coaches, we’re meeting; grading some film. We will do it again tonight, planning this week in practice as we prepare for this game.”

    (On how CB Justin King’s injury will affect the team)

    “He was playing good. He was playing good in the game. He’s made progress, until he had the injury and now it’s a weird deal, but I feel bad for him because he came in and worked really hard. He was really going to push for a lot of playing time throughout this year, so we’re obviously light at corner and we’re light at safety now with (S) Jerome (Carter) for practice purposes or anything else. I don’t know how long he’s going to be out. So we’re certainly keeping our eyes open for secondaries.”

    (On injured players coming back)

    “I think (O.J.) Atogwe is closer than (Fakhir) Brown. You know we will see tomorrow. They have treatments today and I think it is just a matter about getting back out there now. Hopefully it is sooner than later. It is really affecting our ability to do some things, caused some substitution problems especially in games but it is hard to practice too…it is part of the challenge we have.”

    (On reviewing the video of when Justin King got hurt)

    “I think he got stepped on or he stepped funny. And so I do think it was out of place. He had mentioned that his toe had bothered him. I know it must have bothered him. He had some adjustment done to his shoe and things. I think it was a fluke deal. I mean he got it trapped underneath a guy’s foot or stepped funny, kind of rolled over. But it didn’t happen on that long play that they said was interfered contact. The crowd was calling for PI (pass interference).”

    (On what he saw on the tape)

    “I saw some good things. Certainly startled a little. You know a little slow. But they drove down, they got a big play to put themselves in position to score and we stopped them. That was great. We had bad luck with turnovers and bad field position. The great part about the whole thing for me was they settled down and put together a good drive, got points on the board. We were playing one of the best defenses in football last year. It was 7-3 after whatever it was. They were one of the best in the league and their starters played better than our guys did, even into the second quarter. It was a good test for us to work against them and carry it over to the game. I was happy with how in the first half, from the start of the first half and to the end of the first half, our guys started to settle in and play.”

    (On the running backs)

    “I thought the running backs ran fairly good, for the most part. We missed a couple. I think, it will only get better, but I wasn’t disappointed in the backs. It was kind of a sprinkling here and there. I saw some good runs that weren’t maybe the flashiest numbers, I saw some really good 4 or 5 yard runs. We were 50 percent efficient in our run game and if you do 50 percent during the year, you’ll lead the league. So those things you look at, if we played the whole game with that group, I think we would’ve had a heck of a game. When we talk about the other four quarters, I can’t say so much for the rest of the game, we didn’t do much. But, for the first half I thought there was a lot of good things, it was nice to see our first two-minute drive take it down, get points, you know, of the year, accomplish that objective.”

    (On what he means by ‘50 percent completion’)

    “Well there’s a lot of those, one of them is you want to average 4 yards a carry on first down, get more than half the yardage on second down, and you want to convert third down…To be in the 50 percent range in that area, you feel like you’re doing a good job running the ball. Now, I think everybody would take two real long runs, and have their running game. Big plays are what make the game, but it was a good start as far as guys up front, I thought our guys did a good job against a really good front, both at the run and the pass as far as the line.”

    (On the run defense allowing over 300 yards)

    “It’s a lot, it’s unacceptable. What happens is, you might play two runs good, but you give up a long run, and that’s what kills you. That’s what has hindered us before, is the long plays in the run game. We’ll certainly utilize that as motivation, we’ve got work to do there. It doesn’t matter who’s in there or what part of the game, we played four quarters the other night, and it’s going to be tough for us to win if we give up that many yards rushing to anybody.”

    (On the defensive line)

    “I think we’ve got to pick up that part of our production, I think D-line’s certainly got the ability to play well. We’ve got good personnel there. The big test, we’re going to go against a couple teams here, even in the next couple games of preseason, they’re going to run the football. I know they are. We’ve got to take that as it happens as far as the rushing numbers and take that personal and get it stopped, starting with those guys up front, so that we’re not having secondary players and linebackers making the tackles, they should be the least productive in that part of the game.”

    (On DE Chris Long and DL Adam Carriker not getting any sacks)

    “I chalk that up to, we’ve got to get a lot better, and we will. It’s not because they’re not trying, they’ve been giving great effort. It’s production that counts, they know it and they’ll get a lot better.”

    (On things the run defense needs to work on)

    “Well, I think the big plays, have to go. We’ve got to get lined up, and be sure tacklers. If you do that, you’re going to play good run defense, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing, it doesn’t matter who’s in the game. I certainly feel, our guys won’t feel very good about it. The key to all this discussion we’re having is ‘what do we do about it now,’ and how we respond next week, week after, and the week after that, getting ready for the opener.”

    (On the rookie linebackers)

    “I think the rookie linebackers look like rookies. I think, I would highlight Chris Chamberlain though, I think he seemed to step up his game, and he was probably the most productive in this particular game, and he showed really good coverage ability. He’ll be a good space player and matches up well in those regular personnel groupings. Seems like what these guys do is break the formation, you have to get a linebacker out on a tight end. A little bit like what (LB) Pisa (Tinoisamoa) is able to do. The other guys are just going through some growing pains and have made progress, but the bottom line is for a linebacker, you have to be right. You have to be lined up right, you have to hit the right fit, you have to get the guy tackled. We didn’t do that. We didn’t do a good enough job of that in this game.”

    (On WR Reche Caldwell)

    “Reche’s a veteran, he’s going to know what to do, he’s going to be in the right place. That’s the key to longevity in this league. But, he has done a good job. He’s playing through some aches and pains, just like everybody, but he made a couple nice plays in the game, and that’s not surprising. Reche’s a really good receiver.”

    (On the play in the second half)

    “I’m not happy with it, and it’s not acceptable, we didn’t get it done. I told you that after the game. It is what it is, we didn’t get it done and we are going to if it kills me. We’re going to figure out a way to be much, much better in that area. We continue to search for whatever it’s going to take to be there. And, our guys will get there, we’ve been working very hard, we’re conditioning. I don’t think it’s a conditioning thing. I think it’s our mentality has to be, the game is won in the second half. Positioning is in the first half, the game is won in the second half, that’s what we’re going to have to get done.”

    (On DE Victor Adeyanju, TE Anthony Becht, and WR Donnie Avery)

    “I don’t know. I think Victor will do some things tomorrow. I think (TE Anthony) Becht probably will get back out and start running again, but he won’t practice. He took a little step back last week, during his rehab. (Avery) will be back out there limited somewhat, but he’ll be able to go. We’ll clear him, to start doing individual. If he passes those tests, he’ll be back out on the field there.”

    (On Dick Vermeil coming to camp)

    “He misses it, he wanted to come stay in the dorm again. I was glad he was able to make it, I told him I would like him to come, spend a couple days, visit with the team here one of these nights before we leave. Kind of pick his brains about 1999, about how every year is different. But, as coaches, we all have to stick together, because you have those up waves and those down waves, you have to pick the other guys brain to see what they did.“

    (On the goal for the remaining four days of camp)

    “This is the official week that we prepare for our home preseason opener. We’re going to play a significant amount of our starting unit this game, even though that means when we’re done we’re done, but we’re preparing to play a great game on Saturday. So a lot of preparations, we’re going to continue to train like we are, we’re going to work our conditioning and work our training this week, but we want to focus on getting our timing down to where we can really put together four quarters of football in our home opener. I want that to be kind of a reward for the break of camp, is that we get out of the monotony of camp, you get to go home and get ready to play and get in our routine there.”

    (On the importance of winning the home opener against San Diego)

    “It’s very important. That’s why we play them. That’s our goal and it’s very important. I don’t discount the importance of any game, preseason or not. There’s not a whole lot of good that comes out of losing a game. But, once it’s over you have to look at the positives and there were some positives that we can really build on as far as our team finishing, controlling the line of scrimmage. I thought the offensive line played well, I thought there was some good play out there and a lot of guys having to take a lot of snaps. (S) Todd Johnson, started the game and played like 60 plays, because we didn’t have any safeties out there. And, we played our game without our middle linebacker and our tailback. That is the obvious stuff that happened, because it is what it is. You’re always extremely disappointed when you don’t win and that’s how we feel because we didn’t win this game. Ultimately, you want to have your team primed and ready to go and get all those things done. They start playing regular season games, you have to use preseason, it is very, very necessary to get there.”

    (On the offensive line situation and the changes that have been made)

    “I like how it kind of works itself out. (C) Brett (Romberg) had a little setback with the hand, but I thought (G) Richie (Incognito) played well at right guard… (C) Nick Leckey stepped up and had three really good days at center, so now you are sitting there thinking we have Brett at center and Richie looked really comfortable moving back to guard, because of the injury situation and the depth. I think we’re probably set where we are going to be with our O-line unless something changes.”

    (On QB Brock Berlin)

    “He played very well and very efficient. I have seen him do that for a lot of years. I really like him and he’s always been really good in those two-minute situations like he was the other night. I thought he looked very poised and bought some time avoiding the rush a few times and made some nice plays. He just looked very much under control. That’s what you want to see. I see an improved player from the time he first came into the league. He has really worked on his game. I was really happy with him.”

    (On QB Trent Green playing an extra series in the game)

    “Well, we wanted to go another series and wanted to get the line another series and the whole idea was, as I told Trent, it was 50-50 and it kind of depended how it went. I thought we wouldn’t play until we saw how the snaps from the first quarter went. We needed one more series so we decided to leave Trent in for the series with those guys and it worked out.”

    (On if he was scared of Trent getting sacked)

    “No, it’s like getting back on a horse. We knew that decision was made a long time ago to just get back out there. It is the game of football and you can’t worry about that stuff. It is part of the game, but you just have to go out and play.”

    (On if you can negotiate the preseason schedule)

    “Sometimes you can kind of negotiate, maybe because of where you are…”

    (On playing a series of teams in the preseason who like to run the ball)

    “It is going to be good for us. It is going to be a heck of a challenge based on what happened as far as the running stats and everything. You are going against a team that is going to run the ball. This next team is going to try to run the ball.”

    (On how S Sebastien Sejean played)

    “He got a taste of American football. He was trying like heck. I was proud of him. He went out there and give it his best. It’s kind of funny. For the most part he didn’t do too bad of a job. He got himself out of position a couple of times, but he was trying like crazy.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, Aug 10

    Wow, he just said a whole lot of nothing there. But, it's on par with just about every press conference he's ever had. "We have to do better, but everyone's trying real hard...blah, blah, blah..."

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, Aug 10

    King on IR, jeez...
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, Aug 10

    I hope we get better. It was the first game. Can't criticize them. Of course, I wanted to see more. But it was only week one. The defense let up quite a bit of yards. But once they get comfortable, I'm sure they will have an impact. Lets hope Carriker wasn't a one year wonder. We need to get alot of him. He'll be our future DT Star if he keeps up the hard work.

    Long was probably just nervous. Playing his first game.

    We need these injuries to stop!

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, Aug 10

    Quote Originally Posted by moloch41 View Post
    Wow, he just said a whole lot of nothing there. But, it's on par with just about every press conference he's ever had. "We have to do better, but everyone's trying real hard...blah, blah, blah..."
    Most coaches say the same types of things. One thing about Linehan is that he never seems that confident. Personally, I don't care for that in a leader and I think it is a trait that needs to be there. Martz said some bizarre things but he was confident "shoot we'll fix that"

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